How To Disconnect Spotify From Facebook 2020

How To Disconnect Spotify From Facebook

Everyone will wish to have what is the latest in the media, social networking, and online entertainment. Here, Spotify is one of the streaming on-demand media service providers, which you will have an account. This shows how you love music and live with music. Yet, you must note that you would have logged-in with your Facebook or (FB) password. You may delete your FB account for some reason. Yet, you can find your FB linked with Spotify continues. This can make you a bit annoying. Here, we have discussed how to disconnect Spotify from Facebook and unlink Spotify from Facebook.

My Suggestion for New Spotify Users

This suggestion is for all those new users, who have an FB account. This is because; Spotify can be easily accessed without entering a few details when you already have an FB ID. It means any FB user can sign up at It is advisable to avoid FB sign in. Instead, you can sign up using a valid e-mail ID. In this way, you can maintain your privacy in and This will help you in the future, as you do not expose what music you love with your social media networking groups.  

Spotify Members Using FB Sign In

You might have signed up for the convenience of easy to open Spotify without a login by using FB ID. Here, the only advantage is if your FB is open, you can sing in Spotify instantly with a matter of a click, or tap on the Windows system and in iOS and Android phones. 

Reasons to Disconnect Spotify from Facebook

Before deciding to do this, you must know why you wish to disconnect Spotify from Facebook.

  • You wish to delete your FB account.
  • You can find your FB footprints in Spotify after unlinking Spotify from Facebook.
  • You do not wish to use the FB password to login to Spotify.
  • You do not want any notifications from Spotify on your Facebook account. 
  • You do not wish to have your love from music in your FB account.
  • You wish to have your musical profile as nil.
  • You use your laptop and mobile to access Facebook and Spotify. Both of them are creating authentication problems when one is on and wise versa. 
  • You wish to have a separate password for Spotify instead of using FB user ID and password.

There may be some reasons, which is personal and you do not wish to discuss it with anyone. Thus, whatever may be the reason; you can do so by following the step-by-step procedures to disconnect Spotify from Facebook by yourself. If you are unable to do so, you can find many videos showing how to unlink Spotify from Facebook and wise versa. 

Change Password of Facebook and Spotify

It is advisable to change your FB password first. Here, you must not keep the Spotify open. Now, change your password in FB, which does not match with the Spotify account. Next, log-out FB and login to Spotify. Here, you have to reset the password too. After, changing both the password, you must not see any further updates on wise-versa. Yet, it is not possible to erase your Spotify footprints on FB. If you see it again, you can follow the below-mentioned procedures. 

Spotify Account – Password Rest

  • First, visit  and click login.
  • Now, you will be on the sign-in page. You must not touch your FB password here.
  • Instead, look down to see the forget password option.
  • Here, click and reset your password, which is very different from your Facebook password.

Change Password of Facebook and Spotify

If you do not wish to see the FB login tab, you can disable them too by keeping them in turn off. 

Remove Facebook from Spotify

Remove Facebook from Spotify

  • First visit,, and click login with your changed or new password.
  • Now, from your account go to your profile.
  • You can find a privacy setting on the left side of your profile page.   
  • Now, search for the FB icon.
  • Here, you will find Process my Facebook data.
  • Now, you have to disable them by selecting the on/off button. Here you have to keep them in off position.
  • Once again, you will get a pop-up box to click yes to turn off.
  • Now, click yes and you are through.

You must recheck once again after a week. This will ensure it is done at your end properly. 

Delete Posts on Facebook and Spotify

It is advisable to delete all your posts from Facebook and Spotify. You must check this after a few days they are not present. You must also unsubscribe them at your end before deleting. This will ensure you will not receive any further updates and notifications. 

Suggestion for New User to Log in Spotify

People willing to sign up with Spotify must not use his or her Facebook ID and password. This will be the first option on the Spotify sign-in page. Instead, you can use the e-mail option. In this way, your Facebook and Spotify account will not be linked with each other.  

Yet, one may find easy to disconnect Spotify from Facebook on mobile. This is because a few of the features are unable to select or delete on windows. This is why users report the presence of data on both the accounts. Therefore, you need to do it step-by-step as mentioned-above.

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