10 Best Games Like Stardew Valley You Must Play

Stardew is a farming simulation-based game. The Stardew valley game was launched in March 2019 and become popular because of the farming style and an interesting game strategy. The below article lists some of the games similar to Stardew valley

Popular games like Stardew Valley 

1. Moonlighter game

Moonlighter game

It is similar to Stardew valley and all you need to ace this game is patience. This is one of the best games like Stardew Valley and has gained huge popularity. This is also one of the games like Stardew valley ps4.The game is based on farming, crafting, selling and other enhancements. This is one of the games like Stardew valley as you need to be a venture into the town and defeat the enemies and loot them.this game has stardew valley character likes.

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2. My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia

It is one of the free games like Star dew valley. This game is available on PC and Nintendo switch. In this game, the focus remains on creating a workshop  builder who builds items for the improvement of the society. Craft the desired items and aid the builder, the workshop can be reformed or enlarged. This is a popular choice to gamers and can keep you glued to your computer screen for a long time

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3. Diaries of Spaceport Janitor

Diaries of Spaceport Janitor

This is one of the games like Star dew valley as it is an adventure, RPG indie and simulation game developed by Sundae Month and published by Tiny Build. This game was released on 16 Sep 2016. This game is available on PC. This game is an anti-adventure game in which we are about to pick up trash in the alien bazaar and we play as a Janitor. Out in space were Robot had built and even afford to eat in a possible way actually this game just rather than heart-warming gameplay it is slightly a depressing tale of sticking the middle finger to corporate greed and capitalism as a whole. So Diaries of Space Janitor might not be a just a game about farming but all it has to follow some methods especially when it comes to building a town and finding friendly faces and buying and selling kinds of stuff and keep everything alive.

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4. Yonder: The cloud catcher Chronicles

best games like stardew valley

This is one of the popular games like Stardew Valley. This game is an open-world adventure and crafting game while exploring this game was released on 18 July 2017 under the developer of Prideful Sloth and published by them only. This game is available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

This offers a beautiful pasteurization view which is quite similar to most of the games like Stardew Valley. In this, you have to build a farm and end up with yonder. Here you may not get much story or quests to follow like the other games like star drew valley have but this is even better owing to the fact that the yonder does not just limit you to farming but also crafting, cooking, fishing and even brewing and trading.

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5. Voodoo Garden

Voodoo Garden

This is one of the popular games like Stardew Valley. This game was launched on 4Aug 2016 and was developed by M Hanka and published by Liu Lidan. This game welcomes you to the magnificent Voodoo Garden and you become the owner of a little hut. In this game, you can start to keep chicken and rabbit in the garden as well like your pet or even for food supplies. When they die the spirits can help to tend the garden as long as possible till the time it rains. This is one of the games like Stardew valley on steam

 6. Farming valley: Minecraft Modpack

Farming valley- Minecraft Modpack

This is one of the games like Star dew valley. This game is available on PC and it is free for you if you already have Minecraft.

Minecraft is one of the most popular paid games in this game you can do whatever you wish for just what you need to be is a creative one. The farming valley turns mine craft into a farming experience guided by farming goddess which let you plant seasonal crops, watering them, selling stuffs etc. and what is special in this is this game can make you somewhat feel same as star drew valley in just a Mine craft version.

7. World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn

World dawn is one of the games like star drew valley and this game really stays true to the source material. This game is RPG, Casual, Indie and Simulation game developed by the wayward prophet and published by them only.

It might be a little rougher around the edges but familiar with mechanics and goals are there in place Like other games like Stardew valley, what you just need to do is to grow and sell the crop, fish, frolic at festivals and have to work on the way towards a sad tired village but in this what really is so bad is that we cannot change farm but this is still rather lovely. 

8. Story of Season: Trio of towns

Story of Season- Trio of towns

This belongs to the category of games like Star dew Valley This game is available on Nintendo 3DS developed by Marvellous Inc. under the series of the story of the season actually harvest moon is now called The story of the game starts with a young and inexperienced farmer and throughout the story you eventually end up with a successful plot of land. This game is better than Stardew valley in terms of pacing. Similar to other games like Stardew Valley, this game also allows you to have a fun farming experience

9. Slime Rancher

games like stardew valley

This game is available on Xbox One, PC, PS4 developed by Manomi Park and sky-bound entertainment and engine with unity. Based on the action-adventure game and life simulation, this game helps you in harvesting crops online. There are different animals and objects. It is not quite as star drew valley but it is the same kind of idle, adorable and fun giving game to spend a couple of hours without getting bored.

10. Hay Day

games similar to stardew valley

This is one of the games like Star dew valley. This is actually a farming-based simulation game and available on both play store and AppStore. The idea of this game is quite interesting. Just download the game and start by growing your farm and customise it and build your own town and welcome visitors, and cast the fish, fulfil the orders with your truck and even by steamboat, you can even trade crops and fresh goods in the neighbourhood


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