How to Watch Facebook Videos on Your TV

Facebook had begun Facebook watch services in 2017. Though we mostly use Facebook mobile apps and websites to watch videos now you can also watch them on the bigger screen which means on your television.  

When it comes to watching videos we mostly choose YouTube and recently Netflix also has created its place as a video watching platform. We can enjoy YouTube and Netflix on a big screen. But how about watching Facebook videos on a TV? You must be thinking that it is impossible but no it is now  possible to watch Facebook videos on your TV.  

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Facebook comprises videos on almost all genres you can get videos on cooking food, recipes, funny  videos, videos related to the happening around us, news feeds, etc. You can watch these videos of Facebook on your TV by using some streaming devices, Facebook’s own devices, game consoles, etc.  Some of the supported streaming devices are Android TV, Samsung TV (2015+), Xbox One, Amazon Fire  TV, Facebook’s own portal TV, etc.  

How to Watch Facebook Videos on Your TV

In this article, we will discuss several ways that make us watch Facebook videos on TV. 

1. Watch Video from Facebook on your TV 

Facebook has a built-in feature that allows you to watch Facebook videos on TV easily. It lets you watch  live videos, cast videos, Facebook posts, display news feeds on your TV. It is a simple process to use this  method. Follow the given below steps: 

  • Open the Facebook app on your phone and choose the video you want to play and click on it. 
  • Now press the TV icon given at the top right corner of the page.  
  • Choose the device you want to stream video.  
  • Now, you are ready to watch Facebook videos on TV.  

You can also scroll other news feeds, stories and videos from your device while your video keeps running  on the TV screen. It also allows you to see real-time reactions and comments and participate in the  conversation while streaming Facebook Live videos.  

2. Use TV Native App to Watch Facebook Videos 

Facebook watch app makes it easier for you and lets you watch Facebook videos on particular supported  TV. These apps can be easily downloaded from the TV’s app store. If you have a TV that runs on Android TV OS then you can download the app through Google Play Store.  

To use this method you must have the Devices like Android TV, Portal TV, Oculus TV, Samsung smart TV  (2015+), Xbox TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV (4th gen+). If you own any of the devices then simply  download and install the Facebook Watch TV app.  

Open the app on your TV and select the video you want to watch then click continue with Facebook. A  code will display on your TV screen. There are two ways to confirm the code and start watching videos.  

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile and then tap the notification given at the top of the  page. After that tap approves and at last tap continue.  
  • Otherwise, you can navigate to on desktop or mobile. Now, enter the code present on your TV screen and click continue.  

You can choose any of the methods to watch Facebook videos on TV.  

3. Use Streaming Box to Watch Facebook Videos on TV 

Other than using a native app you can also use an external device to run Facebook Videos on TV. Many supported devices are 4th Gen Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, etc.

Some of the streaming boxes powered by Android TV are Xiaomi Mi Box S, NVIDIA Shield, etc.  

If you have a smart TV then you can use this method to directly cast Facebook videos on your TV. Make  sure the mobile and TV both are connected to the same WIFI network. 

  • Firstly, open Facebook App and choose the video you want to watch.  
  • Expand it to the full screen and click on the cast icon given at the top of the right corner. 
  • Select the name of your TV and the video will be displayed on it.  

But if you don’t have a smart TV and still wants to watch Facebook videos on TV doesn’t worry you can  still watch them. If your TV has an HDMI port it is possible.

You just need to have a streaming device like Chromecast, Android TV box or Apple TV. Connect to the device and follow the same steps you have  followed above.  

Conclusion on How To watch Facebook videos on TV

In this article, we have discussed the top ways which allow you to watch Facebook videos on TV.  Sometimes we find any exciting videos while scrolling Facebook page and want to show that video to  our family, friends or other members but it is quite annoying and difficult to make them all watch the  video at once when there are more people.

That is why it is the best way to watch Facebook videos on a  big screen so that every person can watch the video adequately. The above methods are enough to  make the Facebook videos stream on TV.

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