10 Best Reddit Alternatives Websites In 2024

Reddit Alternatives

If you are looking for Reddit alternatives then you are in the right place. In today’s world, everything spreads on social media platforms through the internet. You will get every type of news and also you can connect to the world and share posts and also comments on other posts.

One of the popular websites for doing so is Reddit. Reddit is a social media site where you can get all the breaking news which are trending and also you can post your story or anything on it. It covers all the fields like entertainment, technology, politics, etc. Reddit is an open platform where people can form a community and also participate and discuss any topic. 

10 Best Reddit Alternatives In 2024

Here we have listed the top 10 Reddit Alternatives that offer you the same experience as Reddit does. 

1. Quora

Quora is the best Reddit alternative. It is a great platform where you can share knowledge with others. You can ask questions and also give answers to other’s questions through this platform. It is a great place where you can connect to the experts even without contacting them directly. You can get all the answers to your queries across the globe in Quora. If you are looking for a website besides Reddit then you should consider Quora as your priority. 

Quora - reddit replacement site
Image source: wordstream.com


  • It allows you to edit questions and answers anytime
  • You can get your answers from the experts without even contacting them 
  • You can raise questions 
  • Get your answers from across the globe 


  • Not user-friendly help section 
  • Lack of validity of information in Quora 
  • It contains lots of ads 
  • Repeated questions are creating trash in Quora 

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2. 9Gag

9Gag is one of the best Reddit Alternatives on the list. It was like a Reddit competitor which was initially started as a meme and funny pictures-sharing websites. The website is specially designed for people who are more indulged in sharing memes and other activities related to fun. In other words, the website is for fun-loving people where people get awesome GIFs, most viral videos on the Internet, and breaking stories.

It allows you to share your views by commenting on the post be a part of the discussions and connect to the people. 9Gag contains funny content to make you laugh. Apart from the funny posts it also contains other types of content. It allows you to downvote, upvote, comment, or share posts on social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest.

9Gag - Best reddit alternatives
Image source: 9Gag.com


  • It removes all ads 
  • Customize experience 
  • Offers more quotas on everything 
  • You need to create an account to access it with ease 


  • More of funny content 

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3. Steemit

Steemit is one of the blogging websites where you can earn money for posting your blogs and articles. The amount of money depends on your work and the popularity you receive. The money is earned in the form of Cryptocurrency Steem. It is not a direct Reddit alternative as its main motive is to encourage users to write articles and content and share them with the people.

Steemit - reddit substitute
Image source: feedough.com


  • Reward system 
  • Freedom of speech 
  • You can earn money
  • Large community


  • Doesn’t allow you to reset the password
  • Quite difficult to use 
  • Doesn’t have a user-friendly interface 
  • Cryptocurrency is unpredictable 

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4. Voat

Voat is the best Reddit Alternatives that offer the same user interface and features as Reddit. It is quite similar to Reddit so if you are in search of the adjacent alternative to Reddit then you should try Voat. It is one of the toughest Reddit competitors as it looks like it is designed to beat Reddit. If you were a regular Reddit user then you would find a lot of similarities between Voat and Reddit.

There is one difference that is you have to follow the strict rules for posting anything on Reddit and if you do not follow the rules it will ban you in the case of VoIP you won’t find such strict rules if your post is legal you can post it.

Voat - Reddit alternatives
Image source: businessinsider.com


  • Easy to use 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • You get paid for your post and quality content 
  • Don’t impose strict rules to post anything 


  • No cons yet 

(This website has been shut down)

5. Newsvine

Newsvine is one of the Reddit alternatives that has gained popularity among users. It is a site where people find all types of the latest news in different categories. You need to register yourself with the Newsvine to share your views on every type of news through the comment section. It allows you to submit your article by going to the seed section. If your article is unique then the Newsvine will post your article to the Feb so that it can reach millions of people. 

Newsvine - reddit alternatives
Image source: iconfinder.com


  • You can get all the latest news
  • Clean and streamlined content library 
  • Excellent content quality
  • It has a voting mechanism for its users 


  • When you click on a website link it will redirect you to another news portal 

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6. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is one of the most popular Reddit alternatives that offers a great platform for users where they can search for great and quality content on the internet. You can click on the explore button to discover different kinds of stuff based on your interests. It allows you to like or dislike other stories, content, news, and discoveries. You can also save and share pages with anyone on the web. You can also share your stories and posts on Stumbleupon and get a lot of traffic.

StumbleUpon- reddit alternatives
Image source: techcrunch.com


  • Free traffic 
  • You can rate and leave comments 
  • Build backlinks 
  • You can create a network of friends 


  • Not targeted traffic 
  • Time-consuming 

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7. Digg

Digg is one of the best Reddit Alternatives that offers a far better user interface than Reddit. It is easy to use the site and has a systematic categories section where you can easily find the topic of the content of your need. The top-rated news based on your upvotes and downvotes comes at the top of the homepage of the website. You can easily read the article or share your articles or stories on Digg. The website is full of trending videos, articles, and content that are leading on the internet.

Image source: digg.com


  • Cleaner user-interface 
  • It contains high-quality content only 


  • No comment section 
  • Covers lesser topics 
  • It doesn’t allow its users directly to the website as a contributor

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8. HackerNews

HackerNews is one of the popular Reddit Alternative apps we have discussed in the list. If you are technology conscious then you should choose HackerNews. It collects news related to technology from across the globe and offers you updates on it. It is one of the best Reddit Alternatives for the people who are associated with the Hacker & technology field. It is easy to use and you can also comment on the post to become a part of the discussions. HackerNews is one of the reliable websites that provides you the latest news regarding cyber-attacks, computer security, and hacking. 



  • You can search for a particular topic 
  • It allows tweeting directly from the extension 
  • It allows you to save your favorite story into your pocket account 
  • You can browse top stories from the last 24 hrs 


  • Less active 

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9. 4Chan 

4Chan is another best site like Reddit where you need not do any registration to post anything. It is one of the best image-sharing websites where you can post images based on topics like science, technology, video games, travel, sports, toys, music, fitness, etc.

You can also share adult content and it will not disclose your identity to the users. The site is open to everyone there is no restriction on the user you can post images and comment on others’ posts. It has categories like Japanese culture, Adult content, video games, creative, Interests, and Miscellaneous.



  • Doesn’t require any registration 
  • Allows you to share images and content anonymously 
  • Has most primitive user interface design


  • Content relevance and quality are not balanced 
  • Controversial social platform
  • Tough to access 

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10. ProductHunt 

ProductHunt is another popular Reddit alternative specially designed for people who are product lovers and always in seek of new and latest products. Here you can find all types of products like software, mobile apps, games, etc. It allows you to create your own products list or you can also comment on other’s lists.

ProductHunt is the best website for startups who want to reach their product to the maximum number of people. Through sharing this platform the products come to the vision of more of the people and gain popularity. You can share your views and opinions with the community over the ProductHunt regarding the tech field.



  • It is a free website
  • Connect to a large number of audiences 
  • The best site for startups 
  • It allows you to discover a wide range of the latest products


  • Doesn’t have a user-friendly interface 
  • Beginners find it complicated 

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What can I use instead of Reddit?

If you are looking for a Reddit alternative then you can choose Voat. It has the same user interface as Reddit. It offers the same features as Reddit does. 

Who are Reddit’s competitors?

Although there are many websites available that are similar to Reddit if we are talking about its competitors then some of the sites that give tough competition to Reddit are:

  • Quora 
  • Voat 
  • Digg
  • Gizmodo
  • 4Chan

Is Reddit similar to Pinterest?

Most of the users might think that Reddit and Pinterest are two different platforms but it is not true. They are alike websites where you can search the content of your topic. 

Which is better Quora or Reddit?

If we have to choose between Quora and Reddit then surely it is Quora that is better than Reddit. You will get perfect answers to your questions from the expert on Quora whereas Reddit is not a serious site to get your answers. 

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