How to Download HP Envy 4520 Drivers for Windows PC

Download HP Envy 4520 Drivers

The Envy printer is a multifunctional machine that works as a scanner, copier, and printer. The Envy 4520 printer driver software helps the printer to work properly with your PC. Downloading the latest HP Envy 4520 Drivers is important to have on your computer so that you do not face any issues.

If you are using an HP Envy 4520 printer series, you must install compatible drivers on your PC to use the printer.

To ensure that your HP ENVY 4520 printers work on your Windows operating system, it is important to keep your HP Envy 4520 driver software up to date.

Update all HP ENVY 4520 printer Drivers in one click with DRIVER BOOSTER 


In this article, I have listed all the working solutions to update HP Envy 4520 Drivers. 

How to Download & Update HP Envy 4520 Drivers On Windows

If you are using an HP Envy 4520 printer, you may experience problems with the printer not connecting and printing properly. Many problems arise if you use the wrong or outdated printer drivers. The 4520 printers are inexpensive but have no problems with driver incompatibility. Here are the methods to update the HP Envy 4520 driver. 

Way 1: Update HP Envy 4520 Driver using Driver Booster

Driver Booster helps you detect outdated HP Envy 4520 printer drivers helps you in updating outdated, missing, or faulty drivers, and provides an easy way to update them to the latest version. Driver Booster does its job much faster and takes less time to download 4520 drivers to your PC.

Step 1: Download the Driver Booster software on your PC. If you don’t have the software then download it from the official site. 


Driver Booster

Step 2:  Click the Scan button to start the scanning process.

Step 3:  Now, the software will set down all the outdated and missing drivers on your PC

Step 4:  Use the Update Now button to Update the HP Envy 4520 Driver.

Driver Booster will start updating drivers for you as soon as it downloads the latest version of the HP ENVY 5540 drivers.

Way 2: Use The Device Manager

If you want to update or uninstall a driver, you can use the Device Manager. The Windows PC has a built-in utility called Device Manager, which allows you to see all the devices that are detected by your system and the associated drivers.

It is one of the best ways to update drivers for determining system hardware and external hardware and HP Envy 4520 printer opens a list of outdated, missing, or corrupted drivers that could cause system problems. To find the device model that is experiencing problems, double-click on it to open the Properties dialog. It will automatically download HP Envy 4520 Drivers after scanning for missing drivers. 

Step 1:  Press the Start button from your keyboard and search for the Device Manager.

Device Manager

Step 2: Find out the HP Envy 4520 driver from the driver’s list.

Step 3: Choose the Update Driver Software by right-clicking on the driver.

Step 4: Now it will automatically search for the drivers and update HP Envy 4520 Driver.

Way 3: Download HP Envy 4520 Drivers from Third Party Websites

You can download the compatible drivers according to your operating system from the official HP Envy website.

1. Visit The official website of HP

2. Search with your operating system version

3. Now just download it.

4. Open the file, install the drivers, and follow the on-screen instructions. 

If you have the Windows 32-bit x86 operating system installed on your computer, you can download the HP Envy 4.5.20 printer driver and Windows 32-bit versions. The complete solution is software that includes everything you need to install and use your HP printer. Once you have installed the HP ENVY 4520 printer driver, you can choose from many options when printing. 


Use these solutions to download and Update HP Envy 4520 Driver on your PC. Please note that you will need sufficient patience and computer skills for this purpose.

Several users have made the mistake of installing this printer driver on their computers. Updating your printer driver is the most effective way to fix problems where the printer is not connected to printing and keep it healthy. 

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