7 Best Rust Server Hosting Providers in 2021 [Updated]

Rust is the best game in the video games category. Most video gamers are already familiar with the thrill and adventure of the Rust. In many instances, a game user tried to use the public server for this game but the bandwidth of the public servers isn’t sufficient to run the game smoothly. You can face the issue of speed and security if you are using public servers. If you want to overcome such issues, then you should use perfect rust server hosting. 

Why you should use rust server hosting?

Let’s suppose that you create your base with fine amenities and assets, and after creating a base, you become busy with some other work. After some time, when you will log in to the game, then you will find that the enemies have destroyed your military base. So, it means that your efforts have gone in vain but don’t worry we will provide you a list of some best-run server hosting that will help you to fix this issue during gaming. It will improve your gaming experience. 

Best Rust Server Hosting

1. Host Havoc

The host havoc is the best rust server hosting that provides you high-quality services for gaming. There are a total of 11 data centers that have been established in various parts of the world. The team of this best rust server is very professional and specially used to help the user 24×7. The most wonderful benefit of this rust server is that it is cost-effective and has high performance. 


  • 24×7 support of the professional helps to solve the issue within 10 minutes. 
  • The processing of havoc rust server hosting is very fast as this hosting network is built on Ryzen. 
  • It provides a satisfaction guarantee to the users. 
  • It also allows the user to store the data in SSD. 
  • Instant set-up. 

2. Gameservers

If you are looking for high quality and most reliable hosting services, then we will suggest you try gamer server kings once. It is free from lagging due to fast processing. The game server king is available 24×7 for the users and this tool permits you to update the rust with just one click. By using this amazing rust server host you can access knowledge about the bases and clear instructions will be displayed. 


  • Custom plugin
  • Auto backups
  • Multiple SSDs
  • High processing speed due to 3.6 GHz processor in the CPU. 
  • Money-back guarantee.

3. Shockbyte 

It is a collection of many wonderful features that can enhance your gaming experience. It is considered as one of the finest and best rust serving hosting due to its cost-effectiveness as compared to other related competitors available in the markets. Customer support is also the main reason behind its success. The price for this best run server hosting starting at the rate of 9.99$ per month. 


  • Oxide mod option
  • Automatic mod installation
  • Free subdomain
  • Automatic update
  • 100% guarantee for game availability

4. GTX Gaming

GTX gaming is regarded as the best premiere run server hosting which was released for advancing the gaming experience. The control panel of this run server hosting is specifically designed for performing many peculiar functions that improve the efficiency of gaming mode. By using it, a user can access the run server easily and fastly. This can be also used to configure the settings of servers by using easy configurators. 

Features: – 

  • Schedule automatic server backups
  • Live map support
  • Off-site backup
  • Web Rcon support
  • Schedule wipe server

5. Citadel services

The citadel services for game server hosting was developed around 2012. This provides a unique solution to the hosting issues. It is also used to rent game servers to many users across the globe. The network of this most widely used run server hosting is spread in every part of the world with different locations. The advanced control panel enhances the performance of this run server hosting.

Features: – 

  • Over 100 games supported
  • Instant set-up
  • Upgrade any time
  • Customer support
  • Affiliation of programs

6. Server blend

The server blend is the best choice to start your rust game server because provides a lot of many interesting features for gaming. The price for this best rust server hosting started at 13.50$ for monthly subscriptions and it varies to a great range of prices. This was developed in 2014 to provide quality specialist game servers to the users globally. Since the time of its first use, there is a lot of technology up-gradation take place in this server which is responsible for its high performance and quality support. 

Features: – 

  • low, affordable prices high performance due to 4.6 GHz processor
  • Custom server configuration
  • Lag-free gaming

7. Survival servers

It the best rust server hosting which is used in various adventure and thrilling games including the Rust. You can use this rust server hosting immediately after the payment confirmation and it used your location for managing the servers. So, it can be used for instant backup as well as instant setups. You can switch your location at any time as per your requirement. The protection techniques of this rust server hosting are of great importance for enhancing security. 


  • It’s located in multiple places.
  • Low prices, just$0.16/slot.
  • Customized configuration settings.
  • Switch locations

FAQs: – 

How much does it cost to host a rust server?

There is no doubt that rust server hosting is very effective for improving the gaming experience. The prices of the rust server starting at affordable prices of just $19.88/ month. The range of prices is variable as per the user requirements and the performance of the servers. 

How do I host a rust server?

There is not any specific way to get the server for the game. A user can host its own server also easily. You can also execute it for free and it requires a little work for hosting. Apart from it, you can also invest in third-party server hosting which is an easy task for any user. 

Can you make a private rust server?

Yes, you can make a private rust server. 

How do you make a private server in 2020?

You just need to click on the server’s tab and then you will see a section of private servers. A create private server button is used for private servers. 

  • Now you should need to give a make to your server and you should read the agreement carefully as it’s very important. 
  • Now, click on the finish the purchase process by clicking on the Buy-in option. 
  • After the private server creation, you can also configure the configuration. 

Conclusion – Rust Server Hosting

The rust is an action and adventured game. This game is in its alpha stage of development and a lot of potentials is required to fully utilize this game. This game is modified from time to time as per the user requirements. There are many rust server hosting that is widely used for improving the performance of this game.

In this article, we give you the 7 best rust server hosting along with their features. These rust hosting servers are very effective, efficient, high performing, and improve the security of your gaming data. We are expecting that you will be able to choose any one best rust server hosting as per your specified requirements. Have a good day!

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