How To Update Xbox One Controller Driver For Windows 10

How To Update Xbox One Controller Driver For Windows

The Xbox controller is by far the most popular gaming controller for Microsoft’s Xbox system and was first introduced at the Game Developers Conference at the Electronic Games Developer Conference in 1999. One of the best characteristics of the Xbox One controller that sets it apart from other gaming devices is its gaming experience. The wireless adapter allows a laptop to be paired up with the console without wires or adapters.

This eliminates the need for an extra device, making this gaming system truly portable. The Bluetooth feature allows users to stream music, movies, and game videos directly from their laptops to the gamepad.

Update Xbox One Controller Driver In one click with Driver Booster


In this post, I will highlight the best way to download, install and update the Xbox controller driver for Windows 10. 

How To Update Xbox One Controller Driver For Windows 10

So, how to update and download the Xbox One controller driver for Windows 10? There are a few different methods to do this depending on what version of Windows you have. Here are the methods to update the Xbox One controller driver easily.

Way 1: Update Xbox One Controller Driver using Driver Booster

Driver Booster is described as a program designed to help PC users to update drivers for video, audio, USB, and other devices. Driver Booster is the driver updater software program that will automatically update your drivers. In other words, you can update slow drivers before they cause problems that affect your computer’s performance. 

Driver Booster updates drivers for all your PC components to ensure that your hardware runs smoothly and you can run the latest software on any part of your computer. 

Follow these steps to update the Xbox One controller driver using Driver Booster:

Step 1: Download and install the Driver Booster software on your PC.


Step 2:  Tap on the Scan button to start the scanning process. Otherwise, it will automatically start the scanning process if you don’t want to start manually.

Driver Booster

Step 3: These changes can be done in Settings.

Step 4:  Then you’ll get a list of all the outdated and missing software.

Step 5:  Press the Update Now button to update the Xbox one controller driver.

Driver Booster can be downloaded for free and works in the background, so you do not have to return to the installation window. Driver Booster informs the user about the driver’s status and waits for a restart. If you click the Update driver, your device will be updated every 5-30 minutes.

Driver Booster is compatible with all versions of Windows, making it easy to update drivers. When you install a driver, you can see the new driver version compared to the installed driver, which is helpful. When new updates appear, they are automatically downloaded from the Driver Booster, so you do not need to purchase them from the manufacturer’s website. 

Way 2: Download the Xbox One Controller Driver for Windows 10 using Device Manager

Device Manager is the most common and easiest of the three ways you can use to update the Xbox one controller driver. The Microsoft Xbox One controller searches and installs its driver for the new version for you. The Microsoft Xbox One controller then searches and installs the drivers for the latest version you have. 

Step 1:  Press the Windows + R and search for the devmgmt.msc in the Run and hit OK.

Xbox One Controller Driver

Step 2: Here, you’ll get the list of all the hardware connected to the system. To find out the Xbox One controller driver.

Step 3: Right-click on the Xbox One controller driver. 

Step 4: Then click on the Update Driver Software from the dropdown menu. 

Step 5: And now select the search automatically for an updated driver and it will update automatically.

Way 3: Using Manufacturers Website

If you want to try to upgrade or update the Xbox one controller driver for Windows 10, then visit the manufacturer’s website and find the right driver version to upgrade the Xbox One controller driver on Windows 10. You can also download updated drivers for Microsoft’s Xbox One controllers with a USB cable. 

This is the best way to not only update the Xbox One controller driver but also download and install it, just like any other hardware driver. The controller driver of the Xbox One has a multitude of features that can be imagined in a game controller. 

Step 1:  Navigate to the manufacturer’s website.

Step 2: Search for the particular driver you want to update.

Step 3: Follow the further instructions and update the driver easily. 

Conclusion On Xbox One Controller Driver

In conclusion, updating your Xbox One controller driver is a simple yet crucial step for ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with your Windows PC. By following the outlined steps, you’ve gained the knowledge to seamlessly enhance your gaming experience.

Whether it’s for improved functionality or addressing connectivity issues, these insights empower you to take control of your gaming peripherals. We trust this guide has provided clarity, offering a hassle-free solution to keep your Xbox One controller operating at its best. Your journey to an enriched gaming experience is now in your capable hands.

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