12 Websites Like Wattpad in 2022: Best Wattpad Alternatives Apps

Choosing the right Wattpad alternative app and website where readers and writers can read, write and share stories is quite important. In this blog post, we have ranked and reviewed the 12 websites and apps like wattpad, so that you can pick the best one for you.

Wattpad is the website where people can read, write and share stories on different genres in the form of an ebook. It is the most popular platform where readers and writers all around the world can connect. But everything has some pros and cons and Wattpad also has some cons that are why people are always in search of alternatives to Wattpad.

There are many websites like Wattpad available on the internet but it is quite difficult to select the best one. In this article, we will discuss the best Wattpad alternatives that will offer a great user interface and quality content as you want. Here’s are the top picks

Websites and Apps Like Wattpad (Top 3 Recommendations)


  • One can read novels for free.
  • This website have regular writing contest.
  • There are lot of categories from which one can choose from.

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  • Micro-blogging platform to share stories, poem, quotes etc.
  • This website layout is similar to Instagram.
  • Best Novel Writing App like Wattpad

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  • All in one platform to read, write and share stories.
  • One can comment, follow and talk to other writers.
  • Anyone can publish stories for free.
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Before going further you must know clearly about the Wattpad, so firstly we will discuss what is Wattpad? Let’s get started

What is Wattpad

Wattpad is an online platform launched in 2006 for writers all over the world that allows them to write and publish their creations on the website to reach a large number of audiences across the globe in the form of an ebook. It is also a website for readers who love to read new novels, articles, stories, etc of different writers.

The Readers can access different writers of the world. In Wattpad you will get different types of genres, readers can select the genre according to their taste.

It offers a mobile app that can be accessible on Android, iOS, and Windows. It has a vast community that allows readers and writers to connect. The reader can save the e-books to your list and also follow the writer to get the notification when they publish anything.

Wattpad is a free website and application that allows readers to read ebooks for free and writers to post their stories online to get a large number of audiences online.

Here are my top picks for the Websites Like Wattpad to try this year.

  1. Penana
  2. Miraquill
  3. Sweek
  4. Movellas
  5. Inkitt
  6. Commaful
  7. Yourquote
  8. Medium
  9. Tumblr
  10. Weave
  11. Archive of our Own
  12. Mirakee

Best Wattpad Alternatives Apps and Websites

1. Penana Top Alternative For Wattpad


Penana is another best websites like Wattpad that offers you a platform where you can read and explore stories and other creative writings in different fiction and non-fiction genres. You can like, share or comment on the writings to motivate the new writers. The website allows you to share your fiction works and join writing contests.

Readers can read novels online for free in Penana. It contains genres like drama, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, and romance. The Penana application is available on Android and iOS.  


  • It offers many choices for the readers 
  • Free content 
  • It allows you to read the story in the native language or translated language 
  • It doesn’t offer any publishing deal or contract 


  • Lag in notifications 
  • Users find lags in mobile application

Reason to Download – This social publication platform helps you encourage young writers and allows the readers to comment, review and like their stories. 

Visit Website Penana for Android | iOS

2. Miraquill


Talking about another Wattpad Alternativethen Miraquill is one of the popular social networking apps that allow writers to share their ideas with the world through writing. Previously, it was known as Mirakee. It allows you to add images in the background of the story, quotes, and poems you post.

It offers a great set of tools and fonts to make your post attractive.  It also has a copyright feature that you can use when posting original content. You can share and read quotes, poems, stories, blogs, and passing thoughts.

You can like, comment, and share your works with other people. The site allows you to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts and follow your friends on Miraquill. 


  • Simple and attractive design formats 
  • Kept the user’s privacy 
  • It supports several text-lengths  
  • It has strict policies against plagiarism 


  • Users may face a copyright issue 
  • Users faces paid subscription related errors 
  • Website version offers a limited version 

Reason to Download – This website like Wattpad allows the writers to apply images in the background  of the story, quotes, poems and other writings to make it more appealing to the readers.  

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3. Sweek 


Sweek is one of the best Wattpad Alternatives where you can read, write and share stories, poems and books. It allows you to save stories to the library so that you can read them offline. The stories on Sweek reach a large number of audiences and get more visibility. Also, you can publish your book through Sweek publishing house.

Readers can find stories of different writers and communicate with them and also follow them. Sweek allows you to publish your writing and get a loyal fan base. It enables you chapter-based writing that means you can publish a chapter of a story at a time.


  • Great app for writing and reading 
  • It is free 
  • It offers a clean writing interface 
  • Chapter-based writing 


  • Sometimes its mobile application freezes and crashes 

Reason to Download – This website like Wattpad offers the writers a great opportunity by allowing them to publish their books through Sweek publishing house.

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4. Movellas 

Movellas is one of the popular Wattpad Alternatives that offer readers a platform where they can read ebooks for free. The website is specially designed for teenagers and motivates young writers to share their writings. You need to create an account and log in to post your stories on this platform. You can follow the writers and read their works by going to the people section.

The platforms also allow readers to share their thoughts and pieces of advice with other writers. You can also save the story and read it offline. Movellas is the best app that allows you to write and edit stories anytime on your smartphone. Apart from reading novels, you can also listen to the audio stories on the application of Movellas.   



  • Free ebook-reading website 
  • Offers app for Android and iOS
  • It allows offline reading 


  • Not convenient for the hardboiled genre and mature audience

Reason to Download – This website like Wattpad provides a mobile application in which you can listen  to the audio of the stories. This app is available on both Android and iOS phones.  

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5. Inkitt 


Inkitt in the popular Wattpad alternatives application that offer you a platform to the writers to share stories, novels and books to a large number of audiences online. It is one of the greatest storytelling platforms that has over three million users across the world.

Inkitt is the best platform for beginner writers who earn money for uploading their quality content and manuscripts. Readers can also give reviews to the story and the writers. Writers can share their stories to get audiences’ reviews and if the readers voted high for your novel then Inkitt will publish your novel.

With a user base of over a million and more than a quarter thousand authors, Inkitt is paving its way towards more popularity and fan-base.


  • Uploading content and manuscripts for free
  • The best site for beginner writers to publish their creations for money 
  • Ad-free reading at no charge 


  • Its mobile applications lag, freezes, and face bug-related problems

Reason to Download – This is a free website which helps the writers in making money by uploading  their quality stories and other content to a large number of audiences.  

Website: Visit Inkitt | Android: Inkitt Android App | iOS: Inkitt iOS App

6. Commaful


Commaful is one of the popular Wattpad alternatives where you can read scary stories, romance, poetry, fanfiction, etc. The platform is specially designed for people who love to read stories in a multimedia format. Commaful provides its stories in the format of the picture book.

The app offers several genres like thriller, romance, and horror. Commaful is the favorite app of readers who are interested in suspicious novels or books. Apart from the app, you can read stories on its web platform. 


  • It has writer oriented mechanism 
  • This tool has an interactive format 
  • It has strong community engagement 


  • Smaller library 
  • Word limit restrictions 
  • The stories or other articles in Commaful can’t directly flow to Amazon or other websites
  • App available only on iOS

Reason to Download – This apps like Wattpad let the users read stories in multimedia format. Most of the novels in Commaful are based on suspicion.  

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7. Yourquote

sites like wattpad

Yourquote is an amazing platform through which you can share your writing skills in the form of books with the readers of the world. You can also earn money for your published books.

The platform allows you to write books in any language. It is India’s largest user-generated content platform. It has the most active community of performers, creators, writers, and artists all around the world. 


  • Offers daily challenges that help in maintaining the habit of writing daily 
  • It is strictly against plagiarism 
  • You can search the writings on Google search


  • Hard to edit sometimes 
  • It faces sluggish operations and multiple bug related errors 
  • Not famous in non-Asian countries 

Reason to Download – This app like Wattpad provides you with a platform where you can share  your writings in the form of books and also get a chance to earn money.  

Visit Yourquote

8. Medium

wattpad alternatives

Medium is one of the Wattpad alternatives that offer a platform for writers to write any kind of content without worrying about the word limit. It provides you with a platform where you can show your writing skills to other people and create an impression.

It is an online publishing platform for beginners, professionals, and publications or exclusive blogs or publishers. It is easy to use and you can connect with millions of people by sharing your views on any topic. 


  • It has a large audience base and library 
  • Doesn’t contain any annoying ads 


  • You need to get a paid subscription to access some content 
  • Its application doesn’t have offline reading 

Reason to Download – This website like Wattpad is meant for beginners, professionals as well as  publishers and allows them to publish their writing content without any tension of word limit. 

Visit Medium

9. Tumblr


Tumblr is a great microblogging and social networking site that allows writers to connect with the readers and publish fanfiction and writing. It allows painters, musicians, and writers to share their creativity on the platform. Here, you can post multimedia and other content in the form of short blogs.

In this platform bloggers can follow other blogger’s blogs or a blogger can keep his blog private. It has several features which you can choose from the dashboard. It has a feature of fan mail which is used to send messages to blogs which the user is following. 


  • Merciful content-related policies 
  • It enables desirable customization 
  • It allows artists writer, painter, and musician to share their work
  • It has several niche communities 


  • Contains a lot of ads 
  • It is difficult to find an original content 

Reason to Download – Tumblr has made blogging very simpler and it also lets you customize your blog’s appearance using HTML editing. Also, users who have Facebook and Twitter accounts can link their  blogs to the account.  

Visit Tumblr

10. Weave – Storytelling Redefined

weave story

If you are searching for a decent Wattpad Alternative platform then you must consider Weave. It is a storytelling platform where writers can express and share their writings with huge numbers of audiences. You can write a short description of the story and select a bright cover for it.

Through this platform, you can know how many people read and like your story. It is also available in the form of an app so that you can read and hear stories anytime you want with ease.


  • It gives you chance to go viral 
  • It enables you to connect with people around the world
  • Stories are a way to build trust.
  • It gives you a chance to go viral.
  • You become a reliable source of information.
  • It allows you to interact with other people. 


  • It takes time to build an audience.
  • It can be challenging to manage.

Reason to Download – This website offers you a mobile application which makes it easier  for you to read and even listen to the story you want.  

Visit Weave Playstore app

11. Archive of our Own (AO3)

Archive of our Own

Archive of our Own is another free open source platform which provide users to read and write whatever they want. There 5.5 million Works in 33000+ fandoms, AO3, is an open-source Fanfiction repository.


  • Possess a vast collection of high-quality fiction and non-fiction tales, making it a great choice for writers and faithful readers in this genre.
  • The search system is incredibly detailed and efficient in providing search results, unlike some other popular Wattpad alternatives


  • The beginners in fan-fiction creation might find it intimidating to use.
  • Targets a constrained domain of writing niches only.
  • It unlike most of the popular websites with similar intents, it does not have a mobile application.

Reason to Download – This website allows the writers to write and publish legal content  on the platform without any requirement of signing up using their legal names.  

Visit Archive of Your Own

12. Mirakee


It is a microblogging platform that allows sharing of creative content and building a huge fan base even as a beginner, providing a lot to learn.


  • Through simple and attractive design formats, writers from almost all niches can benefit from it.
  • The user’s privacy is maintained well.
  • Supports various text lengths.
  • Strict policies again plagiarism and offensive or violating activities.


  • Certain copyright issues may arise
  • Uses have reported paid-subscription-related issues.

Reason to Download – This Wattpad alternative provides daily writing challenges in which you have to  write quotes, poems, etc. and this will help you in enhancing your writing skills.

Visit Mirakee

FAQs On Wattpad Alternatives Apps and Websites

What can I use instead of Wattpad?

Wattpad is a storytelling platform where users can connect with their favorite writers and read and write stories. If you want to use any other site than Wattpad then you choose any of the websites mentioned in the above article. Some of the sites are:

  • Sweek 
  • Movellas 
  • Miraquill 
  • Penana 
  • Inkitt

Is there a site better than Wattpad?

Yes, Inkitt is one of the best alternatives to Wattpad. It is an online platform that allows writers throughout the world to publish and review their writings. 

Why is Wattpad so bad?

Wattpad is a social platform where readers can find a lot of stuff of reading of their preferences and writers can share their stories, poems, etc. But due to its lack of moderation people search for its alternatives. 

What is the best book reading app?

Some of the best book reading apps are:

  • AIReader
  • Kobo Books 
  • FB Reader 
  • FullReader 
  • Amazon Kindle 

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