9 Best Lightroom Alternatives in 2020 | Paid & Free Software

Are you looking for the best lightroom alternatives in 2020 then you are in the right place? Initially, Adobe Lightroom is a single product only before 2017, but it has become a family of products after 2017 comprising of Lightroom Mobile, Lightroom desktop, Lightroom Classic.

In spite of having all the best features, people are in search of other alternatives to Adobe Lightroom. As it is expensive, it requires a high amount of subscription money, and most of people are not able to buy it and are in search of the best alternatives to Lightroom. There are several alternatives to Lightroom, which provides you with great features.

Best Adobe Lightroom Alternatives In (2020)

Given below is the list of some best alternatives to Lightroom.

1. Luminar – Best Overall Software

Luminar is one of the best alternatives to Lightroom. It provides a lot of photo filters and editing tools than Adobe Lightroom. It works quicker than Lightroom. It promptly imports a large number of images and organizes them. It is a low subscription rate than Lightroom, and that is why it is one of the best and cheap lightroom alternative.

Luminar editing tools are quite similar to Lightroom, but Luminar has more tools than Lightroom. It also consists of some special effects like sun rays; if it is positioned rightly, it will give a realistic image.

Luminar has various photo enhancer effect such as details enhancer and sky enhancer. Luminar is somewhere better than Lightroom as it provides some unique editor and tools.

Luminar - best lightroom alternatives

Features of Luminar:

  • Up to 50 image improvement filters that clarify your photos.
  • 60+ powerful one-click predetermined which quickly enhances photos
  • Non-calamitous photo editor
  • Supports files like JPEG, TIFF and others for Greatest flexibility
  • Provides features like add keywords which suddenly finds the edited photo

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2. Apple Photos

Apple Photos is also is one of the best alternatives of Lightroom that is spontaneously installed on Mac computers and can configure to coincide with other Apple devices through iCloud. It is one of the best software for people using Apple products.

Apple photos provide you with the most straightforward way to arrange and edit a photo without switching different programs.

Apple Photos - lightroom alternatives

Features of Apple Photos:

  • Graceful editing feature
  • Editing live photos
  • Provides you with the facility to select and change colour

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3. Raw Therapee

Raw Therapee is one of the astonishing alternatives of Lightroom, which is free of cost. It is a free lightroom alternative software that runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Raw Therapee is best for simple and basic photo editing. Like, Lightroom it is also non-destructive means it keeps original photos saved which can view later.

Raw Therapee - best lightroom alternatives

Features of Raw Therapee: 

  • Comprises various tools to enhance the image
  • High image quality
  • Wide varieties of camera
  • Cross-platform
  • Available in upto 25 languages
  • It is quick and processes RAW images

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4. Darktable

Darktable is one of the free lightroom alternative available on Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is one of the best free photo editor that doubles your storage space to organize photos. The best part is you can add tags to the images, rate them, and arranges in a folder and give them color.

It is non-destructive as Lightroom, it will become quickly convert your edited photo into the original one. Even though it doesn’t provide you with advanced tools like Photoshop, then also considers the best free alternative to Lightroom.

Darktable - software like lightroom

Features of Darktable:

  • Translates in 21 languages 
  • Non-destructive not looses your original photos
  • Import images of all formats: JPEG, NEF, HDR, so on…
  • Cross platforms
  • High filters and provides sorting of image

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5. Pixlr

Pixler is a free photo editing program that runs online. Its library is not as good as Lightroom’s but provides massive space for users to store large numbers of images. Pixel is another free Lightroom alternative with a lot of specifications.

It consists of several amazing filters that enhance the beauty of your photo. Filters like glamour glow, HDR, and vignetting provide you with the effect to make your image more beautiful. It also consists of some advanced tools like layers and brushes.

photo editor like lightroom

Features of Pixlr:

  • Advanced filters
  • Great Effects
  • Create photo collage
  • Digital painting and inking
  • The incredible variation of texts and fonts

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6. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is a Free alternative to Lightroom, it is the best photo editing software to create the collage, make graphics, and draw business card designs. It supported files like RAW, JPEG, GIF, and many more.

It offers all the tools for free for the fundamental adjustments for simple interface but To get the benefits of other tools, it will require an amount of $30 to unlock the Pro-version.

Photo Pos Pro

Features of Photo Pos Pro:

  • Consists of advanced photo effects
  • Support all the formats of file
  • Different frames and collages
  • Create your background
  • Create projects from scratch

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7. ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5

It is one of the best photo editor software which is also cheap alternative to Lightroom as considering the price of the subscription. It has various amazing effects that enhance the beauty of your photograph.

It has the unique feature of Keywords which makes it easy and quick to search photos, add and delete images. It provides all the file formats RAW, JPEG, and so on…

ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5

Features of ON1 RAW 2019.5:


  • examinations
  • Export images JPG to JPG
  • Export images RAW to JPG
  • Ranking keywords

8. Capture One Pro

One Pro is a substitution of Lightroom. It is the utmost photo editor software which gives your image a beautiful effect and is liked by all the professional photographers and studios.

Capture One Pro has similar software like Lightroom both share the same functions and features. The original image is in the center of both the software. Both the software supports file formats like DNG, PSD, RAW, JPEG, and so on…

Both the software permits its users to arrange photos by tagging images with keywords or color tag. Capture One Pro and Lightgreen both have various similarities.

top lightroom alternatives

Features of Capture One Pro:

  • Edit skin tone
  • Basic and advanced color tool
  • Provides layers and masks
  • Live reviews

9. Modula

Modula is one of the popular WordPress gallery plugin used by several people. It helps you to create a photo and video gallery promptly. It is one of the best lightroom alternatives for WordPress.

Modula comes in both versions free and paid you to have to decide which is suitable for you so that you can edit and upload galleries on your websites.


Features of Modula:

  • Limitless Gallary
  • Effects of slide
  • Hover effects
  • Different types of lightbox gallery

Above are some of the best alternatives to Lightroom that can be used by several people in place of Lightroom. It also provides some relevant or extraordinary features and functions like Lightroom. People can go through these photo editor software to experience their photo editing.

Lightroom Alternatives – Conclusion

So these are the list of best software like lightroom which you must use as this complete list is based on tried and tested.

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