12+ Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools (2022) Free & Paid

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Do you want to become an efficient and successful businessman? Want to generate more revenue and make a huge profit? Now, you will say how? So, let me tell you, everybody knows that social media is a great platform for online business owners. And Facebook is one of the most utilized and effective platforms. You can be the most optimistic and successful businessman then the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools can help you in that.

There are numerous Ads Spy Tools are available for online business owners but when it comes to selecting the best one then people become confused sometimes. But don’t worry we will help you with that, so let’s start. Following are the 10 Best Facebook Ads Spy software that has unique strategies and spy Facebook ads campaigns.

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

1. Dropispy


Dropispy provides access to a database with more than 40 million ads from social networks and also offers real-time data on what your competitors are displaying.


  • The database is updated regularly.
  • Offers ad sorting options based upon interactions, TA, e-commerce platform, CTA, etc.
  • Provides real-time data analysis of products, shops, and ads.
  • Allows searching ads by URL, keywords, page name.

A free plan of Dropispy lets you test and discover its features. However, to take complete advantage of Dropispy, users can purchase a premium plan of  29.90 Euros/month.

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2. AdSpy ($50 Coupon + Free Trial)

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

AdSpy is the best Facebook and social media spying tool that will help you to spy on your competitor’s ads. This ads spy tool will help you to spy on Facebook ad strategies that are used by competitors. AdSpy software has the biggest database which contains more than 80 million ads.

If you want $50 off deals on this software you can go with the below link. With the help of this software, you can also spy on PPC ads and also can see the Ad campaigns, landing pages of the competitors.

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2. Power ad spy

Power ad spy tool

Power ad spy is one of the most wanted and best Facebook Ads Spy Tools available right now on the internet. It is a social Spy Tools beast that provides you an accurate detailed breakdown of respectively creative, simultaneous with landing page URL, the last seen of the account, social engagement, as well as the targeting options. Power ad spy is an excellent source for any marketer who aches to look beyond the creative and ad copy. It has amazing features that automatically create a new idea to build a productive strategy.

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3. Anstrex

Native Ad Spy tools

If you are finding a comprehensive ad intelligence program then Anstrex plays the most specious role of the best Spy Tools. It is a perfect tool that builds your credibility to spy on native ads as well as push. This Tools like Anstrex produce huge traffic sources, ads, build filters, and the affiliate network which you can utilize to create effective and successful campaigns with winning strategies.

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5. Spyfu


If we talk about the most preferred Ads Spy Tools then most of the people will recommend the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools which is Spyfu. Spyfu will aid you in downloading all the effective and productive keywords along with advertisements for paid organic research. For simple domain search, Spyfu is perfect and it will provide you the top ranking on google search engine ranking by creating optimistic strategies.

6. MagicAdz


MagicAdz is a comparatively new addition in the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools with ultimate features. Spy Tools like MagicAdz are available with abundant databases of advertisements all over the world. MagicAdz can also get cloaked affiliate ads, uncloaked affiliate ads, as well as suspected cloaked ads simply in one click.

7. SocialAdScout


SocialAdScout is considered as the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools in offering great targeting prospects. You will discover the top and most preferred filters which you can apply in searches, accurate details targeting choices plus live creative interaction on search outcome pages. its features make it different because it has the finest feature to build perfect Facebook ads campaigns.

8. Adsova


Adsova is also counted in the list of the best Ads Spy Tools utilizing by people across the world. Adsova is a Spy Tools with an intelligence format that aids you in understanding the strategies and goals of competitors that you can effectively utilize in your own business. You will see the intuitively designed interface on the search filter of Adsova that will make you browse competitor creativity very easily.

9. SocialPeta


If you are searching for the best Ads Spy Tools then Socialpeta if perfect for it. This tool has an enormous database of ads and more than 200M industries overall the world are using it, including Non-gaming apps, networking, gaming apps, and web (brand & e-commerce). 100,000+ payable ads are there which will give you the most productive and trending creatives in seconds. It’s also available at a very affordable price for all business owners.

10. AdPlexity eCommerce

Adplexity is a serious marketer and the best Facebook Ads Spy Tools which always require to look Analyze competitor’s campaigns, social searches, and beyond it across all the Major as well as leading sources for mobile, e-commerce, native, Push ads, and Desktop.

Native Ad Spy tools

This Tools come with profitable and powerful filters that can provide productive outcomes during the campaigns.

Adplexity is a multiple traffic source tool that is built for the leaders. AdPlexity is the best in searching for accurate keywords and many things including Search by Keyword, Publisher, Advertiser URL, and Traffic Source. Affiliate Network, Country, Device, and Tracking software. People should try it once for excellent results.

11. Strong AdSpy

AdSpy is an efficacious ad intelligence Facebook Ads Spy Tools platform that you can utilize to discover and analyze opponents’ campaigns in the niche.

It has 80M+ ads in 88 various languages all over the 198 countries from 14 Million advertisers, presenting it as a powerhouse of a database.

AdSpy Facebook Ads Spy Tools also comes with amazing unique search filters, which enable you to target your rivals’ campaigns with incredible precision.

Utilize it to explore Facebook as well as the Instagram ads and practice the exceptional filters to your search to locate ad text, landing page URL, comments, other basic things.

12. ConnectExplore

ConnectExplore is used by the marketer with a different unique strategy for building prosperous Facebook ad campaigns.

It is one of the most remarkable Ads Spy software that it doesn’t support copied campaign strategies.

The focus of ConnectExplore is instead on a combination that combines a huge quantity of solutions that manage together to automate and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns accurately.


So, these are the most required and best facebook Ads Spy software which aid overall in all the things from the utilization of filters to manage your strategies through Facebook ads campaigns. It provides positive and profitable outcomes. You can find more from these tools but the features of these tools make it unique and different from other tools. So, people must try these tools.

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