How To Use Dynamic Lock in Windows 10

In April 2020, Windows 10 has launched a new feature named dynamic lock which is beneficial for the users to protect their data from other people when they step out without locking their system. Dynamic Lock is a feature in Windows 10 Pc that itself locks the Windows system when the person is not available there at the time with the phone that is paired with Bluetooth.

This feature is very helpful to secure your data when you forget to lock your PC at a public place or office and walk away from there. The basic requirement of the dynamic lock is to have paired Bluetooth with mobile phones. You can pair several phones with your operating system. The dynamic lock can lock your Windows PC itself when the paired Bluetooth gets out of range. 

How to use Dynamic lock in Windows 10

If you want to use the Dynamic lock feature on your Windows 10 PC so you need to follow some steps. In this article, we will tell you about the basic steps that you need to consider. 

Turn on Bluetooth on PC to pair your mobile devices

The first thing which is necessary for using Dynamic lock is to pair your devices with Bluetooth. To use the feature you must have a Bluetooth link with your mobile and computer. For this, the Bluetooth of your computer and the paired mobile must be turn on. 

If the Bluetooth of your Windows 10 Pc is not activated then you need to follow some steps to enable it. 

  • Open your Windows 10 PC, click on the start icon then go to the setting option or hold “Win + I” together to open the Windows Settings app.
  • When you click on settings you will find devices click there now click on Bluetooth & other devices.   
  • Turn the Bluetooth on by moving the toggle switch to the right side.

When you turn on the Bluetooth of your computer then you also need to activate your mobile’s Bluetooth. 

Activate Bluetooth in iOS device

  • Move to the setting menu in your device 
  • scroll down the setting page and click on Bluetooth and turn it on

Activate Bluetooth in Android phones 

  • use the same method as the iOS device to activate Bluetooth or directly turn on Bluetooth by scrolling down the screen top and click Bluetooth to activate.

Pair your Android phone with Windows 10 PC

  • Click on settings in Windows 10 and navigate to Bluetooth & other devices 
  • Now hit the + Add Bluetooth or other device option in the settings page to pair the devices. 
  • Now after landing on the Add a device page then choose the top option which is Bluetooth.
  • When the PC will search for the nearby devices your mobile device name will appear in the list click on it for pairing 
  • Now insert PIN to confirm pairing your mobile with Windows PC
  • Hit Ok on your mobile device and click on “connect” on your PC to link the devices with each other. 

Pair iPhone with Windows PC

You need to activate the personal hotspot to pair with the PC. For this you need to follow some steps that are mentioned below:

  • In your, iPhone goes to the settings tab then click on the personal hotspot and turn on the hotspot. Then you will get the option to link through Bluetooth
  • Then you have to perform the same steps as you did in an android device for pairing with Bluetooth.
  • Go to the Bluetooth & other devices menu in Windows 10
  • Now click on Add Bluetooth or another device
  • On the Add, device page look at the Bluetooth option and click on it.
  • You will get the PIN for pairing. Tap Pair on your iPhone device and Connect on your Windows PC to pair and connect both the devices. Your iPhone name will appear in the list of the paired device.

If you face a situation where your iPhone name doesn’t appear in the scanned list of your Windows PC then you need to update the PC’s Bluetooth driver to solve the trouble. 

For updating the system’s Bluetooth driver you need to follow some steps that are mentioned below:

  • Go to the start menu and type device manager and open it
  • Now select to enhance the Bluetooth line.
  • Next step is to right-click on Bluetooth USB Module
  • Click update driver and then select search automatically for updated driver software

The last step is to activate the Dynamic lock in Windows 10

After pairing up with PC and mobile devices you need to activate the dynamic lock. For this, you need to follow some steps which are mentioned below.

  • The first step is to go to the settings tab or hold Win + I keys together to open the settings tab and then click on the Accounts option and click on Sign in options
  • In the Sign-in options page scroll down the page and look at the Dynamic Lock option
  • Tick right on the checkbox box “Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and lock the device automatically”.
  • You can also click on the Learn more tab to know about the functions 

If you are facing any problem in using the Dynamic lock in Windows 10 then there might be chances that your phone is not paired with Windows PC or Bluetooth is off. 

Dynamic lock can’t use to unlock the device itself

Through the Dynamic lock feature in Windows 10 when your paired device gets out of range it will automatically lock your Windows PC but there is no feature of automatically unlocking it when you get back to the place. 

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