Niche Scraper Review 2020 – Best Product Research Tool

Many people aren’t aware that the e-commerce world is a product based industry. So, it means that a product can either make or break a business. The ROI is based on a product and its usage as well as demand. The extensive growth in the e-commerce industry has lead to stiff competition. Plus there are various people who are making millions and earning huge revenue through Dropshopping business.

Niche Scraper Review 2020 – Finding A Reliable Product

As a business that is dealing with e-commerce products, the significant step you need to take is to find a winning and reliable product. Well, it would be difficult to find it manually and somewhat impossible too. Why? You would have to spend a lot of time as well as money on it. 

There are various products and tools you can use, but they would be having their own drawbacks too. But products like Niche Scraper are the reliable and the best product hunt tool that can assist you in getting the best Shopify product. So, you end up with great sales and good ROI.

In this article, we are going to deal with the niche scraper review and how it can be used as well as the benefits it provides.

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What Is Niche Scraper

Basically, the niche scraper can be used for outsourcing your product that you want to sell at the Dropshipping store. Just think of niche scraper as a robust product research exploitation mechanism. This tool can be used for examining other Shopify stores and check out the products that are popularly searched. Plus, you can even find out the top-selling and trending products present in the Shopify store or any store of your choice. 

Why Should You Use Niche Scraper

Following are the best usage of the niche scraper review 2020 – 

1) Analyzing Shops

This is the best feature for competitive intelligence and inspirations from various kinds of Shopify stores. Frankly, within a few clicks, you can get access to some of the mind-blowing products from various shops, and that too based on particular themes. 

With the niche scraper, you can easily gain the estimates of the monthly traffic as well as the even the number of orders. In addition, you can know the average price of each product, the revenue gained over the month, and also if any latest product is added or not. As soon as you have found the product that you want to sell at the Shopify store, all you have to do is import the product by clicking a button. For doing this, you first would have to connect the niche scraper to the Shopify site. 

2) Products That Can Be Handpicked

Another interesting niche scraper review you might like is that most of the products and tools catalog of the products are sourced by hand. Like in the online tool Pexda, you have the same option in niche scraper which is present in the option ‘Hand Picked’ category. 

So, what happens that, this way you can save a lot of time. But this would also mean that other users of the niche scraper will be able to view these products too. Frankly, most of the Shopify sales individuals are aware of this and no doubt most of the products present in these catalogs are really under-exploited. 

Therefore, it means that there is really huge potential. Here one won’t require a different kind of marketing angle or promotion. All you have to do is select the product that has interesting potential and just test it on the Shopify store. It will indeed save a lot of your time. 

3) Easy Product Search On Shopify And Aliexpress

Just think of the opportunity of discovering the best-selling and the trendiest product available on Aliexpress and Shopify store. Plus, it would be great to view all the necessary dates present in these products like the competition level, sales curves of the past ten days, and the whole trend. 

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Well, the niche scraper allows you to do this. This is done through the integrated product search engine. Also, the best niche scraper review is that you can view the interesting metrics concerning the performance of the product. Also, the search engine helps you to add filters for refining the search results. 

Benefits Of Niche Scraper

As per the niche scraper review 2020, the following are the major benefits – 

  • Easy to find profitable products
  • Targeting ideas
  • Facebook Ad Reports
  • Gain details of suppliers
  • AliExpress reports
  • Unlimited and easy access to Facebook video ad tool
  • Monthly subscription
  • Scrape the store’s top-selling commodities
  • Display the expected revenue of the other competitive stores
  • Easy cancellation at any time
  • Easy access to selected dropshopping community

How To Use The Niche Scraper To Find Winning Shopify Products?

niche scraper review

There are two basic methods for finding out the Shopify products and they can even be used for finding the best products of any category. 

One method is by simply searching the categories of product that you want to sell. The niche scraper’s crawler will display the list of the required results as per your search. Now from this search, you can easily gain the details of the product that has a good track record, especially of high conversions, massive sellouts, and even more ROI.

Another method as per the niche scraper review is that the niche scraper software tool will immediately show various bestsellers form tins, especially of the best performing store of Shopify. Here this is possible as the niche scraper is embedded along with that tool, thereby allowing you to filter all the given stores of your result. Plus, it will show the stores that only allow dropshopping. 

The best part of the niche scraper promo code is that it will extract data from the Shopify store of your choice. Also, it will easily allow you to import the required product that you really want to show or display in your store. 

Frankly, niche scraper will make it easy for you to import the products that you want to sell from any that you were spying on. Here all you have to do is just connect the Shopify store with the niche scraper account. Now you are ready to go. 

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Niche Scraper Pricing

There are three basic packages offered by niche scraper. These are free one, pro version, and the basic one. The free one is the smallest as well as the limited one. In this package, you gain access to winning products after three days. Furthermore, you get limited access to other features of the niche scraper review tool.

Regarding the basic version, it cost around $29 per month and is the current plan used by people. Here members have unrestricted access to all the elements of the tool. Plus, you have the option of creating various kinds of videos for multiple kinds of products and even gain niche scraper discount

Lastly is the annual membership or the pro version. This is similar to the previous one. However, you get to use a massive 60% discount through the niche scarper promo code only if you are planning to make a payment each year. 

Niche Scraper Pricing

Pros & Cons Of Niche Scraper

The following are the pros of the niche scraper review – 

  • Displays a lot of data regarding the winning products
  • Verifies the top-selling products on other Shopify stores along with the current sales trend
  • Verifies the top-selling products on both the Aliexpress along with their current trends in sales
  • Using simple product images for creating amazing video ads
  • Budget-friendly and affordable pricing
  • Easy software guide and tutorials
  • Payment for subscriptions using debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal
  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Dedicated Facebook group

Besides the pros, the following are the major cons of the niche scraper tool – 

  • For making payment using a debit card, you would have to contact their support group
  • Can provide still more data regarding the top and winning products


1) Is niche scraper free?

Yes. You can easily register for a free account to check and scrape products from other Shopify and AliExperess stores. Most importantly, you can keep that account free as long as you require it.

2) What is a niche scraper?

Niche scraper is a dropshopping tool. It helps to find the winning products from various Shopify stores present all over the world. Plus with this tool, you can outsource products that you want to sell at the Shopify store.

3) Is niche scraper worth?

The best part of using the niche scraper tool is that it provides you with all the things you would require for launching the latest product at your store. Plus, the Facebook Video Ad generator will save a lot of your money. Being priced at $29 per month, it is really worth your money.

4) How do you use a niche scraper review?

There are two methods. One is simply searching for the category of the product you want to sell and the niche scarper crawler will provide the details. Another method is importing products from other stores that you spy by connecting your Shopify store with your niche scraper account.

5) How do I research products for dropshopping?

First, you would have to search for popular products even if they have huge competition. Then you have to search for not-so-popular products in the laser-focused niche, as they would be having less competition. Next, search for the right price point for your niche. After that get the correct profit margin. 

6) How do you product search on Shopify?

For searching the product, go to the Shopify app, go to the Product option, and select all products option. Then you need to tap the search bar and enter the search word. Immediately Shopify will find the product based on the search word. 

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