iMyFone Filme Video Editor Review 2022

iMyFone Filme Video Editor Review

iMyFone Filme is a piece of software that enables you to quickly create films and slideshows without the need for expert video editing skills. The application has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to drag and drop elements and arrange them into stunning films in a matter of minutes. This software employs special effects that may be applied in any video to ensure a safe, more comfortable, and more pleasant atmosphere.

Unlike many professional film editors, it makes it simple to edit films without the need for complicated tools, making it ideal for novices. Now we will discuss iMyFone Filme Video Editor Review 2021 in detail, including all Pros and Cons.

Filme Video Editor Review

iMyFone Filme Video Editor Review

Until you use it, you can’t be sure how the software works, what tools are available, how simple it is to use, etc. However, if you’d like a brief overview of the most significant features offered by Filme, here they are:

1. A lot of resources

The abundance of resources available in iMyFone Filme is the primary reason for using it. This version includes specific components, effects, transactions, music, filters, and text that make the product more appealing and completely user-friendly. This software also helps a lot with vlog editing. This software also assists you in editing all of the clips taken by your phone. The editing design are so stunning that you can’t take my gaze away from them. The finished result will be so good that everyone liked viewing it.

The following are a few Abundant resources in Filme Video Editor.


The transition from one clip to the next is the merging of those clips. This software gives various transitions options that can be an immediate change in scene or picture, a fade, a fade to black, a dissolve, a pan from one person to another, or any other digital effect.

Text Options

Your title sums up the full content of your video. That is why YouTube and other search engines place such a high value on the keywords you include in your title. Incorporate your keyword into the title. Your video’s title is the most essential piece of information.

2. Voice changer feature

This function is excellent, and it helped you to change the actual voice of audio and video easily. It is also extremely easy and straightforward to record anyone’s voice. If you wanted a background voice for several videos, you can film without voice and can join an afterward background voice in it. This mostly makes the product more fascinating, but it also allows consumers to comprehend all of the components that have been included in it. The voice change function has allowed you to present information in-depth and effectively.

The following are a few Voice changer features in Filme Video Editor.

Multitrack Audio

Multitrack audio is a method of incorporating additional audio layers into a timeline or film. It’s what we utilize to combine multiple audio and video files into a single file.


Layering is the grouping of media components in a video project timeline to permit the simultaneous playing of numerous elements. An editor may build attractive video clips for music videos, bumpers, and teasers by changing the layering order, resizing, rotating, and moving each clip.

3. Editing features

iMyFone Filme Video Editor

In this software, some of the key features are crop, merge, slow motion, split, and import. There is also an option that allowed you to modify the speed correctly. In addition, when it comes to creating videos, this application provides the same choice to change the speed of the clip. There are no restrictions, and a user may quickly create the video. The work will be performed very quickly and easily. Furthermore, if you want a clip using the software, they may do so since high-quality video editing can be obtained.

The following are a few basic editing features of free video editing software

Crop: You can quickly crop or resize your video clip, and you can even add ken burning effects. While cutting, you may use any aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 9:16, etc.). You may crop your videos by using the Crop Tool or by using the Alt + C buttons.

Split: In Filme Video Editor, you can simply accomplish this task by hitting the Split Button or the Alt + S shortcut key.

Adjust Speed: In Filme Videos Editor, you may change the speed of your video by hitting the speed button or the Ctrl + R buttons together. That is a fantastic feature that is very simple to operate.

Picture-in-Picture Effects: When two videos or images are exhibited concurrently, one smaller video or image is displayed on top of the larger one, creating a picture-in-picture effect. Reviewers and podcasters are the most likely to employ these effects. In Filme Movie Editor, just put another video over another in the timeline to get this effect.

Screen recording: This is another finest to check for since it allows to capture all of the videos that I may not have been available to download. As one of the most excellent video tools, it assisted you in accomplishing a number of jobs that appeared to be difficult to do.

Wireless file import: It is compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, and Mac. This also enables you to import your files wirelessly to your iMyFone Filme app from any device. It also allows you to import files using wireless devices or by scanning the QR code.

Supports all platforms: When it comes to publishing material to various platforms, we must first modify it and then store it on our device before submitting it. But, luckily, with iMyFone Filme, the same thing can be done with a single click. It made it simple to share the video on Facebook, YouTube,  and Twitter. There was nothing that caused any problems.

Dynamic effects and filters: Filme gives various effects options for you to use to create colorful and polished digital films by adding filters and animations. These basic effects include instructional, wedding, and a variety of other basic effects that will grab your curiosity. The main reason for using it is that the watermark production may be improved, and the dynamic effects can be boosted. 

Pros and Cons


  • Beginners will find it simple to use.
  • It allows you to use built-in effects for rapid editing.
  • iii. Its UI design is superb.


  • The number of tools and functionalities is quite limited.
  • There is no Render button for seamless editing.
  • Pan-and-zoom functionality is not available.
  • It does not modify the title text and has a small number of templates.

Subscriptions or Pricing

iMyFone Filme is available in two versions: a trial version and a lifetime license. It is without a doubt one of the most user-friendly video editing services offered for your PC. The application, which is available for both Windows and Mac, is ideal for both novices and experts looking to save time. The tool’s interface is simple, it works smoothly without problems, and it produces high-quality films.

What else do you want from a video editor? If you decide to purchase the product, it is best to go with the lifetime plan to save a significant amount of money. So, try it a go, and if you like it, purchase it.

Free Trial:

The trial version of Filme Video Editor can be downloaded from the company’s website. With the Filme Free Trial edition, you’ll have 30 days of free access to the program, starting with the installation. After 30 days free trial, you can obtain a monthly or yearly license by providing your e-mail address and name.

A lifetime license:

This is a one-time payment of $59.95 with no monthly or yearly fees, and it may only be used on one computer at a time. In other words, it’s comparable to a one-year membership.

Exclusive offer for our audience: Click on the given link to get the three-month license to give away and 70% off on iMyFone Filme. So never miss this opportunity of the easiest and distinctive video editing software available for use on a computer.

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