McAfee Vs Avast 202I | The Ultimate Comparison (Expert Advice)


McAfee Vs Avast  – A virus is a hidden and unwanted element or in technical terms, they refer to a malicious program which can cause potential dangers to your machine. A virus can slow down the speed of the computer and can prevent your computer from booting up. Also, the presence of viruses in your computer can make you vulnerable to security threats. You may click on a link containing a virus or you may download a file that can infect the virus in your system. A virus can modify the way a system operates and this can often be used by fraudulent persons to steal important information and send out unintended messages on your behalf and carry out another mischievous antivirus for malicious purposes.

Hence it is extremely important to install good antivirus software to your system. Antivirus software acts as a gatekeeper for your computer’s operating system and prevents the entry of any harmful components. In this article, we will discuss Macfee and Avast and also will do a comparative analysis of the two antivirus software.

avast vs mcafee

McAfee vs Avast – Which One is Better

Let’s do a comparison of Specifications and features of McAfee vs Avast:

TopicsSpecification and features of  McAfeeSpecification and features of  Avast
Data Protection
  • McAfee offers  enterprise-grade drive encryption
  • McAfee  protects data on removable media and cloud
  • It protects data from theft
  • Endpoint encryption is managed with a single console    Smart firewall protects your computer against unauthorised access.
  • It prevents hacking.





Verdict: MacAfee is Better

  • Smart firewall protects your computer against unauthorised access. It prevents hacking.
  • Avast comes with an email filter that prevents junk email from cluttering your inbox
  • The WIFI inspector tool protects your network
  • The Sandbox and Real Suite utility protects your computer and network and prevents hacking attempts. DNS routing is prevented
  • Avast Premier comes with a webcam protector which protects your data from the prying eyes.
  • Data shredder utility helps to erase the sensitive files so that it cannot be recovered again.
  • Avast Premier comes with the Clean-up utility which eliminates junk file and improves the system’s performance. 
Malware ProtectionA comparison of McAfee  vs. Avast shows that McAfee offers better Malware protection

  • Verdict: MacAfee is Better
Avast is good for malware protection 
Impact and system performanceA comparison of McAfee vs Aast shows that both do not slow the system

  • Verdict: MacAfee is Better
Works same like McAfee
User-Friendliness and appearanceMcAfee has a simple, bright interface. The horizontal menu at the top allows the users to access the features with just few clicks.

  • Verdict: MacAfee is Better
Avast has a dark and modern interface. It is easy and intuitive.
Price McAfee Total Protection is available with different pricing, $24.99 per year for 1 device, $39.99 per year for 5 devices, and $44.99 per year for 10 devices.

  • Verdict: MacAfee is Better
Avast has a free version. Avast internet security costs $59.99 yearly for 1 PC. Avast premier is available with $69.99 per year for 1 PC
Customer SatisfactionMcAfee offers great customer satisfaction

Avast free antivirus vs. McAfee internet security shows that the latter is better.

  • Verdict: MacAfee is Better
Avast also offers a great customer satisfaction
Advanced features
  • McAfee comes with managed Detection and Response (MDR) which provides alert monitoring, advanced investigations etc.
  • McAfee provides better management of virtual environments
  • McAfee protects enterprise data and the users across all cloud services including SaaS, Paas and Iaas
  • It provides advanced protection for Windows Defender
  • It offers security to email servers and also protects the information in SharePoint servers.
  • Verdict: MacAfee is Better
  • It is available with Sandbox utility
  • It encrypts the internet connection
  • It removes files,caches.thumbnails etc. and ameliorates your system performance
  • It offers antispam and Wi-Fi inspector
  • The cyber capture analyses suspicious files and eliminates them
CompatibilityMcAfee is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS 

  • Verdict: MacAfee is Better
Avast is compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, ios

Avast Pros and Cons

  • It offers an easy user interface and a stylish look
  • It is overall a great protection software
  • It is not heavy on CPU and memory resources.
  • It is a great value for money
  • Pricing is less as compared to the competitors
  • Does not slow down your system
  • Prevents data loss and data theft
  • Protects your client information and your confidential information like financial information
  • It protects your system from intruders and comes with data protection, antivirus scans, data disk rescue and many other advanced features
  • With the aid of this software, you can easily transfer information, files and other important documents
  • This software is easy to set up
  • It does not require any additional hardware to operate   
  • The virus scanning is time-consuming
  • The constant pop-ups are bothering
  • It does not update as frequently as other software does.
  • Problem resolution is time-consuming
  • Sometimes reboots without prior warning
  • Management Console information is delayed
  • The design is not so easy to comprehend
  • Sometimes it displays false alarm for files which are not infected
  • Sometimes legitimate software are also shown as virus and you need to have them in your exclusion list
  • Sometimes the installation EXE file is auto removed

McAfee Pros and Cons

  • The McAfee antivirus software offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 24/7 support
  • Can be easily installed and configured
  • It offers a 100 per cent virus removal. Traces of any virus are also removed effectively 
  • This software is reliable and is above average
  • It secures the payment gateways
  • It offers high speed and high privacy
  • It offers multi-device protection for your family
  • It is more costly as compared to the competitors
  • It requires more system resources to work
  • It does not provide adware prevention
  • It does not have smartphone optimizer
  • Updates and installation is time-consuming


Let’s look into the frequently asked questions:

Q1. Is Avast better than McAfee ?

No McAfee is better than Avast as it provides a better anti-malware security. A comparison of McAfee vs. Avast shows that the former is more popular  

Q2. Which is better Avast or Macfee?

 McAfee is better as it has more features. It does not impact the system speed. A comparison of McAfee vs. Avast helps you with your purchasing decisions.

Q3. Can I use McAfee and Avast together?

It is not a good idea to use both the software together as it will slow down your computer’s speed. You are recommended to uninstall software and then install the other one,

Q4. What is better than McAfee?

AVG can be better than McAfee as it comes with built-in antispyware. It is quite famous amongst users.

Q5. Is McAfee a good Antivirus program?

Macfee is a popular name in the antivirus industry. It does not impact the system’s speed and allows an unlimited number of device connections. It consists of advanced features like advanced firewall, Security Management Console, better Wi-Fi security etc.

Q6. Which is better Avira or McAfee?

McAfee is better than Avira as it offers better malware protection and has more features. In short, it is a better deal.

Final Thoughts

McAfee vs Avast – McAfee is the Winner

Identity and data theft are common issues these days and people steal personal and confidential data for fraudulent business and personal purposes. Phishing websites, key loggers etc. are extremely common and it is needful to install good antivirus software to get rid of the potential threats and system performance issues. When it comes to security you need to be extra cautious and should not take anything for granted. Hence the above article helped you to gain an in-depth understanding of the two common antivirus software that is available in the market. A detailed analysis of McAfee vs. Avast helps you to understand which software will be better for you. The mentioned software can help you to get rid of the malware that can pose a threat to your computer. Hence get your antivirus software now and protect your computer.

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