Reddit Search Not Working? Here Is What You Should Do!

Is your Reddit Search Not Working? Here you will find the best possible solution to fix. Considered as one of the most commonly used social media platforms, the Reddit is based on the concept of topics and threads. Launched just recently, it gained immense popularity within a short period. It is based on the concept of sub-thread and normal threads and you would easily find any details regarding almost all the things in the forum. 

Fix Reddit Search Not Working

But irrespective of the platform’s usage and the popularity it has, there have been various issues where users weren’t able to use the Reddit search for searching various threads related to many topics. 

Frankly, there are various issues related to these variations and in certain cases, only partial results were getting displayed, while in other cases, no results were shown. 

Reddit Search Not Working (Solved)

Some of the major reasons why the Reddit search won’t work would be the following- 

● Issue at Reddit End

There were various instances where the whole issues were due to the backend of the Reddit. Here this was officially acknowledged by the Reddit engineers, and most importantly, the fix was launched just recently.

● Ad Blocker

No doubt, the ad-blockers often lead to conflict with various web applications and even modules. Here there aren’t any exceptions for Reddit Search. This was concluded when various reports provided by users were checked. They diagnosed the major issue was due to the ad-blocker. 

● Enabling Search Filter

By default, Reddit has a filter and this will filter out all kinds of mature content right from the results. Here you won’t get any indication regarding the turning on of the filter. So, you might assume there is no issue but your searches would be getting displayed after the results are filtered. 

● Lesser Customization

Of course, if you check the Reddit’s search is very much less customizable. Here you would be returned with only limited results. The best part is you can try other searches where users can easily search for the forums of Reddit using more parameters. 

Why Reddit Search Won’t Work

Fixing Reddit Search Procedures

Keep in mind that before you begin the solutions, you must make sure that you are logged in as an administrator on your PC. Also, you need to save all of your work done by you. Plus you need to make sure that the credentials are available to you right away, as you need to input them. 

● Usage of Alternative Search Engines

Nowadays, you might come across many other kinds of independent sites. These allow users to easily search for Reddit forums, through the usage of advanced parameters. Also, they will bring in more results compared to the conventional search functionality present in the forums. 

Here the biggest drawback would be that these websites might not work or won’t function when there is a bizarre issue. Also, in case Reddit has revamped its search algorithms, these need to be updated too. The following are the procedures for this method – 

  • Firstly navigate the on your browser.
  • Then try to add the search term and even the various parameters that you would want to set.
  • Here the search results can get populated with the related threads, and these would be containing the keywords based on the parameters that have been entered. 

Disabling Search Filters

You might be surprised to know that Reddit will automatically add a search filter to your account. This will take out the Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content. It means that when you make searches on the Reddit, these posts would get automatically removed from your search results. And most importantly, you won’t be able to view them. 

The best part is that this so-called option is just hidden in your profile preferences. Normal users won’t even be aware that their search is getting filtered. Below is the procedure on disabling the search filters – 

  • Go to Reddit’s website and try to click on the profile images available on the top-right side of the screen. Then click the User Settings option.
  • While you are inside the settings, you must click on the Feed settings tab and look out for certain options. 
  • One of the major options you need to take is the one to blur the search results if they are just NSFW. After that save the changes and exit. 
  • After that try to reload the site and again try searching. Here you must check out if the issue has been resolved. 

Disabling Ad Blockers

Of course, Ad blockers would improve the browsing experience of yours. This is possible by taking out all the ads that you are seeing on the PC. Here there would be an inbuilt-mechanism that intercepts the whole traffic and then provides the filtered version without any of the ads. 

Now, these extensions would improve and make your experience better, still, there are certain instances where the Reddit Search won’t work. For checking your browser extension on Chrome, all you have to do is type “chrome://extensions” right in the address bar, and then you have to press the Enter key. 

Most importantly, you can easily disable the ad-blocker extension just by unchecking the ‘enable’ option.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, it is easy to fix the Redditt search when it is not working. Just follow the above steps and see the difference.

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