10 Websites to Buy Backlinks in 2022 – Cheap Backlinks Available

Websites to Buy Backlinks

You must buy backlinks for your website so that you can rank in search engine pages or SERPs. People searches in AOL, Bing, Google, and Yahoo search engines. Your website must come on the top of these search engines. These search engines love good quality backlinks. Hence, they must be present in your website to out beat your competitors. The website to buy backlinks is many. Here, we have listed the top 10 backlinks service providers, from whom you can buy backlinks as per your SEO needs.

Websites to Buy Backlinks in 2022

1. Linksmanagement

You can buy backlinks cheap from linksmanagement.com. They are a trusted service provider, who is serving across the continents. They give timely offers and discounts. They place the backlinks manually. You can check their pricing and select the paid backlinks within your budget. You can buy them from the price starting from $1. They have DA-40-DA-60 affordable links.

They are the best to buy for e-come sites, webmasters, and others who have their business websites. You can expect 30,000+ visitors within a few months after availing backlink service from Linksmanagement. It is also the best site to buy permanent backlinks.

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2. Blackhatlinks

If you have thought of how to buy backlinks, then blackhatlinks.com is the bulk backlinks service provider. You will get a 30% discount on becoming a member. You can place an online order and expect your bulk links within an hour. Yet, you must order a minimum of 50 backlinks. They provide one-way backlinks. They are 100% verified live links.

After availing of their service, you can expect a free indexing submission report. Similarly, you can expect your website ranking has increased soon. You can export them to excel as a white-label report. When you compare the price for bulk backlinks, Blackhatlinks is affordable. You can also buy do-follow backlinks from Blackhatlinks.

3. PostLinks

PostLinks.com is the best place to buy backlinks for your website to boost its ranking. You can buy quality backlinks that are guaranteed at an affordable price. In this way, you can avoid spam and search engine tricks. It is the best to buy backlinks packages from their official portal. You can avail of their Basic Membership Plan for $49 for a month.

Here, you will get 1000 credits. Next is, Plus Membership Plan. It costs $ 149 for a month. Here, you will get 5000 credits. The last plan is SEO Pro Membership. It costs $ 499. Here, you will get 25,000 credits. In this way, they serve website owners, e-commerce industries, and other professionals who thrive online to boost their traffic and ranking of their website.

4. BlackHatWorld

Blackhatworld.com is the right choice to buy PBN backlinks. Here, PNB means a private blog network. They have the best in the blog backlink network. Further, you can purchase backlinks that are white hat backlinks or blackhat backlinks.

Here, you can filter them and select the best one. It is one of the best websites to buy backlinks for professional bloggers. You can find your blog site will pull more traffic after availing of their SEO link building services.

5. Getbacklinks.net

Getbacklinks.net is the right place to buy high DA backlinks. Here, DA means domain authority. Moreover, you have to do manual link building, which Google loves too. Implementing DA backlinks on your website will guarantee your website to come on top of the search pages. Getbacklinks offers many discounts for bloggers, business websites, and other small or informative personal websites.

Their premium DA backlinks are the best to buy if you wish to see a high ranking of your website within a few weeks. Once you become a member, they will guide you with the latest in link building strategies. They are transparent as they give accurate reports. You can buy backlinks for your website from them, as it is Google Algorithm Safe.

6. Ahrefs

Ahrefs.com is one of the semrush alternative software. It is the best tool to buy travel backlinks. This is because, travel is a niche, which every website and get and link. This is a general category where the browsers can just click and you are benefited too. The website to buy backlinks is many.

Yet, Ahrefs have top DA travel links. It is a paid service, which is an evidence-based one too. You can get a proper report on your website rating and rank on SERPs. They are affordable when you buy in bulk quantities. They are mostly commercial travel sites. Here you can read the comparison of ahrefs vs semrush which will help you to decide which is better.

7. BitBucket

BitBucket.org is one of the trusted free backlink providers online. It is the best for bloggers and small website owners to try SEO first. Their free trial is for a month. You can see your website ranking and rating goes higher after availing Bitbuckets free backlinks. You can avail of their full SEO services too. Yet, they do have paid packages, which are affordable too.

Yet, their free package can be used up to five users. They offer DA 85 backlinks. You can see they work as your website ranking in SERPs increasing within a few months. After seeing the traffic on your page, you can go for their Standard and Premium packages, which start from $3 and $6. This is an unbelievable price too. But you must check the quality from the best backlink checker tools.

8. oDesk

It is the freelancer’s market place to get your SEO works done. Yet, this is the best choice for bloggers and small website owners to do it at an affordable cost. Either, if you cannot afford to pay for a webmaster, you can approach oDesk to buy backlinks with the freelance SEO service providers.

It is advisable to review such freelance’s profile. You must hire the one, who has brought high ranking and rating for websites. You must ask the pricing for backlinks. This is because; you must get DA backlinks or some quality backlinks.

9. Backlinks Hub

Backlinkshub.xyz is the guaranteed places to buy backlinks for your website. They have very high PA and DA backlinks. They give a 1-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with their link sites, they do make a replacement without taking any additional charges.

In this way, you can find your website ranking and rating is achieved or not within a year. Any other backlinks service providers online do not provide this kind of backlink SEO services. They follow the best practices in following Google algorithms. Hence, it is the best service to avail of by all types of website owners.

10. Sape

Sape.ru is one of the best websites to buy backlinks from Russia-based backlinks service providers. You have to translate to the English language when you visit Sape.ru. The small website owners to big site owners can buy backlinks on any niches.

They provide high-quality DA links, which are matching to your domain. In this way, you can out beat your competitors. Hence, your website ranking and rating will be on the top number.

Websites to Buy Backlinks in 2020 – Conclusion

These are the list of websites which can help you to get the best and quality backlinks from these websites.

Faqs about backlinks

Where can I buy backlinks?

You can approach your webmaster, who handles your website SEO. Yet, they are available as freemium products online. You can buy from the top 10 backlinks service providers online.

Should I buy backlinks?

Yes, you need to buy backlinks to boost traffic to your website. Buying the top DA backlinks will bring your website to the top of search engine pages. Hence, you will get benefit out of it like doing sales and services.

Do backlinks still work 2020?

Yes, the top search engines like Google loves Backlinks. Hence, it is a part of SEO for any types of website owners. By this, you can bring unexpected ratings and rankings for your website than the normal one.

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