How to Watch Facebook Videos on Your TV

It is possible to watch Facebook videos on your tv by the process of casting. The videos on Facebook helps to connect with people and other stories every day.  The videos help to connect with the people that care for you and also helps in the learning process. One can watch their moments with their friends and can learn to cook delicious food with the help of Facebook videos. 

It is observed that more than 100 million hours of videos are consumed on Facebook every day that can be easily accessed to the big screen via Chromecast that is available now. Following are some few steps that are required to be ensured to watch Facebook videos on TV: 

Steps to Watch Facebook Videos on TV

  • Go to the app store of television and download the application of Facebook Watch TV app on to your television. 
  • Now, open the Watch app on the television. Go to the videos section and click “Continue with Facebook”. 
  • You will find a code on the screen before accessing Facebook. 
  • You have to confirm the code that appears on the screen by opening the Facebook application on your mobile device and then choose to Approve and Continue option from the application.
  • Or you can visit the website from your android or iOS device to enter the code manually and through this, you can connect to the Facebook videos to your television easily.

On Facebook, we mainly focus on the requirements of the people that they want to add in their videos that include several different options into the Facebook videos that can be easily discovered on the website or application. There are even more ways to stream videos from Facebook on to your television. You can roll down the Facebook videos and stream them online using television or mobile phone. With devices like Google Chromecast and Apple TV, one can stream Facebook videos on television easily.

You can enjoy your favorite videos of Facebook on the bigger screen using Google Chromecast or Apple TV.  You can stream the Facebook videos to Apple TV or Chromecast using the AirPlay-enabled devices or Google Cast-enabled devices from the web browser or iOS device. It will soon cast Facebook videos from the connected Android devices to the Chromecast successfully. Through which you can watch the videos on a larger screen. 

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How to watch video from Facebook on your TV

  • First, select the video that you want to watch on your computer desktop or android and then press the right corner symbol which is of a TV. 
  • After that, choose the device that you want the video to stream to. 
  • Finally, you can enjoy the Facebook video from your your TV, on a larger screen. 

While watching the Facebook video on to the television, you can also scroll down to stream the News Feed section on the television. You can also stream other stories while playing the videos on the television. Even you can search for more videos to watch from the Saved tab or News Feed. You can also observe the real-time reactions and comments on the screen if you are streaming the Facebook live video to your TV. You can also join the conversation on the real comments by reacting or commenting on the live video of Facebook. Whether you are relaxing and spending quality time or hanging out with friends you can watch the new way of watching videos on Facebook through television. 

With the advancement of today’s technology, everything is accessed quickly and securely. Now one can enjoy the Facebook videos or the live-streams on the big screen. It will help to have a quality time with your family or friends. This is a new feature that is added to Facebook and working effectively successfully.

The feedback of people helped to identify the importance of this feature. It is an easy and quick process that can be performed at any time with the devices. You have to make sure that you have a strong data connection with you and that’s it to have the video on a big screen. Facebook brought this feature to enlighten their services and enhance their standards into the competitive market. 

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