Getting Windows Ready Stuck

Getting Windows Ready Stuck in Windows 10 [Solved]

Fix Getting Windows Ready Stuck in Windows 10 : It is very common for Windows 10 users to experience the issue of getting windows ready stuck due to some unexpected problems with the operating system of the computer. Sometimes, the screen shows up with ‘Windows 10 stuck on getting ready’ or ‘Getting Windows ready do not turn off your computer’ as shown

Sometimes, getting windows ready stuck windows 10 for several hours which can create a problem for many users of Windows 10. Following are some effective solutions to the Windows issue which can be executed to solve the issue of ‘getting windows ready stuck’: 

Getting Windows Ready Stuck in Windows 10 [Fixed]

Fix 1: Wait for a few minutes 

The easy way to solve the issue of getting ‘windows ready stuck’ is to wait for some time as the computer system performs some specific task in the background of the system like installing or uninstalling any application. For these activities, the system may take some time to execute properly the instructions of the user. 

So, in the booting process of the system kindly wait for few minutes until all the tasks are performed by the system are completed.  

Fix 2: Power reset your computer system

You may proceed with the process of power resetting of the system where all the data stored in the memory are cleared. This process will not lead to damage the hard disk data but it will help to fix the corruption issue or ‘getting windows ready stuck’ troubles on the system. These issues may be solved by power resetting the system.

power reset your pc

Following are the steps that are required to follow:  

  1. By pressing the power button, turn off your computer system. 
  2. The peripheral devices should be disconnected from the computer system. And also disconnect or unplug the adapter of the system. 
  3. If a laptop is used by the user then the user should detach the battery from the laptop. 
  4. The power button should be pressed for at least 30 seconds to drain off the remaining charge in the system. 
  5. Now re-insert the adapter and battery into the system again. Do not connect any USB devices to the system. 
  6. The system should be booted by pressing the power button and then check the issue ‘getting windows ready stuck’ to be solved in the system. 

Fix 3: Go for System Restore

Following are the steps that should be followed to restore the system when it is showing the error of ‘getting windows ready stuck’ on the screen:

  1. Install and download the Media Creation Tool and then run the application to create a Winndows installation media using the USB installation drive.
  2. Using the USB drive boot the computer system and select the time and language as per your requirement by configuring the keyboard method and then choose the option of ‘Repair your computer’ from the menu option of the system. 
  3. Then select troubleshoot advanced options and further click the system restore option from the menu. 
  4. The system restores wizards should be followed and finished to solve the issue of getting windows ready stuck in the computer system. 

Go for System Restore

Fix 4: Proceed by running the system file checker tool in the system. 

If the above mentioned steps are failed to solve the issue of getting windows ready stuck and the computer system is taking a long time to read Windows 10 then run the system file checker tool in the system. The issue can be caused due to some corrupted files on the computer system. Follow the following steps to fix the damaged system files in the computer: 

1. As mentioned in the earlier steps, first a USB drive should be inserted in the computer system for the installation process and boot the system with the help of drive. 

2. Select the option of Repair your computer from the menu and then select the option of troubleshooting from the drop-down menu. 

3. On the Advanced options, the screen selects the command prompt option from the menu.


4. After the command prompt is opened go for the sfc or scannow command in the writing space or box and then press enter. 

windows getting stuck

Wait for the completion of 100% of the verification process and then reboot the system to observe the issue of the Windows loop solved on the computer system. 

Fix 5: Windows 10 Startup Repair should be performed

When the Windows 10 install stuck on getting ready on every boot of the system then Windows Startup Repair should be performed to solve the issue permanently.  For performing the Windows 10 Startup repair you need to go to the Windows Recovery Environment to use the Windows installation disc. 

Go to the Advanced option in the Windows Recovery Environment and then select the Startup Repair option to solve the issue of the Windows loop in the system.

Getting Windows Ready Stuck

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