How to fix Error Code 0xc0000005 In Windows 10 and 7

Error code 0xC0000005 is a type of error that sometimes occurs in your PC when it’s not being able to process some files and setting which is required to run a particular application of the software. This error is popularly known as Error: access violation 0xC0000005. This type of error comes when a user tries to open or start a program. This “Error: access violation 0xC0000005” result in blocking the smooth functioning of the software or application. Here are the best and easy guides to fix this error code 0xC0000005 in windows 10  and error 0xc0000005 in Windows 7.

How to Fix Application Error 0xC0000005 in Windows 10

There are three different types of messages which occurred commonly

Error message 1 – The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)

This type of error message occurred when you open an application like any browser application, VLC media player, games, etc. This error can be solved by solving the invalid, corrupted, and incomplete DLL files which are the major files that help to run the application in the windows system.

Error message 2- Exception: Access violation error (0xc0000005)

This type of error message occurred when you try to access the data or location from a different place that is not assigned to you. There are multiple reasons for this error like virus issues, corrupted ram, bad security updates etc.

Error message 3- Windows installation encountered an unexpected error

This error message 0xC0000005 occurred when there are temporary hardware problems and when there is a problem like a corrupted hard drive.

error code 0xc0000005

Above the screenshot of error 0xC0000005 which comes when you try to access any program.

Solution 1 – Restore Windows

You should try to uninstall or restore the previous version of Windows. Check if this error has been resolved. Switching to an older version can help you to resolve the error 0xC0000005

Step  1- Right click on my computer and select the properties options

Step  2- Now open the advanced system settings which is given in the picture

Advanced system settings

Step  3- Now in “advanced system settings” find out the “system protection” and then upon “system restore”

system properties

Step 4 – Now click on next and click on the box

restore option

Step 5 – Now select one of the critical updates and restore your Windows

Step 6 – This process will take some time to get restore to the older version of Windows.

You can check if the error code 0xC0000005 has been fixed or not.

Solution 2 – System file checker

These sfc /scannow commands protect all the windows files and replace all corrupted data or damaged versions with the correct files and data.

 Step 1 – Press Windows + r button on the keyboard

Step 2 – Now in the command prompt type sfc / scannow

sfc scannow - error code 0xC0000005

Step 3 – Just wait for the system file checker to complete the process

Now again try to open or launch the program which was giving an error

Solution 3 -Boot configuration data check-up

You have to see or check the boot configuration data means you just have to check your computer that it does not have any hacked or infected files present. The files may be affected by the virus 

Now you just have to see your BCD and follow the fix process of this error code 0xC0000005. Just open the command mode as administration and type BCDedit and click on enter.

If you see the Windows loader path is xOSload.exe then you just have to delete some files and keep your boot configuration data in a proper manner.

Boot Configuration Data

Just make sure that you just have to restore reactivate your Windows

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Solution 4 – Fix all the Windows Registry

The windows registry is a place that contains all the important information about your system hardware, installed application, and settings. It stores the temporary data and user account on your computer. 

Windows registry gets destroyed due to some damage files which has to be fixed to make sure it works properly. This registry may be infected by viruses and malware so just follow the steps to resolve your application error. 

Step 1 – First of all download install the registry cleaner software


Step 2 – Now just click on the registry tab and click on scan for issues.

Step 3 – Now the software will automatically start searching for the errors in the registry. When this process has been completed now just click on fix selected issues. 

Step 4 – now your complete issues have been solved. Restart your PC and check again for the application error code 0xC0000005

This process has been completely resolved by this process for many of the users.

Solution 5 – RAM memory

The application error 0xC0000005 can occurs because of the destroyed RAM memory. The application error 0xC0000005 can be resolved by storing the new RAM memory. Step by step process to do this to resolve the error.

Step 1 – Switch off your computer and remove all the cables

Step 2 – Now just eject the battery

Solution 6 – Disable all the antivirus

There is a number of times that third-party applications like anti-virus programs are stopping the software to open. So in order to solve this problem you just have to disable this anti-virus software to resolve these problems. Now check if the file you are trying to open is getting open or not.

So this is another way to fix application error 0xc0000005 in your system.


The application Error code 0xc0000005 can be resolve by checking the RAM, disabling the antivirus software, restoring the previous version of Windows, Restoring the drivers,  System file checker, and Boot configuration data checkup, etc.

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