14 Best PC Repair Tools For Windows 11,10,8 PC

Best PC Repair Tools

Are you looking for the Best PC Repair tools then you have landed on the right page? From repairing all types of windows issues to fixing different computer problems, these tools can help you meet your goals.

It’s really annoying when the PC you bought after investing much of your hard-earned money starts underperforming more than its required capacity. You need not be a tech genius to figure out the problem associated with your PC.

This might be due to some software-related issue or your system might be affected by malware. You can do it all by yourself with the help of proper Windows repair tools. 

Pro – Tip: Before you choose any PC repair tools to fix your computer issue you must check that you have all the latest windows updates installed on your PC.

Here is the list of the Best PC Repair Software to try this year.

  1. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
  2. Advanced SystemCare
  3. Ashampoo WinOptimizer
  4. AVG TuneUp
  5. Restoro
  6. Outbyte PC Repair
  7. Windows repair tool by tweaking
  8. CCleaner Technician Edition
  9. CPU-Z
  10. Microsoft Fix It tool

FACT – Windows Market Share has the largest market share in the operating system industry. Check the below image which shows different OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, and others – 

Windows PC market share
Image source: statista.com


14 Best PC Repair Tools For Windows 11, 10 PC

Here are a few PC repair tools for windows PC that can help you improve the performance of your PC and make it perform like it was bought yesterday.

1. System Mechanic – (Best For Beginners)

System Mechanic Ultimate Defence

System Mechanic is another best PC repair tool that can perform multiple actions from removing malware to repairing your windows issues. It can also recover permanently deleted files and also prevents windows performance to degrade. It also secures web browsing, manages passwords and credit card details.


  • It speeds up the processor, memory, and hard drives which makes games function smoothly.
  • Fixes over 30,000 different issues.
  • It removes and blocks the latest types of malware.
  • Shields browsing and threat removal tool. 
  • It also secures passwords and credit card details.
  • It removes junk files to free up disk space.


  • System Mechanic Ultimate Defense price is  $79.95.

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2. Advanced Systemcare – (Best Overall)

advanced systemcare review

IObit Advanced SystemCare is the smartest and top-ranked PC Repair tool with intelligent scanning, enhanced security, and online privacy. This tool cleans the unnecessary clutter and junk from your system.

It can automatically scan and fix all your Windows PC issues in a single click.


  • It scans and fixes the modules that can slow down your PC.
  • Automatically erases online browsing history and untrusted blocks access to protect your privacy.
  • It optimizes browser settings to speed up internet surfing.
  • It also manages startup items and automatically cleans boost ram.
  • Clean up junk files and data to prevent excessive storage.


  • Free
  • Pro version:
  • 1 PC plan for $16.99
  • 3 PC plan for $19.99

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3. Ashampoo WinOptimizer –(Best For Windows 10 User)

Ashampoo Win Optimizer 2019

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is another great tool that cleans and fixes your Windows system issues. This tool not only works as a cleaner but also provides system maintenance, performance, or customization options.

It improves the security and protection of your system. This program also analyzes your OS and hardware.


  • It encrypts data to keep it safe.
  • It helps you free up memory and speed up startup items.
  • Enhanced privacy protection to keep your private data safe.
  • It provides continuous software updates.


  • Cost of 10 devices – $14.99

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4. AVG PC Tuneup – 

AVG PC Tuneup

AVG TuneUp is another Windows PC repair tool that basically scans your complete pc and performs all the fixes. It also safely removes unnecessary files from your system.

It also scans for malware and unwanted programs and automatically updates programs to keep your PC up to date.


  • Automatically fixes and maintains your PC.
  • Removes unwanted bloatware and junk programs.
  • Enhances the overall performance of your PC.
  • It has an inbuilt sleep mode to reduce the burden on PC’s resources.
  • It removes tracking cookies, cache, and old files from removed applications.


  • Free version available
  • Pro version for $39.99

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5. Restoro

PC Repair Tools For Windows

Restoro protects and restores your PC to its original state and enhances the functionality of your PC. It also protects your PC from the latest malware, and replaces the missing windows files with new ones.


  • Protects your PC from a variety of malware.
  • Replaces the missing and damaged window files with new ones.
  • Detects threatening apps before they damage your PC in real time.
  • Free up disk spaces occupied by unwanted programs.


  • One-time repair license: $29.95.
  • License with unlimited use for a single year: $39.95

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6. Outbyte PC Repair

windows repair software

Outbyte PC Repair is another pc repair tool designed to address a range of different system issues, clean up your drive, optimize performance, and improve your privacy and security. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7 including the mac system.


  • Scans and Repairs over more than a hundred most common PC problems.
  • Helps you identify and remove unwanted files.
  • Thwarts data collection by shielding your browsing.
  • Protects PC from the latest malware providing a real-time boost to the system.


  • Outbyte PC Repair will cost you $29.95 with a 7-day free trial.

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7. Windows Repair by Tweaking

Windows Repair by Tweaking

Windows repair tool by tweaking specifically focuses on your common PC problems making it easier to access and use its functionality. It can serve a variety of purposes including malware protection, file permissions, windows update issues, and software installation issues.


  • Automatic updates and performance enhancement.
  • Run speed tweaks after repairs.
  • Windows drive cleaner, memory drive cleaner.
  • Quick Link Menu
  • Run Your Custom Scripts After Repairs,


  • Free
  • Pro version:
  • 1 PC Yearly License: $24.95
  • 3 PCs Yearly License :$44.95
  • Individual Yearly Tech License: $64.95

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8. CCleaner Technician Edition

Windows repair tools

CCleaner Technician Edition is another repairing tool that keeps PCs running without any Interruption. Its patented cleaner cleans out unnecessary files, recovers hard drive space, prevents crashes, speeds up Windows, and helps to protect privacy and security. It’s compatible with windows 10, 8, 7, and XP.


  • Removes unnecessary files, data, and settings in seconds.
  • Enhances the functionality of your system extending its lifecycle.
  • Removes tracking cookies, while keeping the cookies your customers need to access webbased applications.
  • CCleaner Technician Edition is designed to be installed on a USB drive, or used on a remote session. 


  • CCleaner Technician Edition is a $24.95 one-time fee.

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9. CPU-Z


CPU-Z is a freeware system that analyses, monitors, and profiles all the major components of both windows and android.

It detects RAM, CPU, motherboard chipset, and all the other hardware of modern windows as well as android and shows the details on a single screen. It is compatible with most processors and chipsets.


  • It provides a report of the specifications and performance of your computer’s hardware.
  • Detects information about your computer processor, motherboard, memory, and graphics card. 
  • It has an Outdated User interface
  • It is available for both Android and PC.


  • Free

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10. Microsoft Fix it Tool

Microsoft Fix it Tool

Microsoft Fix It tool is an application that scans your Windows PC for problems and fixes it. It will get the latest solutions from Windows and covers all aspects of your system, from crashes to performance, audio to hardware, and devices. 


  • Built-in the troubleshooter.
  • Scans and detects the source of the issue and solves it through the latest solutions updates from Microsoft.


  • Free

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11. FixWin 10

FixWin 10

FixWin 10 is another best system repair tool that can quickly fix and repair all the issues in Windows PC. All the tools are displayed on the main screen so that you can easily navigate to its tools and fix all the issues with just a click. It can fix all types of issues from basic to advanced. Like it can fix automatic updates, restore the registry editor, fix corrupt recycle bins, etc.


  • It can fix file explorer issues 
  • Having built-in 18 Windows Troubleshooter 
  • Capable of fixing internet and connectivity issues 
  • It can disable OneDrive File Synchronization 
  • Doesn’t require installation to use 


  • Freeware 

12. Total AV 

PC Repair tools

Total AV is the most popular antivirus and pc repair software that helps in removing malware from your system. It has the capability to offer real-time anti-ransomware, anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-adware protection.

This award-winning software ensures the safety and security of your system by eliminating all kinds of harmful threats from your PC.


  • It offers real-time antivirus protection
  • Disk cleaner frees up a huge amount of disk space 
  • Scans and remove malware, viruses, and Trojans 
  • Real-time antivirus monitoring 


  • For the first year – $19
  • Price increases after per year – $99

13. Snappy Driver Installer 

best PC Repair tool

Snappy Driver Installer is a dedicated PC scan and repair tool for Windows PC. The tools can scan for outdated drivers and notify you to install the latest one. It is a free and open-source tool that is specially designed to keep all your system drivers up to date.

One of the special features of this software is that it lets the users install or update the latest drivers on different devices simultaneously.


  • Update drivers in offline mode 
  • It is a portable software 
  • It can display duplicate and invalid drivers 
  • Doesn’t contain any ads 
  • Can update or install drivers in bulk 


14. Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5

PC Repair tools

The Ultimate Windows Tweaker 5 for Windows 11 is capable of tweaking the newly launched OS of Windows. Thus, it can help to customize your Windows PC and make it perform faster and in a more private and secure manner. This tool consists of more than 200 tweaks. 


  • Offers accessible buttons for creating system restore points and restoring default values. 
  • Includes a search bar.
  • Offers context menu and additional system tweaks.
  • Users can also tweak the Microsoft Edge browser with this app.


  • Free

Conclusion On PC Repair Tools For Windows

A slower PC is quite frustrating and when your system starts working slower, frequently crashes, freezes and faces other issues it means the time has come to use the PC repair tool. The market is full of PC repair tools but it is quite difficult to choose the best one.

The above article includes the best PC repair tools which not only repair computer issues and remove malware but also boost its performance. It will optimize your system and make it run like a newly purchased one. 


What is a PC repairing tool?

PC repairing tools are software programs that aid one in solving the issue associated with your Operating system and enhance its overall performance. It also protects your system from malware.

Is the PC repair tool free?

Yes, there are both paid and unpaid variants of these repairing software and few of this software offer a free trial before purchase.

What is the best program to fix my computer?

Here is the list of the few best PC repair Software-

  1. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
  2. Restoro
  3. Outbyte PC Repair
  4. Windows Repair by Tweaking
  5. CCleaner Technician Edition
  6. CPU-Z
  7. Microsoft Fix it Tool
  8. IOBit Driver Booster
  9. AVG Tuneup
  10. Ashampoo Win Optimizer

Does Windows 10 have a repair tool?

Yes, Windows 10 have an in-built repair tool to resolve the issues you are facing while using your PC. Windows 10 has a troubleshooter to deal with problems. 

What is better than Restoro? 

Restoro is a good option to repair your PC but if you are looking for its best alternative then CCleaner is the most effective software to deeply scan your PC and optimize it. It helps in boosting system performance and also offers various security features. You can use the CCleaner for free as it offers a 14-day free trial. 

Is PC repair safe?

PC repair is completely safe if the software used by you is trusted and renounced. But you need to maintain caution while using cheap and unpaid variants of this software as this may comprise your system and make it vulnerable.

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