7+ Best ClickMagick Alternatives In 2020

ClickMagick is a web-based application that will assist you in your marketing and promoting endeavors. At a fundamental level, it permits you to make the useful connections, and ClickMagick will give you an idea of who tapped on your links, and if planned successfully, it shows which snaps prompted deals. If you are looking for clickmagick alternative then you must check the list. It is essential to track your leads for a successful marketing strategy. Since it is a cloud-based tool so you can log in to these tools and track your sales. Through this software you can know your traffic quality score.It is particularly useful for paid traffics like Solo ads. The traffic quality can motor with the help of this tool, and you can also compare the performance of different Solo ad vendors. The structure will even let you know whether your snap quality is regrettably low. ClickMagick is an online program that will assist you in publicizing. This web-based program is robust and is equipped with various features. 

Features of ClickMagick:

Below are the popular features of ClickMagick:

  • link cloaking
  • automatic bot filtering
  • multimode link rotators
  • dynamic affiliate links
  • fast link redirects 
  • Best traffic quality analysis
  • A plethora of built-in pop-ups etc.

All these features can make you a pioneer in the marketing domain.

There are three ways by which your affiliate sales can be tracked with Clickmagic:

  • Tracking Pixel
  • Postback URL 
  • Sub-Ids

This tool is highly utilized by digital marketing companies, SEO companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate houses, business visionaries, etc. It helps you to track your progress and gives you authentic traffic quality, which can convert to sales.

In short, it is a one-stop solution for click tracking and optimizing your marketing. It helps in cost reduction and profit maximization.

However, like all other software ClickMagick also has some disadvantages. For instance, the multiple options can be confusing and complicated for the beginners; setting up a custom domain can be challenging, and also the absence of live chat support can make things further difficult. Hence you may consider utilizing the ClickMagick alternatives to overcome the drawbacks. You may also feel bored using the same software over and over again and may consider using the other options.

 Let us now discuss the seven most popular ClickMagick alternatives.

Best ClickMagick alternatives In 2020

1. ClickMeter

ClickMeter, is considered as the best ClickMagick alternative. The benefits of getting the ClickMeter are that it sends the traffic to centered introduction pages. Link rotators and robust tracking help you to optimize marketing. With the help of this software, you can watch real-time reports as well through which you can monitor your progress.



  • Very simple and instinctual to use. ClickMeter is a reasonable course of action. 
  • It allows conversions following Conversion pipe 
  • It also provides the Click Fraud Protection 
  • ClickMeter identifies your best marketing sources and shares the realtime reports with your clients

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2. Voluum

Voluum is an innovative tracking tool for managing ad campaigns and for maximizing and tracking sales. This is another best ClickMagick alternative. The framework organized by Codewise is for the use of execution sponsors and individual advertisers who need to watch their endeavors’ advancement and advantage. 

Voluum - Clickmagick alternative


  • With Voluum, you can analyze your data to get meaningful insights
  • Set various change types to follow all exercises taken by clients all through their client lifecycle (LTV). 
  • Detect questionable visits and clicks, shield your campaigns from bots, and secure firm confirmation for chargeback strategy. 
  • Ad performance can be optimized, and the advertising campaigns can be successfully tracked with the help of this powerful software. 

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3. LinkTrackr

LinkTrackr is among the chief trusted instruments that assist you with following your leads, targets, and various parts of your crusades. This can be considered as the best Clcickmagick alternative. LinkTrackr highlights a steady association following which recommends that snap subtleties are demonstrated immediately on the LinkTrackr dashboard. This improving feature is unbelievably helpful, especially for following your Ad campaigns snaps and execution. 



  • You can incorporate your own changed space, which looks better. 
  • Create campaigns to adhere to notices from gauges, messages, advancement exchanges, blog sections, and more. 
  • Accurately screen changes and quickly offer credit to the right auxiliaries. 
  • Set the change rules like if the customer is filling your data trade structure or showing up on some URL, etc.

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4. ThriveTracker

It is undeniably the best ClickMagic alternative with its superb speed, trouble-free working, and the software has free and accommodating instructional exercise. This is the best tool for affiliates with its robust infrastructure. It offers a fast and easy setup.



  • ThriveTracker is maintained with more computerization highlights. 
  • The pricing plans are affordable.
  • It is famous and is more popularly used than the other counterparts 
  • It allows fast redirects and impression tracking. 

5. Adsbridge

This is one of the best ClickMagick alternatives.The capacity to follow direct traffic is likewise one of the best features of this software. 

Adsbridge - clickmagick alternative


  • Completely cloud-encouraged course of action 
  • The stage considers one customer to be set up to enroll in one record and work on an endeavor. 
  • Set a step by step top for offers to keep up an essential good ways from the traffic adversity once they show up at the essential change limit. 
  • It offers a flexible assessing system – you will pick an esteeming plan suitable to you, depending on your monetary arrangement and traffic volume.

6. Improvely

if you are involved continuously in paid publicizing, Improvely is one of the least perplexing gadgets you will find. If you are looking for the best ClickMagick alternative you can consider using this software with features like change following and split testing, Improvely is an instrument that is important for medium to colossal estimated destinations. Improvely is a ground-breaking and robust programming course of action that tremendous measures of selling workplaces and autonomous publicists can use, especially since they need to update their change following capacities and shield their advancement fights from click distortion and distinctive questionable activities. 

Improvely - alternative to clickmagick


  • You can use this item to work out your best bonus sources, guarantee your promotions, and redo appalling connections. 
  • It can fuse and work with critical frameworks like Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Taboola, and distinctive others. 
  • This software goes with a jumbled source attribution mechanical assembly, which grants customers to work out the wellspring of their leads, whether or not they are from referral joins, web search, web-based life promotions, or paid interest. 

7. Trck.me

Trck.me is one of the popular websites like ClickMagick, which is highly affordable, in case you will confide in it. It is even more affordable than Voluum, among others. Trck.me is a mechanical assessment assembly that licenses sponsors, for instance, you to follow their publicizing feasibility on the web. TrckMe is a GPS/Wi-Fi/Cell ID tracker. It records your direction, speed, tallness, partition, temperature, and various parameters. This app allows tracking in one place. It also helps to create rotators for unlimited links and banners. This software helps in transforming casual visitors into customers.  


Features :

  • The fundamental objective is to allow you to capacities your commercials do with or without together that you will set time and money. Your target market is identified quickly, and sales are maximized.
  • It is an incredibly astonishing anyway easy-to-use software. If you are willing to improve your notice campaigns to empower more outcomes, you will love it! 
  • It gives a possibility to a couple of customers to watch an indistinguishable module through the online passageway or mobile phone application. 

This tool helps you in analyzing your marketing strategies and effectiveness.

  • This is one of the websites like ClickMagick which does not allow traffic from auto surf districts, discount traffic goals, standard exchanges, mass traffic goals like AdFly, and different mass traffic sources

Hence the above websites like ClickMagick help you to maximize revenues. However, before selecting your software, you should be aware of your budget and choose the software that can meet your requirements most effectively. You are recommended to do thorough research and select your product carefully.

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