How To Customize and Control windows 10 settings with Cortana

Everyone knows that iPhone has its digital assistant, and that is Siri. In every iPhone, you will find her, and she obeys what you say. Digital assistant is good to have on your phone or your PC. With a digital assistant’s help, you don’t need to find anything, or you don’t need to follow the few steps to do your task. You can give Siri instructions, and it will show you what you want or make you reach the place where you want to go on your phone or a Windows PC.

If the iPhone has Siri, in the same way, Windows 10 PC has a Cortana. Cortana is the personal digital assistant of Microsoft. If you know, Android phone has a Google Now, which works, in the same way, Siri and Cortana. But the problem is Google Now lacks the features as Siri and Cortana have. That is why Siri and Cortana is everyone’s first choice.

Cortana has some fantastic features. It answers all your questions. More than that, it is witty, and if you ask her sassy questions, she will give you the perfect answer. If you will tell Cortana to spill the joke, she will do it for you and will make you laugh.

Cortana has one more feature, which is the best of all. It reminds you of your work if you set the reminder in Cortana. If we take an example, if you ask Cortana to call your friend when you reach Delhi, She will do it for you. You only have to install geo-fencing to watch out for your contacts and get to know where you are currently at. Here we will tell how you can customize and control Windows 10 settings with Cortana.

Control Windows 10 Settings with Cortana

Hey, Cortana and other settings.

To customize and control Windows 10 setting with Cortana, read the further article. The way we say Hey Siri in the iPhone and she obeys what we say. In the same way, you can say Hey Cortana, it responds to your instructions. It is a hands-free task, where only your voice is required. The Cortana will examine your voice and tells what your instruct her. If you want to contact someone, you need to say Hey Cortana, and later call someone you want to get to. To enable the Hey, Cortana, you need to follow the instructions below. 

  • First of all, click on Cortana’s circle, which is available on the taskbar’s left-side.
  • Open the hamburger menu.
  • Select the last option that is settings.
  • In settings, you can turn off Cortana if you are irritating with her.
  • If you want to turn it on to use the feature, you can turn on the button.
  • Here you can do the settings, what you want her to call you.

Control Windows 10 Settings with Cortana

Hence, you can change the settings by following the above method. More than that, Cortana keeps sending you the email of the new travel packages or the shipped packages.

The Notebook

Maybe you have been wondering how Cortana knows about you. Let us tell you, Cortana knows about you through The Notebook. The Notebook is the feature that makes Cortana different from Siri and Google Now. In the Notebook, you can fill up your interests, hobbies, daily routines, and calendars. Through Notebook, it will inform you when you need to go to work or you need to leave from work. It keeps your daily routine up with a schedule. It keeps reminding you about your important dates.

There is a Cortona’s Trip Planner, where you can know when you will reach the destination and the weather going to be in your journey.

Control Windows 10 Settings with Cortana


The next is Reminders, as the name indicates it, it is the feature which keeps you reminding about the essential works you have set on the date and the time. You can set the reminder by putting up the date, time, and location you want Cortana to remind yourself about something. If you have to call your relative when you get home, then Cortana will remind you about that when you will reach your room.

Control Windows 10 Settings with Cortana


Do you know Cortana knows when you have reached home or in your office? It happens when you have informed Cortana about the location you have searched while searching it on the Map. Afterward, it is stored in itself and notifies you whenever you get reached the places where you have already set the location on the Cortana map. 

In another case, if you have ordered Cortana to inform you of something when you are in a specific location, it will notify you. For example, if you are in the market, you asked Cortana to inform you to buy milk whenever you are in that location. That is how Cortana keeps reminding you about these important things. 

You need to make sure that your GPS and location is on. Otherwise, Cortana cannot examine the area you are at.


The last feature which makes Cortana the best is that it makes you laugh. If you ask Cortana funny or sarcastic questions, it answers you with a witty tone. You will get the funniest answers from Cortana. Other than that, if you ask Cortana for the Jokes, it tells you the joke and makes you laugh. 

That is how you can control Windows 10 settings with Cortana.

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