How to Download MSI Drivers for Windows 11, 10 PC

How to Download MSI Drivers

MSI (Micro-Star International) specializes in selling various hardware computer products which include motherboards, keyboards, headset colliders, graphic cards, mice for gaming, and controllers. They also provide drivers which are compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 10, 11, and even the PC.

MSI drivers are worthy of getting downloaded as they can quickly scan your system and then run the records from your computer to check your drivers. If any of them is outdated or destroyed in some or the other way, MSI will send you a quick link to reinstall and download MSI drivers and also update the right driver for your system.

How to Install MSI Drivers For Windows PC

If you want to download MSI drivers, you need to follow a few simple steps.

1. Download & update the MSI drivers using Driver Booster

To download MSI drivers use the Driver Booster but why Driver Booster? If you want to know the answer to it, you must understand more from here. With Driver Booster, you can ignore all unnecessary work like scanning the computer and downloading and installing drivers separately.

Using iObit Driver Booster can save you time and also save you the jargon work you have to take up if you are not using Driver Booster.

1. Download and install the Driver Booster software.

Download button

2. Soon after you can start operating the application and immediately hit the Scan button.

Driver Booster 10

3. The Driver Booster will scan the entire system for old, outdated MSI drivers and will also scan for any outdated drivers that need replacements.

4. Once the list of outdated drivers is in front of you, you must click on the Update Now tab.

5. Wait for the updates to happen and once done, you will get notified all drivers are updated in your system.

This is one of the top-rated tools to update drivers on windows

2. Get the MSI drivers from their official website

All you need to do to download MSI Driver from their official website is to head to their website.

1. Next, choose the Service option from their site’s menu bar.

MSI drivers website

2. Head to their Services and Support Area and then choose the MSI Driver option.

Services and Support Area

3. Once you get the list, choose the most recent and updated driver.

4. Click on the Download tab and wait for the download to complete.

5. Run the file in your system and complete the installation process.

6. After it is installed, it will run on the system and find out the drivers that need updating.

7. When you have a list, click on the Update Now tab to complete the updation of the system’s driver files.

3. Use Windows Update to download the MSI drivers

Microsoft releases updates to improve your computer’s performance every time. You need to first download all updates for your Windows and then improve their performance. Bug fixes are also an essential part of the system.

1. To download MSI drivers click on your Settings tab to open it and then click on the Update and Security tab.

Update and Security

2. You will find different available choices available on your screen and then check for updates by clicking on the tabs.

Check for Updates

3. Then click on the Check on Updates segment and wait for all Windows updates to complete.

4. After you have updated Windows, you may find all updated drivers for yourself and complete downloading MSI drivers for Windows. 

4. Use Device Manager to download MSI drivers

Those who have enough time to spend and don’t want to depend on the automated driver updaters can use the Device Manager to download the MSI drivers.

1. You need to know a few steps which are available here for your aid to do it.

2. Open the Run box on your computer and then type devmgmt.msc in the box.


3. Check on the drivers you want to update and then once you have spotted the MSI drivers, right-click on the MSI Driver and click the Update Now tab.

MSI drivers

4. There are no separate drivers for the motherboard and CPU, memory and all are a part of the motherboard.

5. You need to choose the MSI component for which you want to download the MSI drivers and you must install or update it. 

For the CPU updation, you need to choose the Processors tab and then update it manually.


MSI drivers have their headquarters in the Taipei region and hold advantages due to which many people prefer going for them. They offer you a link for updates every time you need to go for an update. MSI is a quality product and protects your device and system effectively.

MSI drivers ensure efficient communication between the hardware and the software of your computer. Thus, using them is a reliable choice many make. Subscribe to our blog to learn about more necessary driver updates for your Windows PC.

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