Google’s New AI Tool Can Turn Text Into Music

Google’s New AI Tool Can Turn Text Into Music

Described as a model capable of producing high-fidelity music from text descriptions like “a calming violin melody backed by a distorted guitar riff,” “MusicLM” is the name given by Google researchers to an artificially intelligent tool for creating music.

The paper introducing “MusicLM” was published on Thursday. “generates music at 24 kHz that remains consistent over several minutes,” as MusicLM puts it, “by treating the process of conditional music generation as a hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling challenge.

AI Music

” Even more impressively, the AI software can create “original” music for up to 5 minutes based on language and sound inputs. The music-generating system MusicLM listened to over 2,90,000 hours of music while being taught so that it could produce well-structured songs from descriptions in any style.

AI Music and Future Possibilities:

This begs the question, to what extent will artificial intelligence improve human lives? To what extent will bots be responsible for the content we’ll be consuming in the soon-to-be-revealed Metaverse? Everything from the setting to the stories… And now, for some tunes that might be entirely computer-generated. 

Considering how much music plays in the background of our daily lives, the philosophical implications of AIs being involved in the music industry are intriguing. Is a computer program capable of creating music? Is this an example of imagination at work? And if it’s something everyone’s tuned into, would people stop learning to play instruments if they’re no longer needed?

AI Music:

There’s room for two viewpoints here. Many listeners feel that AIs can’t handle the creative process in music the way humans can. The value of music is in the human element and the human experience. The counterargument is that AI can enhance the aesthetic quality of music considerably more quickly and precisely than a human can. 

Now the question is, can AI be creative? Do you think it’s better? Is it attractive? Uplifting? Has artistic merit? What about classical music, by the way? Certainly, that is included as well. 

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