DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL Error on Windows 10 [Solved]

DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL Error ->  This type of problems is caused is due to the device drivers on Windows 10 8 and 7. The name of the issue is driver corrupted expool. This refers that, a process IRQL is tried to access an invalid memory that was very high in the system. This situation can happen at any time while using the computer system.

The main reason for the driver corrupted expool error is some error where the configuration files of the system get corrupted in some way. This is also due to some kind of error or some mistake in the System Pool of the computer system where the driver becomes irreconcilable with the operating system interface. Driver Corrupted Expool error can become a huge problem for the system where users can face several problems as: 

  • Blue Screen Driver Corrupted Blue Screen
  • Driver Corrupted Expool Windows 10
  • Driver Corrupted Expool RAM
  • Driver Corrupted Expool Windows 10 install


There are many effective ways of solutions that one can try to solve or fix the driver corrupted expool error in the Windows 10 computer system. 

DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL Error on Windows 10 (Fixed)

1. System Restore

One can go for a system restore option in the computer system to return to the previous steady condition of the computer system effectively. 

2. Blue Screen Troubleshooter

The Blue Screen Troubleshooter can be used and run on the system machine. The integrated troubleshooter helps to fix the BSODs automatically and is facile while running. The beginner users can fix the error messages or the stop errors with the help of Windows 10 Blue Screen Troubleshooter from Microsoft. It helps the users by providing helpful links all the way long. 

3. Updates and installation

One should ensure the updates and installation of device drivers on the computer system. The last device driver updates must be installed on the computer system. For this one can use the free driver updater provided by Microsoft. 

4. Uninstall the Faulty Drivers

One can uninstall the faulty drivers to avoid the driver corrupted expool error on Windows 10. Firstly, using the WIN key+R button combination Run box should be started. After that, type devmgmt.msc in the run box. Hit the enter button. The device driver manager will be opened in the computer system. The icons of the faulty drivers are generally symbolized with an exclamation mark of yellow color. Those faulty drivers must be uninstalled using the right-click. After uninstalling the faulty drivers the computer system should be rebooted and allow the reinstallation process of drivers in the computer system. 

5. BIOS should be updated

The BIOS should be updated to neglect the driver corrupted expool error. BIOS is a tactful software component of the computer system. The hardware operation of the computer system depends on BIOS. Thus, one should be careful while any modification in the BIOS setup. 

The ones who are not familiar with the BIOS modification method should skip this step. Those who are clueless about what they are doing should not perform this step in their computer system. 

For an updated version of BIOS, click the WIN key+R button combination to display the Run box. Then, type msinfo32 in the Run box and press enter. It will open the page of System Information. In the search field kindly search BIOS Version and press enter. Finally, the installed version and the developer of BIOS is visible on the computer system. Now, the manufacturer’s website should be approached to have the latest new version of BIOS and download it on the computer system. 

It is important to keep plugged in while installing the BIOS update on the laptop. 

Click the downloaded file and install the new updated version of BIOS in the computer system. After the process, if it’s done reboot the computer system to observe the changes and modifications in the computer system. 

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For the people who have assembled CPU which runs the duplicate of Windows 10 on the computer system, it will be difficult and complicated for them to proceed with the process. 

If an appropriate manufacturer’s name is not shown in the System Information window then the proper site of the mother’s board manufacturer should be checked. Once the website visited, to have the new version of BIOS for the computer system, go to the download section of the website. 

Commonly American Megatrends are drawn to assemble the computer systems or one can check the Windows Updates to know the latest version of BIOS that is available for the respective computer system. 

6. Reset Windows 10

The step to reset Windows 10 can be tried where all the features would be reset. One can significantly use the Refresh Windows Tool from Microsoft. 

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