Instagram to Introduce Text-Based App Called “Barcelona”

Instagram to Introduce a New Text-Based App Called “Barcelona”

Meta-led Instagram in an attempt to compete with Twitter is working on a new text-based app called Barcelona. This decentralized social platform would enable users to share text-based updates and do micro-blogging. 

Instagram to Launch New Text-Based App Called “Barcelona”

The new platform intends to become a hot spot for content creators. Barcelona will be a decentralized platform to allow users to customize their space. Users can join in via an invite and wouldn’t require any new credentials for sign-up. However, the content will be regulated with specific community guidelines.

As of now, there is no official information available on its launch date nor is it confirmed that Barcelona will be the final name of the new micro-blogging platform. According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a tech enthusiast, Barcelona might be just a “code name.”

Besides this, there is a buzz for another new feature that the social media company might be adding soon to its IG app which is to allow users to reply to other’s bios. Instagram is working on this new feature to make the platform more engaging for users. According to some users, people might soon be able to even add songs to their bio section to let others express themselves through their favorite songs.

Apart from this, content creators might soon be able to add exclusive content under the ‘Exclusive’ tab. User’s ability to reply to IG Stories with voice notes and images might also see the light of day soon. Reportedly, Instagram is also working on allowing users to share content via QR codes, and Vanish Mode for IG Story reactions is also under development. 

Instagram is always adding new features like it updated the subscription feature and the brand collaboration feature to survive the tough competition it faces from Twitter and Snapchat. Instagram sees massive traffic on an everyday basis getting 3.5 billion likes and engagement on photos. 

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