Microsoft is Bringing the Volume Mixer to Taskbar in Windows 11

Microsoft is Bringing the Volume Mixer to Taskbar in Windows 11

Another major update to Windows 11 is coming later in 2023. While the preview build release notes have given us a fair indication of what’s in store for the next iteration of the operating system, it appears that Microsoft is hard at work on a few new and intriguing features, as evidenced by the most recent testing releases.

Microsoft is Adding the Volume Mixer to Taskbar

To quickly adjust the volume of specific programs or web browsers, just click on the volume icon to bring up the volume mixer. Only the Settings app in Windows 11 provides access to the volume mixer, which enables you to adjust the volume of all currently running programs or just one of them.

Thankfully, Microsoft is currently testing a brand new, state-of-the-art volume mixer that works just like Windows 10’s volume mixer and can be accessed straight from the taskbar. This screenshot shows how easily the level of all open apps can be adjusted, as well as how music apps like Spotify can be made louder.

You can, of course, lower the volume of one program in order to increase it in another. The goal here is to streamline Windows 10’s audio controls.


In addition, on the Windows Insider Program website, Microsoft is experimenting with a new option named “AllowExperimentalFeatures” (accessible from Windows Update). When activated, this option will let customers reactivate services that have been disabled by the provider.

Finally, File Explorer in Windows 11 is receiving a new look with a XAML-based start page and tighter connectivity with Microsoft 365. According to the screenshots, there will soon be a new section called “suggested files” that would suggest appropriate Microsoft 365 programs for opening files.

The new File Explorer can show you when and with whom the file was shared, as well as show you the email threads, comments, and conversations related to the file. Microsoft’s long-term goal is to integrate its productivity suite, thus improving the File Explorer app is a means to that end.

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