Reddit Search Not Working In 2022? Here Is What You Should Do!

Reddit Search Not Working

Is your Reddit Search Not Working? Here you will find the best possible solution to fix this issue. Who doesn’t know about Reddit… It is one of the well recognised and popular platforms where you will get information on any topic. You can find any news related to any category or also use this platform for discussion. The website allows users to post content on the site and comment on others’ posts. 

The site was developed in the year 2005 and in no time it has achieved immense fame among the users. Although it is a highly used website and you get all kinds of information related to any topic, many users have faced Reddit search, not working issues. In this issue, users are not able to search for the threads on all the topics.

It is a common issue and this error doesn’t let the user find anything on the site. The error can be of different variations like sometimes no results are shown for the searched topic and sometimes partial results are shown. It displays the error message “Sorry, we couldn’t load the search results”. 

If you are facing the same error then there is nothing to worry about. You have landed on the right platform as we are here with the solution that will help you in fixing the Reddit search not working error. In this article, we have listed the top three troubleshooting methods with the steps so that you can easily follow the steps and get rid of the issue. But before going further let’s discuss the reason which makes Reddit search stop working. 

Fix Reddit Search Not Working

Why is Reddit Search not Working

Reddit search not working is a common issue and can be occurred due to several reasons. After great research, we have concluded that three reasons cause the error. The reasons are:

  • Turned on Search Filter – Reddit’s search filter is set by default that blocks the adult content. And the worst thing is that you don’t have any idea or clue that the  search filter is turned on that blocks the adult content. So, that is why when you search anything you can’t able to view the content as it automatically removes the mature content. 
  • Enabled Adblocker – It has been noticed that many times ad blocker is responsible for the issue. So, you need to turn off the ad blocker.
  • Problem in Reddit’s Backend – It has been recognised by Reddit’s engineer that there is a problem in Reddit’s backend that is why you face the error.
  • Lesser Customization – Of course, if you check the Reddit’s search is very much less customizable. Here you would be returned with only limited results. The best part is you can try other searches where users can easily search for the forums of Reddit using more parameters.

Why Reddit Search Won’t Work

How To Fix Reddit Search Not Working Issue

Method 1: Check for Back End issues 

The first method you should choose to fix the Reddit search not working error is to check for Back end issues. Before starting any troubleshooting process firstly check if the issue is related to the back end of Reddit or not. As many times it has been found that the Reddit service doesn’t work as they usually work. You can check it by visiting the Reddit forum and see if others also facing the same issue.

Or else you can visit the Reddit Official Page to check its status. If you find a yellow bar there then it is sure that there is some error with the Reddit backend services. In this situation, you can’t do anything but wait. 

Method 2: By Turning off search filters 

Sometimes, the error Reddit search not working occurs due to the default search filter which is applied to every account of Reddit. The website automatically set a search filter that removes NSFW content and whenever you search for any topic it removes that content and you will not see it. So, Whenever you try to search for the Not safe for work content on Reddit, this error occurs. You can fix this issue by following the given below steps:

  • Go to the official website of Reddit and click on your profile photo and then click on user settings. 
  • At the user settings page and click on the feed settings tab. the  
  • Turn on the adult content and safe browsing mode to see the NSFW content in your search results. 

After this, restart your PC and go to the Reddit website and check if the issue has been fixed or not. 

Method 3: By turning off Ad Blocker

The last method you can use to fix the Reddit search not working error is to turn off the Adblocker. Although the ad blockers block the annoying ads and enhance your browsing experience, they are also responsible for the issues like Reddit search not working. You can fix this error by following the given below steps if you are using chrome browser:

  • Go to Google Chrome and navigate to the three dots that are given at the top-right corner of the page. 
  • Now, click on more tools given in the options list and then click on extensions. 
  • This will display the extensions that are installed in your browser. 
  • Turn off the ad blocker by dragging the toggle icon to left.  

At last, restart your PC and check if the error still exists or not. 


How do you search for something on Reddit?

Reddit is a social platform where you can search anything and post to communicate with others. You can search of something on Reddit by visiting the subreddit of interest. Now, navigate to the search box given at the top right corner. Then, type the search keyword in the box and press enter key. 

Why is the Reddit app not working?

There are several reasons that creates obstacle in using the Reddit app. One of the major reason can be the outdated version. If you use outdated version of the app then you can face the error and Reddit app will not work. So, update it on the regular basis to fix the bug.

How do I fix my Reddit app?

To fix the Reddit app you can choose any of the method given below:

  • Restart your phone and install the all again
  • Use correct id and password to log in 
  • Uninstall the app
  • Force stop the app

Is Reddit safe?

Yes, Reddit is safe and one of the popular social platforms where you can search for any topic and read the news. Unlike Facebook it doesn’t force you to use your personal information. 

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