How to Fix the “SIM Not Provisioned MM 2” Error

The SIM not Provisioned MM2 usually comes up when you buy a new SIM or transfer your number to a more modern SIM card. Whenever SIM not Provisioned MM2 occurs, that means your SIM is not working right now. When this error occurs, you can only call on Emergency numbers; otherwise, you cannot your SIM for any other uses.

What does “SIM not provisioned MM2” mean?

SIM Not Provisioned MM 2

SIM card, which is also known as Subscriber Identity Module card, contains all your information such as identity, contact list, text messages, network authorization data, phone number, and location.

SIM card connects your phone with the network provider. By which you can call you to text someone easily.

SIM not provisioned commonly occurs on your phone when your SIM is deactivated or new. It happens when your SIM card is not working. When you get SIM not Provisioned error, that means you are not allowed to use your SIM card as calling or texting someone.  

If you get SIM not Provisioned error on your phone, then there are few ways by which you can resolve this error efficiently.

5 Solutions to fix “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” Error

Here are five fixes which you can use to resolve SIM not provisioned MM2 error:

1. Contact the Service Provider

The Service provider is the one who takes care of your SIM card. He is the one who decides whether your SIM card has to be activated or deactivated. You need to call your Service provider and ask him why your SIM card shows SIM not provisioned MM2 error. He will give you the correct information about your SIM card status. If he says there is any problem with your SIM card or he will automatically activate your SIM card if there is not a problem regarding your SIM.

The users have claimed that sometimes service provider mistakenly deactivate their SIM cards because of any minor issue. You need only contact your Service provider and know the real problem. If a service provider fails to help you, you can try another solution to fix your SIM, not provision MM2 error.

2. Try to connect your SIM card properly.

Sometimes the problem occurs when you don’t connect the SIM card properly on your phone. It is essential to insert a SIM card on your phone correctly; otherwise, your SIM card will not work. You need to check your SIM card once as if it is inserted properly or not. If you haven’t touched your SIM card once, then maybe there is still a chance your SIM card moved slightly and gave you this error on your phone. One more thing, you need to check if your SIM card holder is acceptable or not. In a few cases, SIM cardholders get broken and create an error like this. 

To check if your SIM card is in the right position, you need to follow these following steps:

  • Switch off your Mobile phone.
  • Open the back cover of your phone or the place where your SIM cardholder is.
  • Navigate your SIM holder. 
  • If your SIM card is not there, then check the SIM card holder under the battery.
  • Remove your SIM and put it back again in the right position. Make sure you have inserted your SIM correctly.

Whenever you remove your SIM card from the SIM holder, make sure your SIM is not dirty or wet. If your SIM card is dirty, then you need it to clean it gently. In many cases, your SIM card can be watered if water spilled on your phone. You need to check it once if your SIM card is wet or not. If it is damp, then you need to clean your SIM card very softly. After applying the solution, restart your phone and check if the error is gone or not.

3. Check if SIM is activated or not.

When you buy a new SIM card, it takes about two days for its activation. Sometimes the activation can take time as well. You don’t need to worry as you can call your SIM provider and ask them when your SIM will be activated. Sometimes the company of the SIM can create a problem.

If SIM not provisioned, an MM2 error is coming, and then there are chances your SIM is not activated yet. If you have purchased a new SIM, you need to wait, or if you have an old SIM, you need to contact your SIM provider. In many cases, the SIM Company deactivates SIM cards because of technical problems.

4. Restart your Phone

Sometimes your phone can create errors regarding SIM card. In a few cases, the SIM card doesn’t get along with your phone, or we can say that your phone doesn’t suit your SIM card well. If it happens, then you can restart your phone once. The users have claimed that the SIM not provisioned MM2 error goes away whenever they continue their phones. If it’s your phone problem, then this error can occur commonly on your phone.

Sometimes users change their SIM settings in their phones. For that, users need to check their Phone settings as well. If the settings are not right, then you need to do it correctly immediately. If restarting doesn’t help, then you need to find another solution. 

5. Try the other SIM card slot.

In smartphones, you get two SIM holders. In many cases, people insert the SIM card into the wrong holder. You need to see if your SIM is in the right holder or not. There is a SIM 1 holder, and another is a SIM 2 holder. If you have only one SIM to insert, then make sure you are inserting it in SIM 1 slot. If you insert your SIM card in the second slot, it will not be working on your phone. You need to see the SIM card holder numbers carefully. Put your SIM card in SIM holder one, and you will not get SIM not provisioned MM2 error on your phone. 

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