12 Best Free Registry Cleaner For Windows 11, 10, 8 & 7 PC

Registry Cleaner For Windows 10

Choosing the right registry cleaner tool is quite important for PC. From cleaning outdated registries to fixing broken registry items, The list of best free registry cleaner for windows 11, 10, 8 and 7 pc will help you.

Registry Cleaner Software are powerful utilities that allow users to find and remove redundant registry entries, so that you enjoy optimized performance and enhanced computer speed while enjoying flawless operations without any errors. Since manually cleaning these invalid/broken/missing entries is quite a time-consuming process.

You need to take help of the Best Registry Cleaners for Windows 11/10 that would ease the task by automating the process of cleaning Windows Registry in a couple of clicks. 

The list includes freeware programs that allow users to repair broken/missing/damaged registry items automatically in a few clicks. 

  1. Advanced SystemCare
  2. CCleaner
  3. Wise Registry Cleaner
  4. Auslogics Registry Cleaner
  5. Restoro
  6. Outbyte PC Repair
  7. Registry Repair
  8. AML Registry Cleaner
  9. Secure Eraser
  10. RegSeeker

12 Best Free Registry Cleaner For Windows 11/10 PC

To ease your job of finding the most reliable tools for fixing broken registries, here we’ve listed the best free registry cleaners that are worth trying in 2022. 

1. Advanced SystemCare 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP 
  • PRICE: Free, $29.99

Advanced SystemCare 

There’s probably no list of top free registry cleaners for Windows that doesn’t include Advanced SystemCare. The application comes with an attractive and intuitive dashboard, equipped with a powerful range of tools to clean, improve performance, fix registry issues and secure the device in a couple of clicks. Advanced SystemCare is designed while keeping both beginner and advanced users in mind. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Advanced SystemCare 

  • Holds the ability to automatically backup registry items. 
  • Supports one-click scans and repairs. 
  • Helps you to free up your disk space by cleaning junk files.
  • Increase system security & refresh your web browsing. 
  • Helps in managing startup items to improve overall boot time. 

Install Advanced SystemCare! 

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2. CCleaner Free

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows 7 SP1 & Later 
  • PRICE: Free/$19.95 


CCleaner is considered to be one of the most popular, authentic and reliable Windows 11 registry cleaner and optimizer to choose in 2022. The software comes with a dedicated Registry module that allows users to scan for potential issues related to Windows registry and fix them instantly so that you can enjoy optimum performance on your system. 


  • Neat and clean interface ensures ease of access. 
  • Ability to backup Windows registry before performing cleaning task. 
  • Comes with a portable version to fix broken registry for free. 
  • Quickly updates apps to reduce security vulnerabilities. 
  • Provides useful features to manage PC resources & protect your privacy. 

Try CCleaner Today! 

3. Wise Registry Cleaner 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • PRICE: Free registry cleaner for Windows 

Wise Registry cleaner

Considered to be one of the safest registry repairing tools out there, Wise Registry Cleaner comes with a variety of cleaning and optimization features to fix invalid and broken registry entries. It even comes with automatic/scheduled scans, hence you don’t have to worry about executing registry repairing tasks regularly, as Wise Registry Cleaner will take care of everything. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Wise Registry Cleaner 

  • Supports automatic backup before cleaning the registry. 
  • Has three comprehensive registry scan levels. 
  • Provides a dedicated tool to clean disk space. 
  • Fast, low-impact Windows 11 registry cleaner. 
  • Comes with both installable and portable versions.

Try Wise Registry Cleaner! 

4. Auslogics Registry Cleaner 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows XP & Above 
  • PRICE: Best free registry cleaner 

Auslogics Registry Cleaner 

Next on our list of Best Registry Cleaners for Windows 11/10 includes Auslogics Registry Cleaner. The application holds the ability to overcome system and stability issues in a couple of clicks. Unlike other competitors, this Windows Registry Cleaner has an interactive dashboard that comes with coloured severity rating that indicates registry areas that need immediate attention. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Auslogics Registry Cleaner 

  • Equipped with a variety of tools to effectively clean Windows. 
  • Supports backing up registry items before cleaning. 
  • Has a clean, straightforward & intuitive dashboard. 
  • Allows users to repair specific registry entries as well. 
  • Shows in-depth detailed reports on registries. 

Download Auslogics Registry Cleaner! 

5. Restoro 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista & XP
  • PRICE: Free/$29.95 


Restoro is an ultimate utility that goes beyond just being the best registry cleaner for Windows 11/10 PC. It’s a complete PC solution that securely repairs your PC by eliminating problematic registry entries and optimizing the system in a way that yields extraordinary performance and speed.

It also helps users to free up unnecessary occupied storage space, so that you can store other valuable stuff. 


  • Comes with the ability to optimize registry & perform hardware repair. 
  • Allows users to restore and replace DLL files in a few clicks. 
  • Provides protection modules to find and remove viruses. 
  • Lightweight Windows registry cleaner. 
  • Offers free support and manual repair capabilities. 

Download Restoro! 

6. Outbyte PC Repair 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 
  • PRICE: Free trial/$29.95 

Outbyte PC Repair

Talking about the best Registry cleaners for Windows 11/10 and not mentioning Outbyte PC Repair is certainly not possible. The software comes with solid functionalities to repair system registry issues, get computer performance overview and fix the potential issues and errors that might be affecting your computer.

The Windows 11 registry cleaner is easy to use and doesn’t require advanced computer knowledge to get started.  

HIGHLIGHTS: Outbyte PC Repair 

  • Can detect and remove unused temp & cached files. 
  • Prioritize apps according to CPU processor time. 
  • Helps users to disable Windows telemetry feature. 
  • Easily fixes common PC errors and issues. 
  • Clean up the hard drive & enhance system security. 

Install Outbyte PC Repair!

7. Registry Repair 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, 2000, XP, Vista. 32/64bit version.
  • PRICE: Best Free Registry Cleaner

Best DLL Fixer Software

Designed and developed by Glarysoft, Registry Repair is another good free registry cleaner for Windows 11/10 PC in no time. The program offers a simple, straightforward interface with multiple functionalities to create backups automatically, clean invalid/broken registry entries and update outdated programs in a couple of clicks.

The application is good at identifying and resolving common system errors as well. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Registry Repair 

  • Neat and tidy user interface. 
  • Creates a backup copy every time you repair the registry.
  • Fastest scanning speed with detailed reports. 
  • Significantly improve system performance in a single scan. 
  • Ensures automatic updates, making it the best Windows 11 registry cleaner. 

Get Your Hands On Registry Repair!

8. AML Registry Cleaner 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows7/Windows 8/10 (32 and 64 bit)
  • PRICE: Free registry cleaner for Windows 

Free Registry Cleaner

Designed and developed by AML Soft, here comes another fantastic Windows 10 Registry Cleaner that allows users to safely find, clean and repair problematic registry entries in a couple of clicks. It even provides a comprehensive startup management tool that allows users to enable/disable auto-start items to improve boot time.

Not only this, finding and removing common junk files that accumulate over time is a hassle-free task for this best free registry cleaner for Windows 10. 

HIGHLIGHTS: AML Registry Cleaner 

  • Easy to navigate user interface. 
  • Has tons of useful tools to optimize performance. 
  • Allows you to search for words in the entire registry.
  • Gives the opportunity to exclude registry items from scanning. 
  • Lightweight free broken registry cleaner. 

Get Your Hands On AML Registry Cleaner! 

9. Secure Eraser 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • PRICE: Free/$29.90 

Secure Eraser

When preparing a list of popular registry cleaners for Windows 11/10, Secure Eraser has to be included. The application offers a good selection of tools ranging from comprehensive registry cleaning and shredding files permanently.

The application is known for detecting common computer errors and invalid registry entries that other programs might miss. If you try using this registry repairing software, do share your opinion in the comments section below! 

HIGHLIGHTS: Secure Eraser 

  • Attractive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Generates a list of obsolete and invalid files.
  • Securely erases sensitive files and folders. 
  • Supports removing temp files & junk data. 
  • Securely delete unwanted drive/partition. 

Choose Secure Eraser Today! 

10. RegSeeker 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • PRICE: Free Windows Registry Cleaner 


We would like to conclude today’s list of top 10 registry cleaner software for Windows 11/10 PC with RegSeeker. It’s a complete Windows registry program with several computer cleaning and optimization features.

It features an effective selection of tools to manage apps/startup items, take essential backups before repairing registry and more. It’s a suitable utility for both beginners and advanced users to try in 2022 for repairing broken registry items without any hiccups. 


  • Shows information related to startup items, installed apps and more. 
  • Ability to search for duplicate files and bad shortcuts.
  • Take full control over downloaded browser extensions. 
  • Repair your Windows default entries. 
  • Integrated backup manager, that comes useful before any changes are done in the registry.  

Choose RegSeeker Today! 

11. iolo System Mechanic 

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11 
  • PRICE: Free/ $14.98

iolo System Mechanic is the most popular registry cleaner that works efficiently on the Windows platform. It is a great PC tune-up utility. The software performs various functions like defragmenting hard drives, repairing the registry, cleaning hard dive clutter, etc.

Using this software you can fix common system issues like freezing and crashing. Not only this, but it also helps you improve CPU speed and improve graphics. 

HIGHLIGHTS: Iolo System Mechanic 

  • It helps in repairing the Windows registry
  • It can defragment drives and memory 
  • Optimizing system and internet settings 
  • Offers two scanning modes; quick scans and deep scans 
  • It consists advanced program accelerator, net booster and startup optimizer

12. CleanMyPC

  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 
  • PRICE: Free/ $19.99


CleanMyPC is another best registry cleaners for Windows PC. It helps in fixing all the registry issues. It consists of various advanced tools to maintain a clean file registry. If your system is facing frequent system crashes and freezes then MyCleanPC will fix all these issues quickly.

Apart from this, the software also helps in fixing hidden operating system problems, missing DLLs and corrupt system files. It removes all those files which are affecting your system performance and making it slower. 


  • It removes registry issues 
  • It performs deep and fast scans 
  • Also fixes system freezes and crashes 
  • Lets you schedule automated scans 
  • It performs free diagnostic scans 


Our personal recommendation for Best Windows 11 Registry Cleaner is CCleaner. The application designed and developed by Piriform, offers all the essential features that makes the task of cleaning and repairing broken/invalid/missing registry entries an effortless task.

Moreover, it also provides essential tools for cleaning and optimizing your Windows PC for enhanced speed and performance like never before. If you know or use any other Registry Cleaner For Windows Computer, feel free to suggest your recommendations in the comments below! 

Comparing The Top 5 Registry Cleaner for Windows 11 / 10 PC

Tools Name Compatibility Pricing Version Owned By 
Advanced SystemCare Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 
  • Free trial available 
  • $19.99/ year (3 PC)
  • $16.77/ year (1 PC)
CCleanerWindows 11, 10, 8 and 7 
  • Free trial available
  • $29.95
Wise Registry CleanerWindows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XPFree Trial available 10.4.1WiseCleaner 
Auslogics Registry CleanerWindows 10, 8.1, 8, 7Free trial available
Restoro Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP 
  • Free trial available 
  • $29.95

Frequently Asked Questions | Best Windows Registry Cleaners (2022)

Q1. What registry cleaners do?

Registry Cleaner Software are powerful utilities that allow users to find and remove redundant registry entries, so that you enjoy optimized performance and enhanced computer speed while enjoying flawless operations without any errors.

Q2. Are registry cleaners safe?

Yes! Using the best registry cleaner for Windows 11/10 from trustworthy and authentic sources will help you to securely find and fix potential Windows registry items in a couple of clicks. 

Q3. Is it worth using a registry cleaner?

Yes! Using a registry cleaner frequently for cleaning invalid/broken/missing/invalid entries will help you declutter your system and enhance overall speed and performance for flawless operations. 

Q4. Does Windows 10 have a registry cleaner?

Yes! Windows comes with an in-built Windows regedit tool, that can bring your bloated PC back to a pristine state. Using it may be a cumbersome task for newbies, hence we suggest you take help of third-party registry repairing software to get the task done. 

Q5. How can I clean my computer registry?

To clean an invalid registry entry, here’s what you need to do: 

  • To launch regedit, hit the Windows key + R, type “regedit”, and press enter. 
  • Then, navigate to the problem key and delete it like you would with any regular file.

Q6. Which is the best registry cleaner for PC?

CCleaner, designed and developed by Piriform, is considered to be one of the best tools in the market. It offers all the essential features that makes the task of cleaning and repairing broken/invalid/missing registry entries an effortless task. 

Q7. Do registry cleaners actually work?

To be honest, there are no registry cleaner performance tests. If it really works, several PC gaming enthusiasts would recommend running them for better game performance.

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