How to fix the Steam Client Bootstrapper High CPU problem

Most of the steam users are facing the issue of steam not working properly or stopped due to some reasons are you are not able to log in to your account. In some cases, users can log in to the steam account but cannot open the game due to the Steam client Bootsraper High CPU problem.

If you are also facing such problems and want to fix the problem then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to let you know about some of the best methods through which you can solve the error of “steam not responding”. But before going further you must understand that what is the use of Steam Client in your PC?

What is Steam Client Bootstrapper High CPU Problem on Windows

Steam Client Bootstrapper High CPU Problem

Steam Client Bootstrapper is basically an application that is installed on your computer. The main object of this app is it runs in the background of the window and identifies the latest versions and installs updates or missing files if any.

Initially, it doesn’t require high CPU resources but when it downloads any updates it takes high CPU usage that is totally fine. But users are facing the problem of CPU usage when steam is inactive or fully closed. So it is necessary to fix the problem as it causes the stopping of multiplayer games or slower the other things in your system.

How To Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper High CPU Problem on Windows

Here are some of the best methods which can fix the error of the Steam Client Bootstrapper High CPU method. 

1. Shut down your system and restart it 

Steam Client Bootstrapper High CPU Problem on Windows

Many of the users find that restarting the computer can fix the error of “steam not responding”. Sometimes the error occurs due to the lack of space in your system. When you restart the computer all other open programs automatically closed then you can open only the steam application to fix the problem. But if the method doesn’t help you out in the situation you can go for other solutions given further in the article. 

2. Check your internet connection

Most of the users find that due to poor or slower internet connection causes the error of steam not responding. To solve the error disconnect your internet and connect it again. Now restart your computer close all other programs open only steam client app. This will surely resolve your issue. 

But in case this method doesn’t work you can go for other options. 

3. Operate as Administrator

The steam app requires two authorizations to read and write and if the app doesn’t have a particular power to launch bootstrapper it can cause the issue of “steam not responding”. You can fix the issue by operating as an administrator. 

  • Open my computer program and click on Local Disk C and open program files
  • Now open the steam folder and right-click on it 
  • Now click on run as administrator
  • Now restart your computer to check whether the issue has been fixed or not

4. Incapacitate VPN programs

One of the reasons for facing the issue of “steam not responding” is that using a VPN program. Most of the VPN programs don’t properly work with Steam. So you must incapacitate VPN programs despite uninstalling them. For that, you must follow some steps.

  • Hold the Windows + R keys together and type cmd in the address bar
  • It will extend an administrator: command prompt window
  • Then type netsh Winsock reset catalogue in the window and press enter key
  • Now a message appears stating that successfully reset the Winsock
  • Now you are completed with the disabling of VPN programs
  • Now restart your system and right-click on the Steam app then click on the run as administrator

This method will prove to be helpful to solve the error “steam not responding”. 

5. Restore the steam service

Restore or rebuild the steam service can solve your problem. If you restore the steam service then it can lower the usage of CPU by the steam app. You need to follow some steps to do so.

  • Press Windows key + R key a dialogue box will appear
  • Type all the necessary things which are asked in the box and press Ctrl+shift+enter key together to give the administrator approach
  • Reopen the steam app to check the CPU usage.

6. Clean all the downloaded Cache

Deleting the downloaded cache will resolve the error “steam not responding” in many cases. The access of downloaded files can cause the error and steam can’t work properly. To clear the cache, follow some steps mentioned below. 

  • Firstly, open the steam application
  • A window appears to click on the steam at the top of the page
  • Now click on settings from the options
  • Then on the new screen click on downloads on the left side of the page
  • Now clear download cache by clicking on the option
  • Wait for few seconds until it will successfully clear the cache
  • At last enter, the details in the login credential asked by the application

This Method can fix the issue of steam client bootstrapper high CPU problem.

Above mentioned are some of the methods that can fix the issue of “steam not responding” or high usage of CPU. Hope these methods work and you can use the steam client bootstrapper application without any trouble. 

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