SSD Not Showing up in Windows 10 8 and 7 (Fixed 100%)

Fix SSD Not Showing up in Windows 10 : – The Solid State Drive that stands for SSD is preferred over HARD DISK DRIVE(HDD) as a device for data storage because of its several advantages including the fast reading and write speed and low amount of power consumption by the system. 

Sometimes, the connected SSD is not easily identified by the Windows OS as it may display some error message like ‘SSD not showing up in My Computer’ or ‘SSD not showing up in File Explorer’ or ‘SSD not showing up in Disk Management’.

There can be several reasons that may cause the problem of SSD not showing up. The error may occur due to the insertion of an uninitialized SSD into the system which is new and needs to be initialized in the system before using it. Sometimes, the partitions are lost in the SSD and get difficult to allocate. The error message can also be because of the missing drive letters in SSD. Even, for some time the Windows is unable to identify the connected SSD in the system. Or due to some driver issues, the error message of ‘SSD not found’ can be faced. 

Fixed SSD Not Showing up in Windows 10

Reason 1: A new SSD that is inserted, has not been initialized in the system

When a new SSD is inserted without being initialized causes a problem in DISK MANAGEMENT.

Solution: Initialize the SSD that will solve the error message in the Windows system

In the keyboard, click on the Win + R key to open the run box on the screen. After that, write compmgmt.msc in the run box that will help to open the tool which will open a message on the screen stating ‘…Before accessing the Logical Disk Manager, the disk should be initialized…’

Then according to your motherboard go for the option of Master Boot Record or the GUID Partition Table in the menu. 

ssd not showing up

Finally, after the initialization process is done, a new volume can be created with the Disk Management that will help to show the new partitions in the Windows Explorer. And thus, by this, we can say that the issue of SSD not found in solved in Windows 10. 

Reason 2: The SSD Partitions Are Not Found by the system

Sometimes, a message of ‘unknown disk not initialized’ is found on the system that can be due to many reasons. When the Disk Management is injected of virus or the system files are corrupted or due to damage in MBR, this kind of message is pop-out on the screen.  

new ssd not showing up

Solution: Create a Partition Recovery in the system. 

To get the lost partition and data at the time of SSD not showing up in Disk Management, Now you may use a reliable program like ‘MiniTool Partition Wizard’ in the system.

Step 1: Firstly just Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard. And then choose the target SSD and after that go for the “Check Disk” menu and click the “Partition Recovery”. Or, right-click the mouse on the target disk to select the option “Partition Recovery”. 

Step 2: Now you should Choose the range for SSD partition recovery. Full Disk mode you have to choose to scan the complete SSD. Then just Click Next.

SSD not showing up in My Computer

Step 3: After that MiniTool Partition Wizard will show two scanning methods, If you found that the Quick Scan doesn’t work well then go for Full Scan.

ssd not showing up in bios

Step 4: Now After the scanning process is done in the system, all the deleted partitions will be visible on the screen as above. The required partitions should be chosen by you.  

ssd not showing up in bios
ssd not detected windows 10

Step 5: Click Apply, device partition recovery will be done and SSD not showing up windows 10 will be solved. 

ssd not recognized windows 10

After the process of partition recovery in SSD, one can observe that SSD does not have the drive letter into it anymore. Now just attach a drive letter to all partitions with software MiniTool Partition Wizard to resolve the ssd not recognized windows 10 issue.

Reason 3: The partitions of SSD must be hidden from the other External Software

Eventually, some of the external third-party software hides the SSD to stop access. And thus, it is not visible on the Windows Explorer of the system. 

Solution Name : Unhide Partition

On the MiniTool Partition Wizard

Step 1: Click the target drive option from the menu and then choose the Unhide Partition option from it. Or, you may choose the target partition option from the drop-down menu and go for the Unhide Partition option under the menu of Partition Management.  

ssd not showing up windows 10

Step 2: After that, assign a separate drive letter for the partition in SSD.  

Fix SSD Not Showing up

Step 3: Now Click on Apply button for changes.

The Reason 4: The Drive Letter Is Missing

Solution name : Assign a Drive Letter

Step 1. Firstly just Launch the Disk Management utility. Select My Computer or This Pc on the Windows 10/8/7. Then choose the option of Manage. After that go for the option of Storage menu in which you will find the option of Disk Management. 

Step 2: – Choose the partition which is missing from the drive letter and select the option of Change Drive Letter and also Paths from the menu. 

Fix SSD Not Showing up

Step 3: Click on the Add, now select a drive letter from the list provided. Complete by clicking ok 


Reason 5: When SSD acquire an Unsupported File in the System

After trying the methods above if the ‘SSD not showing up windows 10’, this could be caused due to the lack of compatibility with Windows 10/8/7. 

Solution: Delete the existing Drive and Create the new FAT32/NTFS Partition in the system

The wizard of MiniTool Partition can be used to remove the partition of SSD in the Windows 10/8/7 system. Then you may create the new partition in SSD. 

Step 1: Click on the required partition to choose Delete or, select the option of Delete Partition from the menu.


Step 2: You should note that before the Partition Deletion process that would recover all the deleted files from the system with the help of the Data Recovery option in the MiniTool Partition Wizard Ultimate. Select the option of Create Partition from the menu and then click on the NTFS process in the system. 

SSD not showing up in Disk Management

Step 3: Click Apply. 

The Reason 6: The SSD Not Showing up in BIOS

When a computer fails to recognize an SSD in BIOS, this could be simply due to the SSD not connected properly.


Check the connection of SSD in the CPU, and connect it properly. The problem for SSD did not recognize windows 10 is solved.

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