Spotify Founder Made a Health Device to Scan Body

Spotify Founder Made a Health Device

Swedish entrepreneur and co-creator of the music streaming service Spotify, Daniel Ek, has created a new company called Neko Health that focuses on offering body scans enabled by artificial intelligence (AI). According to a LinkedIn post created by Neko Health, the firm was started by Daniel Ek and Hjalmar Nilsonne with the goal of developing a healthcare system that promotes health maintenance via prophylactic measures and early identification.


Spotify Founder Made a Health Device

The company claims that its first health center, located in Stockholm, Sweden, can provide the Neko Body Scan and a comprehensive checkup to anyone with skin and heart problems.

According to the Zee Business, Ek and Nilsonne Neko Health, in 2018 and after the release it has raised more than $32 million in funding, mostly from Ek and his moonshot investment firm Prima Materia. 

Meanwhile, Spotify reported that it now had 205 million paying customers, a 14 percent rise over the previous year. When compared to other music streaming services, Spotify now has the largest number of users in the globe.

Neko Health – A 360° Health Scanner:

In a LinkedIn post that was published this week, it was revealed that Daniel Ek, the founder of Spotify, and another individual named Hjalmar Nilsonne have invented the new body-scanning machine. This information dispelled the rumors that Ek was planning to enter the healthcare industry in the near future.

The new healthcare startup, which goes by the name Neko Health, asserts that it can accurately scan a human body and produce results in a matter of minutes with the use of AI.

Neko Health stated that they had spent the past four years conducting extensive research and developing new products with the goal of maintaining people’s health through the use of preventative measures and early detection

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