Error 0x80300024 While installing Windows (Fixed)

Error 0x80300024

You might be searching online for various sources or instructions regarding how to remove the error 0x80300024 On Windows 10. That might be how you came across this article, but there is something that you should know. 

You alone aren’t facing this issue while installing the Windows OS. There are various users who have been suffering from this issue while installing the Windows OS. The error would be accompanied by a message that provides certain details regarding the issue. 

What Causes Error 0x80300024

Error 0x80300024

Error code 0x80300024 is one of the major kinds of error codes you might come across when you are installing any version of the Windows OS on a PC. This error code is often accompanied by an error message stating that ‘Windows is unable to install to the selected location’.

The error codes point towards certain issues relating to hardware and software using the hard disk partition which is the major destination for installing Windows. Now error code 0x80300024 can happen due to any issue arising from insufficient disk space to corrupted or damaged installation media and corrupted hard drive. 

Methods to Fix Windows Couldn’t Be Installed Error 0x80300024

1. Setting Hard Drive as Primary Boot Disc

Sometimes there is a high chance that the destination drive for Windows installation won’t be the major boot disc. Well, this is the major reason why error 0x80300024 can get displayed. For getting rid of this error, you might need to adjust the disc order present in the BIOS of the PC while startup. 

Just follow these steps – 

  • Start Your PC
  • Access the BIOS setup of the PC. You can do it by pressing F1, F2, or even the DEL key.

Error 0x80300024

  • But the key for the BIOS screen would vary and this is based on the brand of the PC you have. In such a case, better check out the manual to know which key to press. 

Windows Couldn’t Be Installed Error 0x80300024

  • As soon as you have access to the BIOS setup, check out for the boot configuration of the PC.
  • Here, you would have to make sure that the hard drive is chosen as the first option in the booting. 
  • Make the necessary changes you need and then exit the BIOS.
  • After that, try again to install the Windows OS and lookout if the error is gone.

2. Disconnecting Unnecessary Hard Drives

Sometimes you might be using more than a single hard drive. In such a case, one of them might be the installation destination. So, the first tip is to remove the other hard drive right away from the PC. As soon as you do that, you can install the OS again. After finishing the Windows installation, you can re-attach the additional drive.

Windows Couldn’t Be Installed Error 0x80300024

3. Make Sure You Are Using Correct USB Port

Now if you are installing the Windows OS using a USB flash drive, then use this solution for fixing the error 0x80300024. Sometimes it might be that you would have connected the USB drive in the wrong port. In such a case, it is better if you try to disconnect the flash drive and then try to insert it into other ports. 

4. Freeing Up Extra Space

Sometimes there is a high probability that the 0x80300024 error might happen when the destination drive is filled with a lot of data. Here the major issue is that the drive won’t have enough room for holding the installation files. So, in this case, it is better if you format the hard drive for getting rid of the error 0x80300024. 

Following are the steps you need to follow – 

  • Insert or plug the installation media. Then you need to restart the PC. Here try to make sure that you choose the correct option for boosting the PC right from the installation media. 
  • Select the required language and then accept the license terms. 
  • Choose Custom option
  • Click the Drive Options for formatting the destination drive. Select the right partition and click the Delete option
  • Then you need to click Next for restarting the installation procedure.

5. Replacing Hard Drive

Ultimately, if the above four procedures and solutions are not working, then you can try to remove the error 0x80300024 by getting a new hard drive. Sometimes the one that is installed in your PC would be faulty and this would be causing an issue during the Windows installation procedure. 

TroubleShooting Of Error 0x80300024

Like most of the errors that you might come across with installing Windows, the error 0x80300024 might be something that you can easily avoid. The above five tips are the best ones you can try. So go ahead and try them and see if they can help you to avoid the error 0x80300024 again. These methods are fully accurate and have been solving the issue and errors related to 0x80300024 for many individuals.

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