DNS server is not responding on Windows 10

How to Fix DNS server is not responding on Windows 10

Fix DNS server is not responding on window 10 – This is the common error which comes in the system. Read the guide of how you are able to fix DNS server is not responding error on windows 10.

Steps to proceed if DNS server is not responding Windows 10?  The easiest way to make it responding by changing DNS server settings manually. After that turn off the firewall and then again reset the router and then check the connection

What is DNS Server ?

DNS (domain name system) is used on the internet to resolve your domain and find out your IP address. Our system only understands logical addressing which is your IP address.  For example, if you want to meet Mr.jhon then how can you reach Mr.jhon? You need his address. Once you get his address you can easily meet Mr.jhon. www.google.com is a domain, from this domain you can reach on Google server.  You did not reach on the website by typing URL when you type the URL DNS resolve its IP address then you reach on this website.

Another example of DNS is our phone book numbers are saved with specific names. Because it is easy for humans to remember names relative to numbers .similarly we made domain on computer. If we asked to type the YouTube IP address it will be difficult for us to go to YouTube. Humans will not be able to remember so many IP addresses. It is easy for us to remember a name than a number. Every website name corresponding to an IP address and it is the function of DNS to resolve the IP address and leads us to the website. It is also possible that you put the IP address and it will also give you the name of the website. 

It works on layers. On the topmost layer, our user server is connected. When you type any URL it resolves and then further communication started. In nineteen ninety when the internet was newly invented we don’t have so many domains we arrange domains manually, but as internet expand it is difficult to maintain domain manually. We break text files and distribute them into small files. Just like, if you want to open an account in a bank. The server sitting on reception will know which window to open an account. They distributed specific tasks on the specific window and the server knows everything. On the same way root server knows every IP address .we request to root server then it processed. Previously all the files were saved in the host. Text files but now we use DNS server .top 6 worldwide and most common domains are 

  • .com
  • .org
  • .biz
  • .mil
  • .net
  • .edu

 These are top-level generic domain. 

How to Fix DNS Server is not responding on Windows 10

Fix DNS server is not responding on window 10 : DNS server is mostly attacked for hacking purposes because the DNS server knows the real IP address and we can hack any website by knowing its real IP address. It uses TCP port 53 and UDP port 53. It uses both protocols. In some conditions it uses TCP port in other cases it uses UDP port. In maximum cases, we use UDP port because it is connectionless. There are thirteen root servers all over the world their name is in alphabetical order (A_M). A root server is the root of a domain it is a tree kind of structure

Many users reported neither that DNS server is nor responding to a message error on their windows 10. So today we are going to show you how to fix this problem. You cannot access any website without a DNS server. 

Check internet connection – Dns server not responding wireless

First of all check, your internet connection is working on other devices or not like mobile phones or laptops if internet connection access to those devices then the problem is in your system. This may be also the reason that dns server unavailable issues got arrises

Restart system

When you see any problem in your system, the first and most important thing is to restart your system.

Restart router – Dns server not responding router

Sometimes just simply restart router will solve your problem.

Network connection

It may help you to resolve the error but if not then follow these steps to solve the error.

1. Open the “start button” on your window screen.

Fix DNS Server not responding

2. CLICK  on the control panel

Fix DNS Server not responding

3. Left-click on” network and internet”.

Network and sharing centre

4. Click on the “network and sharing center”.

5. Check your connection, whatever your connection is (wifi or wired connection) click on it.

6. A dialog box appears left click on” properties”.

wifi status properties

7. Another box will select “internet protocol version 4 (TCP/Ipv4)”.

dns server is not responding windows 10

8. Click on” properties below”.

9. Another box appears there choose” use following DNS server addresses”

dns server not responding

10. Now you have to dial it’s four-time 8 in a box in front of “prefer dense server”. Make sure dial one 8 in given spaces don’t type four-time 8 at once and alternate DNS server should be Please note that dots are automatically put there don’t type any dot there .once you have done choose” validate settings upon exit” and click on “ok “ button.

11. Close resent dialog box appear click on” close “.

12. Another box appears in which window detect the problem once it will be done it automatically disappear  

dns server not responding router

13. Close the control panel.

14. Now open the web browser your DNS server is responding. Now we have finally fix the dns server not responding windows 10 issues

Hope this will help you.

How to fix dns server windows 10

Above is the guide given which is going to help you fix dns server not responding in windows 10 and 7. This type of problem is common now a days.

Hp laptop dns server not responding windows 10

If you are facing the same issue in your HP laptop then you can follow the same process to get the solution for this issue

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