Instagram Working On Adding Paid Verification Feature

Instagram Working On Adding Paid Verification Feature

Instagram, a photo and video-sharing service owned by Meta, is said to be working on a paid verification system, potentially following in Twitter’s footsteps. Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker, mobile developer, and reverse engineer, discovered references to a string of text in some code, leading him to conclude that Instagram is developing a “paid blue badge” and a new subscription product.


Additionally, the developer allegedly uncovered code that alludes to a new kind of subscription, though whether or not this has anything to do with paid verification is unknown.

To gain access to the verified checkmark and Twitter’s experimental features, users must subscribe to Twitter Blue, which costs between $8 and $11 per month. It was one of Elon Musk’s first acts after acquiring control of Twitter to introduce paid verification, which improved Blue’s appeal to potential customers.

However, the launch was a flop since the corporation failed to take precautions against trolls imitating famous businesses and people.

Tips For Getting Verified On Instagram:

Complete the setup of your user profile. If your Instagram profile does not have a bio, a profile photo, and at least one post, you will not be able to obtain verification on the platform. Be public. The verification process is impossible for private accounts, plain and simple.

Avoid linking to other social networks if at all possible. Your request will not be granted if your profile includes links that allow others to follow your accounts on other social platforms.

Benefits Of Getting Verified On Instagram:

You’ve established yourself as trustworthy material. Achieving Instagram verification shows that you have been featured in multiple media outlets and that you or your company are well-known enough that others desire to imitate you or your content. While this may only be in the eyes of Instagram’s administrators, it does send a message to your current and potential followers that you’re someone who deserves attention.

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