How To Delete Your Twitch Account In 2020 (Android / Iphone)

If a social network or service is popularly known no matter how it is commonly known still people deletes their account at a time due to some reason. By making twitch account one will not get an option to delete their account completely but the user can delete their account which is another best thing. If one deletes their twitch account then it removes your account from other public twitch services. The user of the account after disabling will not be able to rediscover their twitch account by searching or by direct visits. The user can delete their important information before disabling their account. But it doesn’t mean that their twitch account is completely deleted from the twitch database. All the personal information can be deleted but accounts can only be disabled. 

Steps To Delete Twitch Account In Android and Iphone

Using main twitch website first log in your account. 

By clicking on the drop-down menu which is in the top-right corner you will get an option of settings. Click on settings. At the bottom of your page, one has to scroll down when once reached to the settings page. There you will find an option Delete Your Twitch Account. After that, you have click on the option Disable Account.  

1. On the disable account page you have to first enter your password. Secondly, give any feedback about why you are disabling your account. This is an optional you can also give some feedback or even cannot give any feedback. 

2. Afterwards, you will notice a purple coloured button on which it is written Delete the account on it. By selecting this option your account will get disabled. 

Before You Delete Your Twitch Account

Inform your followers or anyone you are hosting: if you are a twitch streamer and planning to delete your Twitch account then inform your viewers. To remain in touch with your followers on different social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter let them know your last broadcast. If you are switching to another streaming site like mixer on YouTube then ask your viewers to subscribe or follow your YouTube channels.  

Disconnect your other accounts: gaming services such as a stream, battle net, and Xbox along with other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be connected with twitch account at one go. It is important to first disconnect your twitch account from any third party services. If you need to create any new account in future you could easily connect to any of them. To disconnect go to your settings page. Click on connection tab. A green tick is present next to the names of the connected services. You can easily disconnect all the connected services by clicking on the green tick.

Delete personal information: As twitch account never gets deleted so if you want to delete any of your important information such as bio information and the real name you can. 

Reason To Delete Your Twitch Account

It can appear a little bit extreme if you are disabling a twitch account. There are many reasons for users to do so instead of not logging in anymore. There are three common reasons among users to delete their twitch account:

  • Quitting twitch: Due to losing interest in streaming or shifts to a rival streaming service such as YouTube or mixer.  
  • Multiple twitch accounts: Sometimes in most of the cases it happens that people create many twitch accounts of different channels for different people. But now want to focus on only one or two of them.
  •  Too many social accounts: most of the time many users wanted to cut back as they feel that in general, they have many social networks. Many of our friends announce their departure from Facebook dramatically. Like a twitch account, the same thing happens on other social accounts as well. 

How To Enable Your Twitch Account

To enable your disabled account there is no way. The only way you can enable your disabled account is by sending an email to the twitch support. Within seven days twitch support will surely reply to your email.

Why You Should Not Delete Your Twitch account

Changing a twitch username is possible: if you are disabling your account to create a new one with a better username. You should not delete your account. By clicking on edit option which is right placed next to your username field you can simply change the username of your twitch account. 

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