Fix Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

Discord screen-sharing allows you to share your screen with a friend while interacting with them. It can also be used as video calling as well. With the help of the Discord chat server, you can view and interact with your screen.

Discord app has been used by the players more often to communicate with other players. Today’s generation uses the Discord app because the number of gaming players has increased all over the world. 

Discord Screen Share Audio is a central part of communicating with the other players while playing the game. If the audio is not there, then it will be impossible to communicate with one another. When Discord Screen Share audio not working error occurs, it creates many problems and that. 

7 Ways to Fix Discord Screen Share Audio not working error

When the Discord Screen Share Audio not working error occurs, you can resolve it with the seven simplest and easiest methods.

1. Try Granting elevated access.

Discord used to work effectively when Screen Share with the audio was not introduced. When Discord introduces the new features, it comes up with new issues as well. Discord Screen Share Audio not working error is one of them.

To resolve the error, you can try granting elevated access. You can find the Discord’s executable and grant its administrative rights. For that, you need to follow these instructions:

  • To launch the File Explorer, you need to press Windows + E. Find and search the directory where the Discord is installed. You can find the default installed location in Local Disk C.
  • When you find the installation directory, right-click on the Discord’s executable and click on the Properties option.
  • In Properties, you need to select the Compatibility Tab and now just Run the program as an administrator option.
  • Click Apply and save changes.

Open the Discord application and check it out if the issue is resolved or not.

2. Try to Use Push to Talk

The beta feature of screen share audio can create numerous problems and issues in the discord application. Even for the users who don’t know, Discord has the option to automatically detects whenever the audio activity happens or transmits it over the internet. You need to stop the automatic detection of audio activity. Many users had said that when they stopped the automatic detection of audio activity, the issue gets resolved.

Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

You need to control the automatic detection and push to talk. It would be best if you forced a key for audio to be captured manually. It can create the drawback as well, so you have to beware of that. You can go back to automatic detection once the issue resolves.

3. Don’t use Full-Screen mode.

Whenever we use the Discord application in Full-screen mode, there are huge chances for the issue to occur. We cannot use Discord in full-screen mode. When we use the Discord in full-screen mode, it doesn’t let the audio transmit clearly.

To clear the Discord screen share audio not working issue, you need to take care of using Application in minimized format. You can change the settings inside the game by setting a video option to Windowed mode.

4. Try adding your activity.

Discord automatically detects what activity you are doing or what function you are using. Discord automatically detects what activity you are doing or what procedure you are using. You need to select the game which you want to focus on. This particular feature can resolve the issue.

  • Go to Discord application and search for Settings.
  • In the settings, you need to click on the Games option give in the left bar.

Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

  • Go to Game Activity.
  • Put on the application in which the audio is not working correctly.
  • To make this work, you need to make sure you are running Discord as an administrator. 
  • Check if any other game is running in Game Activity. If any game is there, then remove it from the list.

Check it out if the problem is resolved or not. If the issue is still there, then you can turn on the Overlay feature of Discord.

Fix Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working

5. Try to Reinstall Audio Drivers

The outdated version of audio Drivers can be why the Discord Screen Sharing Audio is not working issue. You need to check if the Audio drivers are updated or not. Sometimes corrupted Audio drivers can create the problem. You can reinstall the Audio drivers to resolve the issue.

  • Open Run by pressing Windows + R.
  • Type ‘devmgmt.msc in the box.
  • The device manager will be open, find the Audio Inputs and Outputs, and right-click on that.
  • Right-click on Sound hardware.
  • Choose the uninstall option.

Reinstall Audio Drivers

  • Right-click on the screen and choose Scan for Hardware Changes. 
  • This option will automatically install the default drivers.
  • Now, Right-click on the driver and select the Update Drivers option.

The Windows Update will update your Audio Drivers. You can check if the issue is gone.

6. Try to check the affected Application.

Mozilla Firefox is the Application that doesn’t get along with the Discord Screen Sharing application. If Mozilla Firefox is in your system, there are high chances that the affected Application creates the issue. 

It would help if you uninstalled Mozilla Firefox to resolve the issue immediately. You need to check the list where it shows which applications are not compatible with the Discord Screen sharing application. If any of the affected applications are in your system, you need to uninstall it.

7. Try to clear Discord Cache Data.

The caches of the applications can create several issues. You need to clear Discord Cache once to see if the problem gets resolved or not.

  • By using Task Manager, you need to close all running processes of the Discord Application.
  • Open Run by pressing Windows + R.
  • Type the %appdata% in the Run-box.
  • In the Roaming folder data, find the Discord folder.
  • Right-click on the Discord folder and choose the Delete option.

After that, restart your system and open the discord application. Check if the issue is resolved.

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