Getting Windows Ready Stuck Error In Windows PC [2021]

Getting Windows Ready Stuck

Is your Windows 10 stuck on getting Windows ready error In 2021? Even if you have patiently waited for a long time, you may still not get rid of this error. If you are unfortunately being bugged by this error, then don’t worry because just like all other Windows errors, even this one has got … Read more

How To Fix Driver Corrupted Expool Error on Windows 10 (5 Methods)

Driver Corrupted Expool Error on Windows 10

Are you suddenly in the middle of something important and start seeing the blue screen Driver Corrupted Expool error on Windows 10? Well, if so, then don’t worry because you are absolutely in the right place to find a resolution for this annoying trouble.  This error usually occurs when the Windows machine is trying to … Read more

How To Fix ‘DNS Server Not Responding’ Error On Windows 10

DNS Server Not Responding

If you spend a significant portion of your day in front of your Windows PC and surf the internet the whole day, then you must be aware of an infamous issue called “DNS server is not responding” that prevents you from browsing. This is a common issue for internet users on Windows PC and can … Read more

How to Fix External Drive Not Showing Up In Windows 10 (6 Ways to fix)

External hard drive not showing up

We frequently connect removable disk drives to our Windows computers for various reasons. These include pen drives, external hard drives, and SD cards. These portable removable drives are often helpful for storing and transferring data quickly from one system to another.  But sometimes, when we are connecting a new removable drive, a notification such as … Read more

10 Best Free Windows 11 Themes & Skins to Download

Best Free Windows 11 Themes

Windows 11 made its entry into the PC market this year with an ensemble of brand-new features, the best Windows 11 themes, and a myriad of other updates. A Mac-like interface, Xbox tech, and customization capabilities make Windows 11 stand apart from its previous versions. Windows 11 lets you choose several theme designs, wallpaper, sound … Read more