OpenAI launches tool to catch AI-generated text

OpenAI launches tool to catch AI-generated text

Since the introduction of ChatGPT and similar AI chatbots, there has been conflicting feedback. Some people think it is essential and saves them time, while others worry that it will be used to spread fake news and plagiarize others’ work.

A new AI Classifier tool has been launched by OpenAI, the creators of the popular AI bot ChatGPT and the text-to-image generator DALL-E. OpenAI released a press release that describes the Classifier’s training process, its limitations, and other relevant data. Read on for the full scoop.

Artificial Intelligence Classifier

Artificial Intelligence Classifier Still Has Some Issues:

Despite the fact that the new tool is designed to make our lives (and the lives of teachers and professors) easier in the realm of artificial intelligence, the firm has made it very apparent that the AI Classifier isn’t completely dependable and is prone to errors.

The classifier was found to correctly label 26% of AI-written material as “possibly AI-written” in the company’s internal tests.

Furthermore, it mistook 9% of the human content for being created by AI. It is clear that the Classifier is not perfect, despite the modest margin of error. In addition, OpenAI notes that it has low reliability for texts with fewer than 1,000 characters.

How Does OpenAI Classifier Fare in Our Testing:

We put it through its paces by having ChatGPT compose a short novel, which we then fed into the Classifier to see if it could determine that the text had been produced by one of its own artificially intelligent kin.

In a similar experiment with other literature, including Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, the AI similarly found no evidence of artificial intelligence involvement. As was previously indicated, the OpenAI Classifier ought to improve as more data is added to the system.

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