How To Install Safari Browser On Windows 10

Safari Browser for Windows 10

Download and installation of Safari Browser for Windows have been a topic of interest among users seeking Apple’s renowned browser on their Windows systems. Safari’s charm lies in its reputation for performance and user-friendly interface, making it a desirable option despite its discontinued support for Windows. Here, we’ll delve into the steps to procure Safari Browser for Windows, exploring its compatibility and the installation process.

Understanding Safari’s Compatibility and Features

Safari, developed by Apple Inc., remains the default browser for macOS users, known for its sleek design and advanced functionalities. However, its availability for Windows users ceased after version 5.1.7, posing limitations due to lack of updates and potential security concerns. While it was once an option for Windows 10, continuing to use an outdated version might jeopardize online security.

Is there a Safari for Windows 10

Safari was available for Windows users, and the last supported version for Windows was Safari 5.1.7. However, after this version, Apple discontinued further development and support for Safari on Windows systems. As a result, while Safari 5.1.7 was the latest version for Windows, it’s important to note that using an outdated browser version may pose security risks due to the lack of updates and official support from Apple. Therefore, while Safari existed for Windows, the discontinued support means there isn’t a modern or actively maintained Safari version available for Windows 10.

Where can I download Safari for Windows 10?

Downloading Safari for Windows 10 involves seeking the last supported version, 5.1.7, from sources other than Apple’s official website. Regardless of whether you need the 32-bit or 64-bit version, the installer functions seamlessly. Follow these steps:

1. Visit the Safari download webpage and select your desired download location on your hard drive.
2. Save the file and then click the executable to initiate the installation process.
3. Open the downloaded installation file and click “Run” to begin the setup.
4. Proceed by clicking “Next” on the Safari installer and, if prompted by the User Access Control window, click “Yes.”
5. Accept the software agreement, select required options, and click “Next.”
6. Finally, click “Install” and wait for the installation process to conclude.
Once installed, Safari for Windows 10 is ready for use, offering its features on your system without extra steps.

While Safari is free for Windows and the 5.1.7 version remains the last supported release, it’s important to note that Apple has ceased providing updates or support. Consequently, using this outdated version may compromise your online security, as Apple no longer maintains the installer package or offers any updates for it.

Is Safari Free for Windows

Yes, Safari was free for Windows users during its active support period. However, it’s important to note that the last supported version for Windows was Safari 5.1.7. While it was available for free, Apple has discontinued updates and support for Safari on Windows systems.

Consequently, using this outdated version may pose security risks, as it lacks the latest security patches and updates to protect against potential vulnerabilities. Therefore, while it was free, it’s no longer recommended to use Safari on Windows due to these security concerns.

Why was Safari for Windows discontinued?

The discontinuation of Safari for Windows could be attributed to market factors, as supporting the Windows version might not have aligned with the costs and benefits for Apple. This move is similar to Microsoft releasing its Edge Chromium browser exclusively for the Windows platform.

As a result, Apple no longer provides Safari updates for Windows. Hence, the Safari 5.1.7 installer isn’t available on the official Apple website. While it’s possible to download this version from other sources, its lack of updates and official support raises security concerns.

Safari Browser for Windows 10 (Features)

Safari Browser is the only browser that has an inbuilt DuckDuckGo support. This browser also has a no tracking feature which prevents websites from tracking you. It doesn’t let you browse insecure websites. 

Gives a warning when a user goes through insecure websites. Safari responds to user feedback even more than Chrome. The loading time of the website for both browsers is not very different.

In contrast to their predecessors, it requires a comparatively limited portion of the primary narrative. The inclusion of graphics allows Safari with fewer machine resources than other browsers to give a smoother scrolling experience and better feedback.

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