What is Lavasoft Web Companion and How to remove it

Lavasoft is a software known to be developing a company that argues to advanced malware and spyware detection software. Lavasoft is now known to be as Adware software. If we talk about the company and its software, they are surrounded by a few controversies due to “Lavasoft Web Companion”.

What is Lavasoft We Companion?

What is Lavasoft Web Companion

Lavasoft Web Companion automatically gets installed on the computer, and it comes up with many other applications as well. The company that argues for developing Lavasoft also claims that this software is protected from spyware and malware. This claim becomes doubtful because many controversies surround the company that claims to develop Lavasoft software. Because of these controversies, it becomes difficult to believe them. 

Let’s discuss the controversies by which the company who claim to develop Lavasoft has been surrounded.

The owner of the company is quite suspicious.

In January 2011, the Lavasoft Company was obtained by Solaria Fund. Fund was summoned to trading the free version of Lavasoft’s security program before even buying it. It said that Fund uses to sell the open to users by deceiving them with an assurance of premium support.

It was suspicious because of the installation patterns.

There are few applications you search on the web installed on your computer automatically without even your knowledge. One of them is W Companion. Yes, you are reading it right. Web Company installs in your computer without your knowledge, and top of that, it comes up with much other software that you downloaded unknowingly. It was a severe issue, and when the company gets confronted for it, they said the software installations in the computers are entirely legal and have no side effects. 

The company said that the Web companion is protection from spyware and malware. But there is nothing like that. Web companion doesn’t do anything to protect the computer from malware and spyware. Web companion doesn’t give any advantage to the system, but it changes the browser setting without your knowledge.

It has suspicious coding.

In 2015, one software research institute inspected a new security feature in the Web companion software. They claimed that it is based upon of Komodia’s Public SDKs. One important thing is to inform you that this is the same company responsible for the Superfish Security incident. That means the company is known to decrease the security of the software.

Why should Lavasoft Web companion be removed?

Lavasoft Web Companion is not suitable for your computer. It should be removed from your system as soon as possible. As we have discussed the controversies of Lavasoft’s company, then it is evident the Lavasoft software is in a bad light, and it is not suitable for users. Moreover, it also changes the browser settings of your system without your knowledge. Lavasoft has a security feature given by one of those companies known to be decreasing the software’s security. For your computer’s safety, the users should remove Lavasoft web Companions as soon as they can.

How To Remove Lavasoft Web Companion from your system?

As we have told you earlier, it is essential to remove the Lavasoft Web Companion from your system to affect your system badly. A lot of people don’t know how they can remove the Lavasoft. Here we are to tell you the few steps by which you can successfully remove the Lavasoft software.

  1. The first step you need to do is navigate to the following address.
  2. C:\Program Files (x86)
  3. When you navigate the address, you will see the Lavasoft folder. It would help if you right-clicked on that.
  4. After right-clicking on the Lavasoft folder, you need to choose the option delete.
  5. Then you need to click Yes on the prompt.
  6. To open the registry editor, you need to press Windows + R and then type in Regedit.
  7. After that, press Ctrl+F and type Web Companion in it.
  8. Under Web companion, you need to check Key, Values, and Data options.
  9. After ticking on Keys, Values, and Data options, you need to click OK. Your search will begin.
  10. You need to delete all entries related to We Companion.
  11. Restart your computer, and the Lavasoft software will be removed from your computer.

Is Web Companion a virus?

Web Companion comes up on a computer without a user’s knowledge and can change the browser’s settings. It is not a virus, but it can destroy your internal system of the computer. Because of its bad experiences, the user shouldn’t use Web Companion.

Is Web Companion good or bad?

Web Companion is undoubtedly harmful software as controversies surround its company. More than that, it can affect the security of your computer. It claimed that Web Companion could damage your system, and you will not even have an idea about it.

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