How To Use Touchpad Gestures For Windows 10

Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10 are a great idea to use to perform various tasks quickly on Windows 10 computer or laptop just doing nothing rather than placing your fingers on the touchpad.

You can use the touchpad gestures to switch between the apps, open windows timeline, and browse and navigate through Microsoft edge, scroll and view content, and also you can open up Cortana using touchpad gestures.

Configure the Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10

The Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10 can be enabled or configured from the Mouse and Trackpad section of the Settings app. You can enable or disable each gesture if you like, but by default, all gestures are enabled.

Also, you can configure the gestures apart from enabling or disabling these Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10.

So, you can choose how many fingers activate Cortana, whether three or four fingers or you can configure how many fingers open Action Center. In this way, you can configure Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10.

Numerous other settings are available too for the Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10. You can set cursor speed and also choose if the touchpad gets automatically disabled if the external mouse is plugged into the laptop. This is the configuration for Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10. However, some PC manufacturers may restrict Microsoft s touchpad gestures specifications. But they may have their drivers that activate touchpad gestures. If in case, your PC doesn’t have a precision touchpad, but some Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10 seems to be working, then you might have a touchpad settings utility on your PC. From there, you can find and customize the Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10.

If you’re about to purchase a PC that has the best touchpad experience, and then please considers the PC that has a precision touchpad, while purchasing.

Microsoft has also launched the Touchpad Gestures in Windows 8 too. New gestures made controlling your PC very efficient even without the use of the mouse. The Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10 has improved a lot. To use Touchpad Gestures for Windows 10, you need to have a precision touchpad. You may not find a precision touchpad on the older laptops.

If you don’t know that your touchpad supports gestures, go to the Settings app, then go to Mouse and Touchpad section. Under the Mouse and Touchpad heading, you will see your PC has a Precision Touchpad” written.

You might be questioning what a Precision Touchpad is!

What is a Precision Touchpad?

First of all, it is important to know that all the standard touchpads perform actions similar to the mouse and allow you to move simply around the screen and click the buttons.

Now, the advanced touchpads provide updated drivers and software that allow you to get more control and perform the gestures. These touchpads depend on drivers and software to perform various actions. So, they might not be compatible with some of the new Windows features.

The precision touchpad developed by Microsoft as well as the Synaptics is compatible with windows 10 plus works absolutely correctly. This means that these touchpads use integrated drivers that are configured by Windows itself. This is of great advantage that whenever a new gesture is added to Windows 10, by Microsoft, it will automatically identify and perform functions seamlessly.

Popular Windows 10 Gestures

  • Mouse Cursor
  • Scroll vertically and horizontally
  • Open windows timeline and show recent apps
  • Show / Go to Desktop
  • Switch between Windows
  • Open Action Center
  • Open Cortana
  • Zoom

1. Mouse Cursor

The mouse cursor is even easier to use with touchpad gestures. With touchpad gestures, you have the advantage over the mouse especially in those areas where you cannot use the mouse i.e. it might be an airport or a cafe or any other public place where you have difficulty using a mouse or you cannot use a mouse. Here, touchpad gestures would be of great benefit.

2. Scroll Vertically and Horizontally

You have the convenience of scrolling the web or content on the screen using touchpad gestures over the mouse. All you have to do is to place two fingers on the touchpad and slide. You can slide or scroll the content horizontally or vertically using gestures.

3. Open Windows Timeline and show recent apps

You can get many things done easier using touchpad gestures, alike are looking up your open apps in the windows timeline. You can see your open apps and navigate through them using gestures. All you have to do is to place three fingers on the touchpad and swipe upwards i.e. away from you.

4. Show Desktop

You might sometimes have many windows open on your desktop and have a hard time minimizing them all to see you’re desktop. But you can do this simply just by placing three fingers on the touchpad and sliding towards yourself.

5. Switch between windows

If you are multitasking or you are using two apps simultaneously and you want to switch the apps, then just place three fingers on the touchpad and swipe left or right.

6. Open Action Center

You can open the Action Center easily using touchpad gestures. All you have to do is to tap the touchpad with four fingers and the Action Center will open up.

7. Open Cortana

You wish to speak with Cortana and perform voice commands, and then touchpad gestures have the solution. Just tap three fingers on the touchpad, Cortana will show up.

8. Zoom

Whenever you want to magnify the content on the screen or when you are browsing the internet, you have the privilege to magnify the content using touchpad gestures. You can zoom in or zoom out by utilizing touchpad gestures. Place two fingers on the touchpad and pinch to zoom out and spread to zoom in to the content or website.

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