6+ Best MangaOwl Alternatives You Should Use

MangaOwl Alternatives

If you are a manga lover and prefer the manglOwl website to read manga series then you have landed on the right platform. As you know that MangaOwl is no longer available.  That is why we have brought this article in which we are going to list the 6+ best Mangaowl alternatives to read manga series.

Undoubtedly, MangaOwl is the most popular website which allows users to read manga comics online without any hassles. It consists of a wide range of manga series of different categories such as romantic, horror, action, comedy, and various other genres. It is free to use and you can read manga series online without registering yourself or getting any monthly membership.

However, this website faced various ups and downs over the last few years and frequently goes offline and then after some time reactivated for a while and again went offline again. Currently, the website is not available and there is no certainty that it will available in the future.

Although the site is very popular due to its unavailability people are looking for its alternatives. That is why we have curated a list of the 6+ best sites that you can use as a substitute for mangleOwl. 

6+ Best MangaOwl Alternatives To Read Manga Online

1. MangaTown

MangaOwl Alternatives

The list of best alternatives of MangaOwl starts with naming manga town. It stands in first position because it allows you to read all the best manga comics online without paying any fee or registration charge. It offers a pleasant reading experience like MangaOwl. 

This website consists of a wide range of popular titles like The Promised Neverland and various others. It divides the categories into various selections like hot Manga releases, new manga releases, and many more. 


  • It constantly updates new comics and manga 
  • You can mark it as a favorite to receive notifications when a new chapter is released
  • It also supports offline reading

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2. KissManga


Kiss Manga is another website like MangaOwl. It claims to have the biggest library collection of manga comics. This website consists of almost all types of manga genres of about 100000 suitable for all types of readers. It offers great graphics and daily updates on manga genres.

You can also share your favorite comics with your friends and followers. If you wish you can also contact KissManga through comments and can also send your feedback and queries.


  • It provides a vast library of popular titles
  • It is completely free to download
  • Let you create your own categories

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3. Viz Media

MangaOwl Alternatives

Viz Media is another free MangaOwl alternative with in-app purchases. The application is completely free for Android and iOS devices but to use it on PC you need to get a membership plan. It consists of a wide library of Japanese cartoons and stories.

You can easily search for your desired manga series by typing its title as a keyword. On a single application, you can access cartoons and manga an around the globe. It also provides English translations of all of these mangas and cartoons. 


  • It has a huge collection of Japanese cartoons and stories 
  • It is considered an e-reader and library
  • The user experience is very pleasant

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4. MangaDex


MangaDex is another reliable MangaOwl alternative to reading manga online as it is free to use and also allows you to read manga online for free. The best thing is that it does not show any advertisements. It consists of various manga categories which are helpful for all types of readers.

This website lets you discuss a series of theories or theories about a particular episode. It has a huge database and online community which lets the users search, read manga on online platforms.


  • It is an ad-free website 
  • This website is beginner friendly.
  • It is a free and open-source manga reader website

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5. Webtoon

website like MangaOwl

Next, we have a web tune that you can use in place of MangaOwl. It contains every kind of manga content across the globe including nations like Japan and Korea. You will get 23 different categories such as comedy coma horror, action, romance, and various others.

When there is new content available it shows a popular tag. The website has a user interface with a minimalistic design.


  • It has an extended library of popular manga content
  • It is great for comic books and graphic novel lovers
  • Music and animation play during each chapter

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6. MangaPanda


Next, we have MangaPanda which you can use instead of Mangaowl to read manga series online. It is equipped with a huge library of numerous manga comics equated to English. You can access this website on your Android device, tablet, or computer. 

It divides comics into various categories like adventure, love, thriller, action, and many more. However, you will face a plethora of advertisements and link pop-ups while browsing this website. Check this blog if you are looking for a writing platform like Wattpad.


  • It displays manga in English
  • It automatically updates the new comics whenever it released
  • It has a Surprise Me button

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7. MangaFreak


Lastly, we have Manga Freak which is a great website for discovering manga content. It provides high-quality manga scans across multiple Genres. The website design is very simple and offers a decent interface. It has a special feature which is known as the history section.

The history section keeps a record of your manga reading and if you want to read the previous manga you can read it without any trouble.


  • It offers a clutter-free interface
  • It supports multiple languages around the globe
  • You can share your readings with your friends

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Why is manga all not available?

The MangaOwl is one of the popular and best websites to offer varieties of manga content in different genres. Being so popular the website is no longer available and is not providing its services. It is because it promotes pirated content which is illegal. 

What is the alternative to MangaOwl?

You know that the MangaOwl is discontinued but you can use its alternatives to read manga online. Some of its popular alternatives are MangaFreak, MangaPanda, KissManga, Webtoon, and Viz Media. All of them offer a wide selection of manga content that is free. Read the above article to understand the features of each MangaOwl alternative. 

Where can I read manhwa legally?

If you desire to read manhwa then you should first choose a legal and authentic website to use. For this Webtoon and Tapas are the best apps that allow you to read manhwa online for free. Webtoon is more focused on manhwa content whereas Tapas also includes novels. 

Is mangaOwl legal?

MangaOwl is the most popular website to read manga online. And if you are a manga lover then you must have heard about this website. This is a widely used website and also contains a huge array of manga categories but the only drawback is that it is not legal and that is why it is now discontinued.

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