Twitter removes ‘Direct Message’ button on Android & iPhones

Twitter removes ‘Direct Message’

In October of 2022, billionaire Elon Musk completed the acquisition of Twitter. Since that time, the company has gone through a significant number of transitions. Users on social media platforms have been kept busy as a result of these changes, which have not just had an effect on the corporation over the past several months.

It has just come to light that the most recent patch eliminated functionality for certain users. Users of both the Android and iPhone operating systems have reported that the option to “Send him a direct message” is missing from their Twitter profile page after the most recent update. When I checked my Android device, I noticed that the DM button was absent from all of my accounts.

Twitter DM On Profile: What is it

Direct Messages are available on every Twitter profile, allowing users to communicate with other accounts directly from within their own profiles. On mobile devices, the Direct Message (DM) button used to be situated next to the notification and Following (or Follow) buttons in the beginning.

This option is not viewable within the applications any longer. It appears that the opportunity to send a direct message can still be accessed through Twitter’s web application.

Twitter DM On Profile: How it is Affecting

Multiple Android users, some of whom are also active on Twitter, have reported that the Direct Messages (DM) option has been disabled. However, several iPhone owners have also highlighted this issue, whilst other iPhone owners have indicated that the button worked normally for them despite the fact that others have reported the same issue.

Twitter removes ‘Direct Message’ button on Android & iPhones

According to a report by 9to5Google, a person stated that the option was no longer available on the Android smartphone that he was using, but that he was able to view it on an iPhone that was connected in with the same account.

Latest Changes On Twitter For Android

Twitter has released several significant changes to its Android client during the past week. A monthly Twitter Blue membership is now available for Android phone users for just $1. Members of Twitter Blue will be given preferential treatment in both public and private chats and searches.

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