How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10

Screenshot on Windows 10
Screenshot on Windows 10

There are several methods and tools to take a screenshot in Windows 10 system. Few of some steps or process and tools are listed below to get the screenshot from the system:-

How to Take Screenshot on Windows 10

1. Snip and Sketch Tool

screenshot in windows 10

Snip and Sketch tool is easy in use and one can have access easily to share the screenshots from the system. One can use the Snip and Sketch tool for taking screenshots. 

Select the New button from the upper-left corner to capture the screen. Then the snip and sketch window disappears and a menu is opened on the screen in which the user has to select the type of screenshot, that the user wants with proper customization of shape whether a square-shaped screenshot or rectangular shaped. The snip can also be delayed for about 5 to 10 seconds according to the requirements of the user from the Snip and Sketch window. The tool is user-friendly. 

After taking the screenshot, the picture gets loaded on the window of Snip and Sketch which can be changed or annotated through pencil or pen or with other tools in the window. The screenshot can also be copied to the clipboard or word file and further changes can be made with the screenshot. 

2. Snipping Tool

windows screenshot shortcut

One can take a screenshot in windows 10 easily with the help of the Snipping Tool. Select the New button to start the process of the screenshot. The tool provides a default snap-type which is rectangular and can be taken free-form with the full screen along with the window snip. 

The tool automatically saves the screenshot in the system. The user just has to save the screenshot manually before exiting from the tool window. The tool has a feature to copy the screenshot manually to the clipboard which helps to have a backup of the picture if misplaced. 

3. Print Screen 

windows 10 screenshot shortcut

To take the screenshot of the full screen, click on the Print Screen key on the keyboard which is named as PrtScn key. With the PrtScn key, the screenshot will not be saved in a file, rather it will be copied in the clipboard where the user will need to open the screenshot with an image editing tool like Microsoft Paint where the screenshot can be pasted further in the editor and can be saved to have the copy of the screenshot.  

One can also set the PrtScn key to open the tool of Snip & Sketch that can be opened by changing some stings in the settings menu. Go to the Settings menu, select the option of ease of access and then choose the keyboard and go for the option of using the PrtScn button to open the screen snipping with the shortcut of PrtScn. 

4. Windows + PrtScn key 

To have the screenshot of the entire screen press the Windows key + PrtScn key from the keyboard that will automatically save the screenshot in the system. Even the screen of the system will also dim and indicate that the screenshot is taken which is generally saved under the Screenshot folder of Pictures section. 

5. Windows key + Shift-S 

The user can also use the keyboard shortcut to take the screenshot of the screen. The shortcut for taking a screenshot is Windows key+ Shift-S which will capture the screenshot with the Snip and Sketch tool. The screen will get dim after the screenshot that will be saved manually under the files in the system. 

6. Alt + Print Screen 

To take a screenshot from the active windows one can use the keyboard shortcut of Alt+ PrntScn key to having the screenshot of the screen which is automatically copied to the clipboard. The image can be customized or changed or viewed under the image editor of the system where it gets saved. 

7. Game Bar 

To snap the screenshot, the user can use the Game bar which will effectively help to get the screenshot of the screen in the middle of a game or movie. Select the Windows key+ G key to call the Game Bar for the screenshot. The user can also select the default keyboard shortcut of Windows key + Alt + PrtScn key to taking the screenshot of the full screen.

8. Windows Key + Volume Down

The user can also use Microsoft Surface devices to take the screenshot of the full screen in the system where other external physical devices like phones or tablets or external ports are involved in the process of the screenshot. To take the screenshot click on the Windows key and hit the volume down button of the tablet or phone which will dim the light of the system and the screenshot of the screen will automatically get saved under the screenshot folder of pictures successfully.

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