How To Get Help In Windows 10

Several times we face a problem while using the Windows 10 PC. To resolve the minor issues, we can use the Get Help option. There is an in-built Get Help application in your system, which you can use when you feel you are stuck somewhere. But we have explained a number of ways how you can get help in windows 10.

Must go through all the ways which are explained here. You can get help in windows 10 in numerous ways.

Best Ways To Get Help In Windows 10

1. Just Use the Get Help Application

If you face any difficulty, then you will find the Get Help Application to solve it quickly in Windows. You can find the Get Help application by following the instructions step-by-step.

  • Open the start menu

Get Help In Windows 10

  • Type the Get Help in the search bar.
  • Click on the Get Help.
  • The Get Help app will be open, and you will be connected to the virtual agent. 

Get Help in the search bar

You can type the problem you are facing, and the virtual agent will reply to you with the solution you can use. To overcome the problem, you must use the talk with human option. Here you will be connected to the Microsoft support customer care person.

2. Press F1 to get help in the many applications

By using the F1 button, you can get help in any applications. So that you know, F1 doesn’t work in every application, but yes, it works in many applications. F1 is the easiest and simple way to get help in the application if you solve it.

For example, you are pressing the F1 button when you are using Google chrome. After pressing the F1 button, it will open Google chrome’s support site. Here you can take any help you want or can resolve your every problem. 

In case you are using any Microsoft office application and Press f! there for some help. It will open the Microsoft Office’s support site. That is how you can Press F1 in the application to get help regarding it.

3. Just Find settings with the start menu.

If you need any help finding any application in Windows 10, you can do it most comfortably and quickly. You have to do nothing much; to find any application or settings, you need to go to the Start menu.

  • Open the start menu, and there you will see the search bar.
  • In the search bar, you need to type the application or setting you are in search of.
  • You will get the list of the keyword you have been classified in the search bar. 
  • For example, you are searching for a WordPad application.
  • When you type the WordPad in the search bar, you will get the list of the things which have the name WordPad in it.
  • You can select any one of them which you want to use and also searching for as well.

4. Use the Built-in Troubleshooters

If you face any difficulty while running your computer, you can use built-in troubleshooters in Windows 10’s to get help. For your information, troubleshooters can tell you the problem your PC faces and tell you how to fix it. To try the built-in troubleshooters, first, you need to find it. To see the Troubleshooters follow the steps below.

  • Open the Settings
  • Select Update & security.
  • Click on Troubleshoot.

Other than that, you can open the start menu, and type Troubleshoot in the search bar. Select the given Troubleshoot settings.

You can choose the troubleshooter with which you are getting a problem. Just, for example, you are having trouble with your Printer, and then you can select the option named Printer troubleshooter. Windows 10 will tell you the issue you are facing and also resolve it for you.

5. Search on the Internet

All problems have one solution, and that is to search for your issue on the Internet. Today’s world is dependent on the Internet. If anyone gets any problem, they choose to find the issue by searching on the Internet. If you get an issue in your system, you can solve it by searching on the Internet.

In any case, if you face a sudden issue in your PC and you don’t get a solution by applying the above methods, then you can try to get help from the Internet. Go to Google, type your issue in the search bar of Google. It will tell you the numerous ways to resolve the problem most easily.

6. Contact with Microsoft’s Support Websites

In the Microsoft community discussion forum, you can find your problem regarding any issue you face with your computer. Microsoft’s Support can be helpful when it comes to getting help in Windows 10. You can see the questions, so many users have asked in the search community, and there are answers available. Maybe you can find a similar problem you want to ask about, and you get an explanation of it also. 

For other options, you can click on the Ask a question, you can type your question, and in some time, one of the community members will give you the answer to your issue.

7. Find Helpful Tips

If you don’t know how to use the recent updates in Windows 10, you can get the information about it by clicking on the Tips. Windows 10 has the Tips option. To get any information, you can click on it.

To find the Tips option, you need to open the start menu. Type Tips in the search bar and select the results you will get on the screen. Now click on the Tips and get some useful and helpful information about Windows 10.

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