6 Best SWF Player Apps for Android & iOS

SWF Player Apps for Android & iOS

If are you looking for the best SWF player apps for Android and iOS then you have come to the right place. But before that let’s know about SWF files.

SWF file is an Adobe Flash format that is used for vector graphics, multimedia, and action script. SWF stands for Small Web Format and is sometimes also known as Shockwave format. The SWF format is very useful for designers and it is quite popular as it allows you to compress the size of the file and save memory space.

Most video player doesn’t support playing SWF files which is why you need to have a dedicated tool that can easily open SWF files. 

The options are very handful and only some of them offer the necessary features. We have listed the most reliable SWF player apps for Android and iOS. So, without wasting more time let’s know about SWF players in detail. 

6 Best SWF Players for Android & iOS

1. GOM Player

GOM Player

GOM Player is the topmost SWF Player app for Android & iOS which can also open other file formats. The app helps you to manage your files by naming them properly and putting them into a folder. You can also customize the look of your file by changing its size, rotating it, zooming in and out, etc. It supports subtitles which lets you watch movies and other kinds of videos with more ease.


  • Works on both iOS and Android platforms
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It supports multiple video formats

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2. OPlayer Lite

OPlayer Lite 

OPlayer Lite is not a dedicated tool to open SWF files but you can use this software to view SWF files. The tool also supports other file formats. The app has a feature that lets you play the SWF files without even converting them.

This is a great SWF player for Android & iOS which works with live streams. The app features a zoom-in option which you can use to see little details. It allows you to set passwords for apps and folders to ensure privacy.


  • It supports more than 30 languages
  • It helps you to manage files
  • It has a built-in web browser

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3. Dolphin Video

SWF player apps

If you are getting errors in opening any downloaded file then Dolphin Video is the must-have tool for you. It can open almost all video formats along with the SWF file format. Zoom supports several video formats including WebM, OGG, AAC, WAV, and many others.

The app is completely free which means it doesn’t charge any subscription fee Also it doesn’t ask you to create an account. If you are looking for a SWF Player for Windows pc then you can read this blog.


  • It is a lightweight application
  • It helps you manage your files
  • It is appropriate for beginners

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4. Photon Flash Player & Browser

SWF player apps

Photon Flash Player & Browser is an app that allows you to play SWF files. It not only supports playing SWF files but also flash games and websites. Apart from opening SWF files it also enables you to open FLV format.

It can create multiple tabs for playing SWF files. It offers both free as well as paid versions. With the paid version you will get extra functionalities. It also blocks ads and pop-up dialogs.


  • Multiple tab support
  • Free to use
  • Allows you to watch videos in full-screen mode

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5. SWF Player

SWF Player – Flash File Viewer

SWF Player – Flash File Viewer is a dedicated file to open SWF files on Android and tablets. It can open vector designs and animations for your favorite games. This app works on Android 4.0 and above.

It supports zoom-in and out flash playback with gestures. This player also supports a virtual mouse and an onscreen playback controller. The SWF player has an integrated file browser.


  • It can open and play any file of any size
  • You can customize the app and make it look as you prefer
  • Zoom in on vector designs to view all their details

Download On Android

6. Flash Player – SWF and FLV

SWF player apps

Flash Player – SWF and FLV are one of the best SWF player apps which are free to use. It is very easy to operate and even a beginner will not find any difficulty in using it.

The app enables you to watch movies, moving animations, and videos. To use this app you need a proper internet connection. It also supports vector graphics and you can zoom in and rotate to view all the information.


  • It only works on Android phone
  • It is free, fast, and secure
  • It supports video formats like 3GP, MKV, MP4, AVI and many others

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Can you play SWF files on Android?

The SWF file format is not supported by Android phones which is why you can not directly open SWF files on Android devices. But you can use the SWF player app which enables you to download SWF files on your Android phone. 

What is the best SWF player for Android?

The best SWF player for Android lets you view the SWF files more conveniently and offers great functionalities. We have listed the 6 best SWF player apps for Android and iOS. 

Can VLC play SWF files?

Yes, you can play SWF files on Android. For this, you need to open the SWF files on through VLC on your Android phone. It will play the SWF file automatically. 

Can you play SWF files on your iPhone?

iPhone doesn’t allow you to open SWF files but you can do so by downloading a third-party app. So, you can’t open the SWF file format directly on your iPhone but using the app you can’t open the SWF file format directly on your iPhone but using the app you can easily open it.  So, yes you can play SWF files on iPhone by using SWF player apps.

How can I play SWF files on my phone?

If you have an Android or iOS device then you will definitely face problems in opening SWF files. As Android phones only support video formats such as MP3, 3GP, WebM, and MKV. You can download the SWF player app to open SWF files on Android and iOS. 

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