External Hard Drive Not Showing up in Windows 10 8 and 7

Fix External Hard Drive Not Showing up in Windows 10 8 and 7 :-After a secure and successful connection, the computer system sometimes refuses to recognize the external hard drive or the external hard drive not working in the system. 

This kind of issue arises due to a corrupted device drive or an outdated version of drivers on the system. These problems are time-consuming and are very tricky to solve and fix the issue. The following are some solutions that can be executed when the hard drive is not showing up in the system: 

External Hard Drive Not Showing up (Fixed)

Solution 1: Check the port in the system and insert the external hard drive to any other port. The first port may be dead through which the other USB is checked. This can lead to the issue of Hard Drive Is not showing up in the system. 

Solution 2: If both the ports are working well then the following steps must be followed to solve the issue of ‘Hard Drive Is Not Showing Up’- 

1. Troubleshooters should be Run by the system

Firstly you need to run the Hardware and Device Troubleshooter and the Windows USB Troubleshooter and further check the results that may help you. The inbuilt or preloaded automated tools and applications help the user to check whether the connected USB or hardware is connected to any known issues and then fix the problems automatically. 

Troubleshooters can be accessed through the Windows 10 Settings Troubleshooter page in the start menu option. The issue of external hard disk not detected is solved through this process of troubleshooting. 

2. Update the device drivers or reinstall it

Firstly open the device drivers from the Run box and type devmgmt.msc in it. The run box can be opened using the Windows+R key. From the list of device drivers locate the external device option and observe whether a yellow or red-colored sign is visible after a driver or not. Click on the device driver option and choose ‘Update Driver Software’ to update the device driver of the system. Also, update the ‘Unknown device’ option and select for ‘Search automatically for updated software’. Follow the steps to finish the process of updating and installation. 

the above process does not work out then reinstall the driver in the system to solve the issue of Hard Drive Is not showing up in the system. 

3. New Partition should be created for the removable disk of the system

If the hard drive is being inserted in your computer system for the first time then the system will not able to identify the drive because inside the system there are no partitions formed or created for the hard drive in the computer system. And similarly, the Windows Disk Management tool will be unable to recognize or identify the hard drive in the system. Thus, the Disk Management tool should be verified and located in the external hard drive of the computer system. 

carry out the process, open the Disk Management Tool, go to the search box and type diskmgmt.msc on it and click the search option. After that search for the external device option in the list of Disk Management window and proceed the step by simply formatting the drive. It will help you to show up next when you connect with the computer system further. 

you observe that the drive is not partitioned or is unallocated in the system then click the format option and create a new partition by yourself to see the difference and to solve the issue of External Hard Drive not showing up in windows 10. 

4. Disable the USB selective suspend settings in the system

If all the steps mentioned in the above methods do not solve the problem or yield the desired result then go for the option to disable the USB selective suspend setting. It will help to solve the issue of External Hard Drive not showing up in windows 10 or hard disk not detected in the system. Try to proceed with the following steps in the system- 

Go to the Control Panel option from the start menu and then select the power options from the list. After that, go to the Additional power settings on the list. Select the ‘Change plan settings’ beside the ‘Selected Power Plan’ option from the Additional power settings option. 

Hard Drive not Showing Up

Then navigate to the ‘Change advanced power settings option’ under the USB settings menu and then find for the ‘USB selective suspend settings’ which should be disabled by you to solve the issue of hard drive not detected or hard drive not showing up windows 10 in the computer system. 

External hard drive not showing up

Finally, select the option to apply and exit from the menu.  

The issue of hard drive not showing up can be solved with the above various steps easily in the Windows 10, 7 or 8. Try to proceed with the steps uniformly to get the desired output.

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