11 Best Rabbit Alternatives In 2022 (Sites Like Rabbit To Watch Videos)

Most of the people love to watch movies or online videos with their friends.  Are you looking for Best rabbit alternatives in 2022 or websites like rabb.it to watch streaming videos then you are on the right place.

I also love to watch online videos and movies with my friends. Mostly at the weekends, it becomes more captivating. At that time my only choice to fulfill my wish is RABBIT.

The rabbit was the only famous website that interacts with people to watch online movies and videos with their friends, family members, or people in your surroundings. This is the reason why the rabbit is loved by most of the people. 

But, now as Kast adopts rabbit so it seems that rabbit is no more. Only because of insufficient funding all the operations of the rabbit is ceased. In this case, now thousands of people using rabbits are worrying as now they cannot do streaming on the rabbit. A company named Kast has bought all the assets of Rabbit Company. Kast itself is a streaming service and it was rival to rabbit too. 

Until Kast become the same as rabbit you can use the following 11 rabbit alternatives:

11 Best Rabbit Alternatives 2022 to Watch Videos

1. TwoSeven


We found TwoSeven similar to that of the rabbit. This platform allows you to share, stream, and watch videos with your friends and with your family members. It also helps you to interact with your friends through the chat feature. As the rabbit is a full-fledge app it supports live audio commentary which TwoSeven is not capable of. This Rabbit Alternative mainly focuses on users with live interaction with the use of a webcam. It gives maximum support to the services of video streaming. Without any chance of latency, it also gives one real-time drill. I think it would be a good alternative to the rabbit. 

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2. Meta stream

Meta stream

The second best Rabbit Alternative is Meta stream. Only because of the superior live synchronization I added Meta stream as one of the alternatives of the rabbit. Meta stream uses its exclusive level of technology to facilitate users due to an increased level of live streaming to several people with approximately no level of latency. Apart from all these Meta streams looks great due to the feature of video queuing, rapid user management, and its on-screen chat. Therefore, it also supports all the websites related to core streaming and applications like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc. However, the Meta stream does not support all the features the same as that of the rabbit. It does not support audio and webcam support, or neither can you download streaming media, but still you can rely on it. It is another one of the best alternatives for the rabbit.  

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3. Watch2gether

Rabb.it Alternatives

Watch2gether is a famous and best alternative to rabbit. It let you shop on Amazon, listen to music, and watch videos. While streaming your favorite videos and movies the sync playback would help not to hurdle you. In this way, sync playback is quite important. But there is one thing which differs this alternative from that of the rabbit is that it doesn’t work the same as that of the virtual online machine. In this regard, you have to assure that you are streaming-only that video content which the highest speed on uploading. By doing this you may observe a better live watching experience. This alternative supports chatting with friends with GIFs. For streaming videos in place of rabbit, watch2gether is quite a great platform. 

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4. SyncLounge

best rabbit alternatives

To play the synchronized media without any flaw the users of Plex, will surely find SyncLounge a great solution. This is not completely similar to that of the rabbit but if you are searching for an alternative of Plex then this would be something great and it excels at it. SyncLounge allows you to connect with your plex friends in a private room. This Rabbit Alternative support chats with your fellows and make your watching experience quite social and interactive. If you want to watch your plex content with your fellows then this alternative fits the best. 

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5. Netflix Party

best rabbit alternatives

It is the best and great co-watching alternative to rabbit. But, it is dedicated only to stream Netflix videos. In synchronized video playback it facilitates you in a manner that you can stream the Netflix contents with your friends or with your family. It also contains an option named group chat which you can use to interact with your friends while streaming Netflix contents. Its chat features contain typing indicators, GIF’S, and fun emoticons. You will be very glad to know that you do not need to download any hard software in your device as this alternative only runs on a web browser. It is an excellent option for those who are Netflix lovers. 

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6. Airtime


Airtime comes under to those Rabbit Alternative which can give you a much better experience as they are seamless on smartphones. It facilitates you with watching YouTube videos with your fellows. This gives you many more features like chatting on the group with animated stickers, sending sound reactions, GIF’S, listen to music, and much more. It also gives support to the best feature of rabbit i.e. media playback and audio complementary. Airtime is the best app for collaborating with others and streaming videos. 

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7. Syncplay


Syncplay is mentioned as one of the best Rabbit Alternative for its uniqueness. It is express as unique because it helps you to play your downloaded content on your computer device with your family and friends. Linux, macOS, and windows are the major supporting devices. With the use of VLC, MPV, or Media Player Classic you can play any of the offline media. Your playback can also be broadcast in a private room. You can also share the room with your family and friends and watch the content collaboratively. 

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8. MyCircle tv

MyCircle tv

MyCircle tv allows you to watch videos without any obstacle. It is also integrated with several video streaming platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube within its portal. From other websites, you can share URLs to watch those videos with your loved ones in real-time. It does not support webcam or audio features. But still, it gives you perfect streaming video services. 

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9. Share Tube

Share Tube

Share the tube allows you to watch YouTube videos completely in a direct manner with anyone you want. You have to create a room and share some links of the YouTube videos to play the links and get in touch with other members of the room. If you are willing to use simple YouTube videos with your friends then share the tube will be a great platform for you. 

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10. Parsec


The another Rabbit Alternative name is Parsec is a platform to stream games. But, it is also liable to watch videos contents too. If you want to watch collaboratively then you should only have to invite your friends to your video stream so that they can watch the video in no time without any issue of latency. Other members watching videos with you cannot control the playback because it is not supported for streaming videos.

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11. Rave


Rave is ideal for smartphones. It has all the basic features like that of the rabbit. it interacts with someone along at the same time. You can also watch content from Google Drive, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and much more. The sync playback capability works without hindering the user and also works smoothly. Rave is also one of the best alternatives for the rabbit. 

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Conclusion On Rabbit Alternatives 

Many people are facing difficulties because the rabbit is getting closed. This is the reason today I am here giving you a list of 11 best alternatives of the rabbit. As streaming videos are the habit and hobby for most people this list will surely help you out in getting your suitable platform.   

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