How to Fix Logitech K750 Not Working

Do you have issues with your Logitech keyboard, and have you been bothered about how to solve this issue? It’s nothing to be worried about. The information you need regarding how to fix Logitech K750 not working issue is in this blog post, so read on for the information you need.

Problems that might be causing logitech k750 doesn’t work error

  1. Your battery levels are insufficient.
  2. Your Logitech K750 may stop functioning if you move the USB receiver to another PC.
  3. It might also be because of interference via other wireless gadgets like monitors and speakers.
  4. The Logitech K750 keyboard driver might also not function if you switch the USB device between the USB connections.
  5. You might also experience problems using the wireless keypad on metallic surfaces.
  6. Recent driver upgrades may also cause the problem.

6 Ways to Fix the Logitech K750 not working error

We overlook the tiny details that can solve a problem, so you should attempt these straightforward methods before moving on to other methods:

  • Charge the keyboard battery: When it is low, recharge it. It might aid in resolving the problem.
  • Taking the keypad off the metal surface is another method to solve the issue.
  • Try syncing it with another gadget: A different gadget might be connected to your keyboard. If it functions, your keypad functions properly, and other problems must be fixed.
  • Connect the unified receiver to a different USB port: It might also aid in resolving the problem.

If the aforementioned techniques do not help you fix the mistake, you can start with more advanced techniques.

1. Update Logitech K750 driver using Driver Booster

The problem with the Logitech K750 keypad frequently has to do with drivers. It’s conceivable that the driver is out-of-date, in which case you ought to download the most recent driver to resolve the issue if reinstalling the driver doesn’t work. 

1. Visit the official website of Driver Booster and install the app on your system.

2. Start the application on your Windows.

3. Hit the “Scan” button to check for old keyboard drivers on your system.

Driver Booster 10

4. After the app retrieves the list of outdated drivers, click the “Update Now” button.

Driver Booster 10 review

5. After a few moments, all the driver software will be up-to-date including the Logitech keyboard.

2. Troubleshoot the hardware issue

Before continuing with the following fixes, you should ensure that any hardware problem is not the root of the keyboard not functioning issue. To conduct basic debugging, adhere to these three steps:

1. Check your Bluetooth keyboard’s batteries, which is crucial that you might forget to do.

2. If the USB connection you previously used was broken, connect the unifying device to a different port.

3. Connect a different device to your Logitech K750 keyboard. If neither happens, the device is presumably broken, so you should get it fixed.

3. Uninstall and reinstall the Logitech keyboard driver

Your Logitech K750 will only operate properly if the keypad driver is repaired or compatible. Update the Logitech driver using the Device Manager to see if that’s the situation.

1. Hit Windows + X keys, then select Device Manager from the open menu.

Device Manager

2. To enlarge the list, double-tap Keyboards segment.

Keyboards segment

3. When selecting your Logitech keyboard, hit Uninstall device from the context menu.

Uninstall device

4. To confirm, click Uninstall.

Refresh your computer once you’ve finished the aforementioned steps for the modifications to have an effect.

Windows should identify your Logitech K750 keyboard and install the appropriate driver immediately after restarting.

4. Restart the service for the human interface device.

A few PC functions, such as the mouse and keyboard, are required for human interface devices (HIDs). You’ll experience the Logitech K750 keyboard problem if it isn’t correctly started and running.

1. Press the Start key. After that, select Services after finding Windows Administrative Tools in the list by scrolling.

Windows Administrative Tools

2. Click the Human Interface Device Service link in the lower right corner. Select Start if it isn’t already operating. Click Restart if it’s operating.

Human Interface Device Service

3. Right-click the program and select Properties after it has restarted.


4. Select Automatic as the Startup type, then select OK.

5. Update Your Windows

If you need help resolving Logitech K750 not working issue, another option is to update Windows. 

1. For this, you have to follow the below path:

Settings app > Update & Security > Windows Update

2. Then, either install the updates readily available or click the Check for Updates button to allow Windows to install the latest available updates.

Check for Updates

6. Get Support

If the solutions to fix the Logitech K750 keyboard driver problem fail, you can contact the Logitech support website.

Logitech support website


It can be frustrating when your keyboard starts misbehaving, but most times, it’s nothing much to worry about. You do not always have to think of throwing it out and getting another one.

This is why we have compiled different ways in which you can troubleshoot your Logitech keyboard, which is not working. For learning more of such quick troubleshooting methods, subscribe to our blog.


Why is my Logitech K750 keyboard not working?

Your Logitech K750 will only operate properly if the keypad driver is repaired or compatible. Just update the Logitech driver using the Device Manager to determine if that’s the situation. 

Why my Logitech keyboard is not working properly?

One of the causes of your Logitech keyboard’s malfunction is a low charge. You can solve the issue by shutting the keypad, switching it over, and removing the battery container. Replace the batteries and then restart the keyboard.

Why is the red light blinking on my Logitech K750?

The Logitech K750 needs extra lighting to continue operating over the long term when the red check light LED automatically flashes. This indicates that the K750 is almost out of power.

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