How To Fix Valorant Not Launching On Windows 10 PC Error (2022)

In this article, you will get to know about the top 8 ways that can help you fix the “Valorant Not Launching On Windows PC” error. we’ll introduce you to the most effective method first! Update your graphics drivers as soon as possible. The action has helped a plethora of users to resolve the issue. Hence, you can try the same. You never know if it helps you as well! 

If you are a huge Valorant fan, who is experiencing the annoying “Valorant not opening on Windows 10” error, this article is for you. But before proceeding with the ultimate fixes that can help in resolving the error, we’ll take a look at the reasons why Valorant is not working on PC.

What Does Valorant Couldn’t Start Error Means

If you are troubled with the ‘Valorant not launching no error”, it means that the app is unable to start due to a software glitch, a launcher bug, another application or game creating conflicts, or if you’re logged in with your Valorant account from any other device. Not only this, sometimes, the error could appear if you’ve overclocked your NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. Chances are, there might be some Vanguard anti-cheat system glitch that might be causing the issue. 

But don’t worry, the error is quite easy to fix, and can sometimes even go away after a simple restart. In case you are looking for more advanced methods that can help you successfully troubleshoot the issue, keep reading! 

How Do I Fix Valorant Not Launching On Windows PC Error

Listed are some of the potential solutions that you can easily implement to fix ‘Valorant not launching error’. 

1. Close Other Apps or Games  

Several players have suggested that eliminating the unnecessary games and applications running in the background helped them to fix the issue. Hence, you can try the same: Simply launch Task Manager and start closing it from there. 

While working with this method, we closed down the League Of Legends app and then opened the Valorant game to enjoy a seamless experience. 

2. Ensure You Fulfil Minimum Requirements For Playing Valorant 

Games like Valorant, PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty requires high-end specifications to run properly. Hence, make sure your computer/laptop meets the following requirements, so that you can enjoy lag free gaming experience, free from annoying errors and more. 

Minimum Hardware Requirements: Valorant 
CPU = Intel i3 & Above 
FPS = 30 
RAM = 4 GB 
OS = Windows 7 & Above (64-Bit)
Graphics Card = Intel HD 3000


Recommended Hardware Requirements: Valorant 
CPU = Intel i5 & Above 
FPS = 60 
RAM = Above 8 GB 
OS = Windows 7 & Above (64-Bit)
Graphics Card = NVIDIA Graphics 

3. Log Out From Your Valorant Account From Other Devices 

In case you are playing Valorant on other devices as well, then make sure you sign out using the Valorant game account to fix the issue. As soon as you log out, try re-launching the Valorant game and see if it resolves the ‘Valorant not launching on Windows PC’ error. 

4. Update Your Graphics Driver 

Replacing your current outdated, faulty or incompatible graphic card driver is one of the most commonly followed FIX used for getting rid of all the potential errors associated with Valorant. Not only this, keeping your Graphics and other device drivers, certainly helps users for proper and seamless hardware and software functioning. 

There are multiple ways through which you can download, install and update graphics drivers on your Windows PC. However, the best and most effective way includes: 

  • Downloading Graphics driver from Official Device Manufacturer Website. 
  • Using Device Manager to install the driver manually. 
  • Using Driver Updater Software to install drivers automatically. 

If you want to use the automatic way to update graphics drivers, we recommend using a reliable tool like Driver Easy. 

Driver Easy

It is one of the Best Driver Updater Software that helps users to instantly find and replace current drivers with the most compatible and right version from authentic sources. It runs a fast and comprehensive scan to list all the drivers that needs immediate attention and you can update them in a few clicks. 

5. Run Valorant Game In Compatibility Mode 

Sometimes, running the Valorant game in Compatibility mode can help players to fix ‘Valorant not launching on Windows PC’ error. Follow the instructions mentioned below to learn how it is done. 

STEP 1 = Navigate to the Valorant icon and right-click to choose Properties option from the context menu. 

STEP 2 = From the Valorant Properties pop-up window, head towards the Compatibility tab and check the option next to: Run This Program As Administrator 

Make sure you also select the option: Disable FullScreen Optimizations 

Valorant Not Launching on windows

Hit the Apply button, followed by the OK button to implement the new changes. As soon as it is done, try launching the game and see if it fixes the ‘Valorant not working’ error on Windows 10. 

6. Lower Your Computer Resolution 

Oftentimes, outdated GPUs don’t proffer seamless support for high-resolution gaming. Hence, it is advised to reduce the computer resolution, which might help players to get the game to grips, resulting in Valorant not opening error on Windows 10 problem. 

STEP 1 = On your desktop, right-click on the empty area and choose Display Settings from the context menu. 

choose Display Settings

STEP 2 = From the Display window, navigate to the Scale and layout header and start changing the Display resolution to a bit lower than what you were previously using. 

changing the Display resolution

You must remember that you need to test different resolutions before you find the ideal aspects that work without any hiccups while launching and playing the Valorant game. 

7. Close CPU Intensive Tasks 

In case there are numerous CPU intensive tasks and processes running in background, you may face issues while running high-end games and programs. Hence, make sure you eliminate all such tasks to fix Valorant not launching after the update issue on Windows 10 PC. 

STEP 1 = Launch Task Manager. You can hit the shortcut keys to open the same = CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. 

STEP 2 = Under the Processes tab, look for the tasks that are consuming over 25% of CPU space or Rio processes. Once found, select the same. 

STEP 3 = Now click on the End Task button! 

Valorant Not Launching on pc

That’s it! Try launching the Valorant game again and see if the issue is fixed. If this fix didn’t help, you can go ahead with the last and effective workaround provided below. 

8. Reinstall Valorant Application 

Last but not the least in consideration, if none of the workarounds shared above didn’t help you to fix Valorant not launching after update, then reinstall the application. You can follow the steps below to initiate the process: 

STEP 1 = Launch the Run window and type control in the dialog box. Hit the Enter button! 

Valorant Not Launching on pc

STEP 2 = This action will invoke the Control Panel window on your PC. Here you need to select the Programs and Features module. 

Install Bluetooth Drivers In Windows 10

STEP 3 = From the next window, simply locate and right-click on the Valorant Game and associated apps like Riot Vanguard. Click the Uninstall button and follow the on-screen instructions to successfully remove the app! 

Valorant Not Launching

Once it is done, you can visit the official website of Valorant to download the latest version of the Game. Hopefully, you will not encounter Valorant not opening on Windows 10 issue. 

Were You Able To Fix “Valorant Not Launching No Error”

These were the most popular solutions that you can follow to fix the ‘Valorant not launching on Windows PC’ error. If you know any other workaround than the ones mentioned above, do share them with us in the comments below! 

FAQs: {Fixed} Valorant Not Launching After Update Error 

Q1. Why is my Valorant failing to launch?

Here are the following reasons why you might be facing ‘Valorant not opening on Windows 10’ issue: 

  • A software glitch. 
  • A launcher bug. 
  • Other applications or games create conflicts. 
  • If you’re logged in with your Valorant account from any other device.
  • Overclocking NVIDIA or AMD graphics card. 

Q2. Is Valorant not working right now?

At the time of writing this article, Valorant maintenance was in progress. If you want to keep a check on the Valorant outages, you can head towards the Downdetector website that reports the exact status whether Valorant is going under maintenance or facing any other issues. 

Q3. How do I fix Valorant not opening Windows 11?

Follow the workarounds shared below to learn different ways for fixing Valorant not launching on Windows 11 OS and other versions: 

1 = Close Other Applications Running Simultaneously 

2 = Ensure You Fulfil Minimum Requirements For Playing Valorant 

3 = Log Out From Your Valorant Account From Other Devices 

4 = Run The Valorant Game In Elevated Access 

5 = Update Your Graphics Driver 

6 = Verify Your Computer Resolution 

7 = Close CPU Intensive Tasks 

8 = Reinstall Valorant Application 

Q4. How do you fix Valorant in Val 43?

Well, if you are unaware of what Val 43 Error in Valorant is, it indicates the connection error that appears due to Riot servers being down or under-maintenance. If you are struggling with the same error message, follow the workarounds shared below: 

  1. Restart the game 
  2. Restart your computer 
  3. Consider reinstalling the game
  4. Contact your ISP to get the issue resolved 

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